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This'll be a sort of drabble series. Chapters will be short.

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Oh, and regarding the name Emi: "From Japanese(e)"blessing, favor" combined with(mi)"beautiful"."

He had just turned six when he met her the first time.

"This is your cousin, Emi-chan! Be nice to her, okay, Tooru-kun?"

The girl behind his aunt's legs looked timid and scared, only daring to sneak a quick glance at him before she buried her face in her mother's skirt again. Tooru wanted to laugh at her, if he was to be honest. She reminded him far too much of the childish kids at the playground that cried like babies if a leaf so happened to flutter towards them. He didn't really find her appealing at all, at first glance. In fact, he'd much rather avoid her altogether if he had the choice.

But he begrudgingly agreed to be nice like his mother asked instead, gently patting Emi's head, sending his cousin a dazzling smile. She snuck another glance at him, grimaced, and promptly ran off, leaving Tooru standing there in confusion and slight annoyance.

His aunt blinked in surprise before rushing off to find her daughter, muttering all the while how Emi was acting strange.

A frown settled on Tooru's lips before he swiftly took off, determined to find his weird and annoying cousin.


"I'm gonna find her and make her like me!"

His mother could only stare with a small smile on her lips, amused by her adorable son's behavior.

"How cute~"