Alright guys!

Good news: the first chapter of the rewrite is out! Because I'm not planning on deleting this version, I simply labeled the rewrite as "Shades of Pink"

As usual, if there's any suggestions for anything considering this story, feel free to PM me or leave your suggestion in a review.

By the way, officially speaking, Different Shades of Pink was originally set to end with Kakashi Gaiden with an open ending, but then more ideas kept popping in my head and the harem guys, the harem. What does this tiny tidbit of information has to do with anything? Well, easy. In a week, I'm going to remove every thing I posted after Kakashi Gaiden and mark "Different Shades of Pink" as completed and posting an author's note at the beginning so I don't confuse new readers.

To repeat: Shades of Pink is out!

I sincerely hope to get as much support as I gained from this version of the story.

Thank you all for everything!