That Night

No copyright infringement meant. I know Ms Meyer owns the characters, I'm just playing a little.

Original One shot that has been extended.

I'm aware that this was never beta'd and so I've tried to clean it up a little. This was my first fanfic and I still love it, it just needs a damn good edit that I will get around to doing.

Mostly EPOV, some third person, I admit it's all over the place but I am learning.

Chapter 1

He was stunned at the effect this was all having on him. As he looked down at his lap, his dress pants unfastened and open exposing him to the room, he thought he could see a tinge of blue and smirked to himself, blue balls weren't something he usually suffered from. He could definitely see precum though, so he swiped his thumb across the top of his cock and groaned as the sensation travelled up through his body. He brought his thumb to his lips and snaked his tongue out groaning at the taste as it hit the surface and stimulated his taste buds. It still surprised him just how much he loved the taste of his own sperm. He quickly wrapped his hand around his solid length and allowed himself one firm stroke up and down. Never before had he experienced the pain like sensation that was pulsing through him and at that precise moment he wasn't sure he would be able to last through the evening. Knowing how important it was to stay in control so he could experience everything that was to unfold as the night progressed he took a deep breath and tried to relax.

Unable to settle he moved quietly around the hotel bedroom that had been hired especially for the evening and sat in the chair that was especially for him in his preferred position. He had an uninterrupted view of the bed, and as it was in the centre of the room he could walk around it if he needed to. He wanted to see everything without being in the way and he wanted to be close at hand if he was needed. His biggest fear wasn't that he thought she would back out; he was more worried that he would not be able to control himself.

He tried, once again to get comfortable in the chair, but he was just too wound up. He stood and removed his button down, dress pants and socks and shoes. Going commando had been a good decision; he would never have had enough room to cope with this hard on with his usual tight boxers on. As he took his seat again, naked, he gave himself another stroke to try and ease the pressure, this led to another taste from his fingers and another groan.

This time Bella heard his groan and turned her head as best she could. She needed to know he was ok and was happy to see him sat in the chair with a hard hungry look on his face. She could see his leaking cock and watched as he licked his fingers. For a man who claimed he had no bi sexual tendencies at all, he loved the taste of semen, but she knew he also loved their combined juices. Seeing him aroused and focused on what was happening made her relax and she turned her attention back to the man in front of her.

Riley was slowly pulling her silk camisole up and over her head to leave her standing in a bright red silk corset, garters, nude stockings and ridiculously high red stilettoes, she had decided to forgo wearing panties as they probably would have just got in the way. She knew it was a little over the top and cliché but the red really complimented her pale skin and long brunette hair. Edward hadn't seen it before, she had brought the whole outfit especially for this night and the gasp she heard coming from him, made it all the more worth it. The corset was designed to be cut away under the bust line leaving her full luscious breasts completely on display. Here nipples were hard and dark in colour, a sure sign she was turned on and well on her way to her first orgasm. As Riley moved to take off the corset she stopped him and looked at Edward. They had discussed that she would be naked but that was before he had seen the new outfit. He looked at her and gave a small shake of his head, letting her know he wanted her to leave it on, it would work well with what he had planned for later. Riley turned Bella so she was facing the bed and told her to get on all fours in the middle of it. As she got into position Garrett walked into the room, she had wondered when he was going to join them, he nodded at Edward and then started to undress. Bella was watching him strip while Riley was rubbing his hands up and down the back of her thighs and up and over her raised ass. Garrett, once he was naked, joined them on the bed and straight away lined himself up with her head. As Bella opened her mouth and took Gareth in as deep as she could, she felt Riley start to circle her clit with his thumb and slide a finger along her pussy lips. She didn't know what to feel first, the stretch of her mouth, the probing of strange fingers or the excitement she was feeling because her husband was watching as she was taken at both ends by two men she had never seen before.

Edward was almost having trouble breathing, he sat facing the bed, Bella was side on to him so he could see her beautiful breasts hanging down over the corset, her hair was piled high on her head so he could see her neck and throat as Garrett slowly stroked in and out of her mouth. He knew she could take it all the way into her throat; she did it regularly for him and had done so since high school when they had first got together. He watched as Garrett stretched her head up so she had to struggle to take him in all the way to the back of her throat. Edward loved the little noises she made as her throat was filled and he had given Garrett pointers on how to make sure Bella got the maximum pleasure as she swallowed his cock over and over. He turned to see what Riley was doing and was treated to the sight of him pulling three fingers out of Bella's pussy. They glistened with her arousal and before he knew what was happening he was up and out of his seat to take Riley's fingers into his mouth. Riley was startled but let Edward lick his fingers clean and almost dry. He stayed at his side as he watched him pick up the vibrator from the side of the bed and start to slowly stroke it over Bella's clit. As Bella started to moan and push backwards, Edward nodded at Garrett to pull back. He didn't want either of the guys coming yet and he wanted Bella to have at least three or four orgasms before the session was over.

Riley slowly pulled back Bella's pussy lips and dragged the vibrator from her clit, over here opening and all the way up to her ass. As she gasped he brought the vibrator back and slowly inserted it deep into her pussy. The vibration was incredible and as soon as Riley started to circle her clit with this finger, she felt that deep ache in her stomach as her first orgasm started to grow. Edward could smell just how aroused she was and he could see her pussy juice leaking onto her inner thighs. As Riley started to move the vibrator in and out of her pussy, Edward passed him the lube and the butt plug. He wanted her to feel so full she didn't know which way was up. Garrett came around the bed and took over the vibrator while Edward went and sat back down.

He knew that if he stayed that close he would give in and plunge into his gorgeous wife and that was not what this evening was about. It was about one of his ultimate fantasies that he never in a million years expected to come true. This may never happen again so he needed to stay in control and make sure it played out as he had imagined time and time again.

As Garrett started to massage the lube into Bella's tight hole, Riley watched waiting for the perfect moment to really start working the vibrator in and out of her pussy. As she got lost in the feeling of her approaching orgasm Garrett slipped two fingers into her butthole and started to stretch her. She was well used to anal sex and the sensation caused Bella to let out a strangled cry as her first orgasm swept through her. Garrett reacted quickly, pushing the butt plug into position. Edward knew he was done for as soon as he heard Bella cry out and with just a couple of strokes on his cock and a squeeze of his ball sack he came all over his stomach.

Not wanting to waste anything, he scraped it all up into his cupped hand and walked over to the bed. As Bella looked up to her side to see what he was doing, he smeared his come all over her mouth, chin and cheeks. He reached around and plunged two fingers into her pussy and brought out her fresh juices to mix with his. Once he had smeared her face again he attacked her with his tongue as he licked off their mixed juices from her face. Fuck, he loved the taste of them mixed together, this night was almost perfect already and the main part of his fantasy had not even started yet.

As Edward finished cleaning up Bella, Riley and Garett watched their old school friend and his wife. They knew that Edward wanted Bella to have at least three or four orgasms' before their part of the evening finished so after a quick discussion, they decided how to proceed. As Edward went to sit back in his chair Riley carefully turned Bella onto her back. He was aware she still had the butt plug in and positioned her with a pillow under her lower back to take away any discomfort. He and Garett took up position either side of her and both lent forward to each take a nipple into their mouths. They both sucked and nipped and chewed on her until they stood out elongated from her breasts. As Bella got lost in the pleasure she felt hands sliding down each side of her corset and across to meet on her exposed pussy lips. As she felt a finger on each pussy lip she was thankful that she had gone to the spa a few days before to get ready for tonight. She didn't usually get waxed totally bare, preferring a landing strip as Edward called it, but she didn't want anything to hinder his view later. As both men stroked her pussy lips and sucked her nipples she instinctively opened her legs wider.

Edward watched from his seat as both men started to feast on her nipples, he loved her breasts, they were probably too big for her slim frame but he only had to see the outline of her nipples through her clothes and he was hard. As each man feasted on his wife he became uncomfortably hard again, he watched as they both stroked down the corset until their hands met at Bella's pussy, as she realised where their hands were her legs started to open wider. Rising from the chair he went to the bottom of the bed and took one of her ankles in his hands. As he started to undo the straps on her fuck me heels, he had an unrestricted view of one finger from each man slipping into her pussy. He removed her shoe and started to suck on her toes through the stocking. As he held her foot with one hand he ran his other hand up the inside of her leg and stroked the back of her knee. He knew this was a really sensitive spot for her and he stroked her a couple more time before he continued up the inner thigh until he stopped just short of her pussy. He quickly let go of her leg and picked up the other ankle and removed her shoe. This time he placed her foot on his shoulder and kissed and nibbled her ankle while he watched the two fingers pump in and out of his wife's bare pussy. As he watched her juices seep out onto her inner thighs he knew she could take more, he leant over and tapped on Riley's arm to catch his attention, and as Riley looked up he held up four fingers to signal he wanted the men to get four fingers into her pussy. Riley nodded and looked over to the chair, Edward knew he had told them he didn't want to participate in this part of the evening he only wanted to watch, but it was just too much, he needed to be up close to see what was happening. Riley nodded and pulled his finger out of Bella, as Garrett looked up Riley mouthed "two" at him and went back to sucking on Bella's breast. Edward couldn't help but grab his cock as he watched the men push two fingers each into her pussy, he stroked it quickly twice before letting go and watched Bella's torso shoot off the bed as her pussy was filled.

Bella was on the verge of her second orgasm as she felt the four fingers plunge into her. Between that and the feeling of the butt plug she wondered if this was what it felt like to be taken by two men at once. While she knew what the outcome of this evening was to be, the details of how they were to get to that point had been purposely kept from her. While this was Edward fantasy they were playing out, he was directing it, she wondered if she was going to be doubly penetrated. This thought was completely lost as she felt Edward bite her calf muscle and send her over the edge as Riley and Garrett plunged in and out of here.

Edward watched Bella come down from her high and slowly placed her leg back on the bed, he went over to the bar and reached for a bottle of water for her. He moved back to the bed and slowly raised her head and shoulders so she could drink and replenish some fluids. The guys also took a short break and went to freshen up leaving Edward and Bella alone in the room. He looked into her eyes and asked her if she was ok, looking for anything that could cause him to worry, seeing nothing he kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. He could taste Garrett and a mixture of his essence and Bella's and again he just couldn't get enough. He pulled back and stroked her face and neck and kissed her gently. Bella told him she was fine and asked him if everything was going as he'd planned, he laughed and admitted that being in the chair was the hardest thing, while he loved watching her with the guys he hated being sat away from the action. He asked if she would mind if he stayed closer, maybe stood at the side of the bed or even sat by her head. Bella laughed and replied that she knew he wouldn't be able to stay away. As he held her and they laughed together Garrett and Riley came back into the bedroom.

Edward knew he couldn't wait much longer so he started to move Bella around on the bed. Arranging her so she was once again on her back, with the pillow still underneath her, but this time with her head over the edge, he sat on the bed to her side so he could be close to her. He nodded to Riley and Garett and watched as both men started to run their hands all over Bella's body. As they rubbed up her legs Bella relaxed and lifted her head to look at Edward. His face was flushed and hungry as he watched their hands roam all over her legs and up towards her pussy. He knew the end to this part of the evening was getting close and he would soon be fulfilling his fantasy. Riley was going to cum in Bella's pussy and Garrett was to come all over her gorgeous tits. Then they would leave and Edward would finally get to taste other men's come and he would taste it from his wife.

Riley took his position behind Bella and started to work the butt plug in and out of her, he was tempted to take it out and plunge into her ass as it looked so delicious, but Edward had warned him that while he was letting him fuck his wife tonight, it was a one off and her ass was definitely off limits. Riley lined himself up by rubbing his rock hard cock up and down Bella's glistening pussy, he looked at Garrett and nodded and together they both pushed into Bella. As her pussy, mouth and ass were all full; Edward couldn't help but reach out and grab a handful of the nearest breast. He sat and watched as both men thrust in and out of his wife and she drooled and dripped from each end.

Bella couldn't quite keep a grip on reality as she was filled to a point that she had never even imagined before. As every orifice was filled over and over she began to feel a sensation starting in her stomach more powerful then she had ever experienced before. Riley was rubbing the walls of her pussy and hitting the neck of her cervix as he plunged in again and again and she could feel him shaking as he was trying to last as long as possible. As she tried to look up at Garrett she could see he was also starting to struggle. He was deep in her throat and plunging in and out as she wrapped her tongue around him on the way out and sucked hard on the way in. Edward had moved his hand from her breast and was now stroking her throat, feeling as Garrett's cock hit the back and top of her throat. Riley started to lean forward and he placed his arms each side to take his weight. He let out an almighty roar and started to thrust wildly as he came and came deep inside Bella's pussy. The sound startled Bella and she gasped sending Garrett deeper into her throat. This set Garrett's orgasm off and he didn't quite manage to pull all the way out before he started to come. His cum splashed onto Bella's tongue, lips and finally on her breasts. Edward watched his wife as she fell apart with an orgasm that made her body shake and twitch, her breathing was heavy and she desperately clung onto Edward as she tried to cope with the sensations racing through her body.

Edward wasted no time, he leaned over Bella and plunged his tongue into her mouth, and the taste that met him was intoxicating. He tasted Bella, Garrett and the surprisingly bitter taste of Garrett's semen. He plunged his tongue into her mouth repeatedly, swirling it round and around to make sure he didn't miss anything. The taste was not what he expected, he had spent many years wondering if everyone's tasted like his, now he knew it didn't, it was nectar and he couldn't wait to taste Riley's. He pulled away and licked her lips; Bella smiled up at him and started to say something but Edward stopped her by kissing her again and moving her body back onto the bed to take any strain from her neck. He moved to sit up at the side of her and with his finger scooped up the cum on her breasts and started to rub it into both of her nipples, before giving them the same treatment he'd given her mouth. As he finally stopped licking her nipples and breasts clean he started to open up the front fastening of her corset. He carefully unclipped the garters and rolled the stockings down her legs. He went back to kissing her stomach and made a trail down past her belly button to her very red, very prominent clit. He stood and walked around the bed to kneel between her legs. He finished taking of her stockings and looked at his beautiful wife as she lay there naked, spent and absolutely glowing, as he leaned forward and kissed her pussy lips she let out a groan. He needed to make sure she was ok to go on so he kissed her pussy lips again and swiped his tongue flat against her. She relaxed instantly so he knew he was ok to carry on. He arranged the cushion that was still underneath her to tilt her up a little and he reached around to take hold of the butt plug. As gently as possible he eased it out of her and dropped it to the floor. He suddenly realised Riley and Garrett had left the room and he wondered whether they would leave or wait in the suite for them. A gasp from Bella brought his attention back and he looked down to see her shaking from the removal of the plug. He bent forward and placed his arms under her thighs and rested his hands on her stomach anchoring her to him and the bed. As he pressed down on her stomach he plunged his tongue into her swollen pussy, this time the taste that hit his tongue was spectacular. Riley it seemed had very sweet tasting semen, and that mixed with Bella's arousal was an incredible mix. Edward feasted on her like a man possessed; he could not comprehend that anything could taste so good. He licked and sucked until he was on the verge of coming himself and then he straightened up and plunged his cock into Bella with an urgency he hadn't experience before. He plunged in and out and within minutes was coming again, filling Bella with all the pent up arousal he had been dealing with since he had broached the subject of this night with her. As he finally stopped spurting into her he went straight back down to her pussy and started to lick and suck out his own semen. He carried on all the way through Bella's orgasm and only stopped when he was sure that absolutely nothing was left of their combined juices.

As Bella drifted off to sleep, Edward rose and went to the bathroom to run a bath. Once it was ready he picked her up and slowly lowered both of them into it. As he softly started to sponge her down a glimmer of a new fantasy started to form in his mind…