That Night Out take

This takes place about 18 months after the wedding chapter, Edward and Bella have been fully involved in the lifestyle for about 3 and a half years.


"Hi sweetheart how was your day?"

"Extremely busy, but a good busy, we have the third office up and running, Carlisle is back to full hours and everyone is making shed loads of money, what more could I ask for?" Edward answered as he stood in the doorway of my study.

I had been typing all day on my latest manuscript, my last series of young adult books had been a smash hit, we had more money than we could ever spend so I'd decided to retire from 'public life' and I was concentrating on my erotic writing instead. Somehow, my identity was still a secret, all of my novels were still published under the name Belle and everyone seemed to accept that.

"I need to talk to you about something, I had an offer to day from an old friend and I wondered how you would feel about it?" I got up from behind my desk and walked towards my husband, I hadn't had my welcome home kiss yet.

"Oh no missy, no distracting me, what is this offer?" he playfully grabbed my arms and stopped them closing around his neck.

"Well I was thinking, it's discussion night, do you fancy relaxing in the hot tub, we can discuss anything we need to and I can fill you in on the offer "

By the time I'd finished speaking Edward was already walking out onto the deck to take the cover off the tub, I'd switched it up earlier and set out towels and candles and turned the patio heaters on, all we really needed to do was get undressed.

"Do you want dinner or a drink first?" I shouted out to him when he didn't re appear.

"Do I need a drink for this? he shouted back.

He wouldn't, I was sure of that, he was going to love it, I just wasn't sure if I could do it.

I stripped off in the lounge and walked out onto the deck naked, the evening wasn't exactly warm, but the patio heathers were doing their job and the steam coming off the water looked inviting. Edward was already in there, I could see clothes all lying on the lounger we had out there, his head was back and he was relaxing as the hot water pummelled his back. I climbed in and sat across from him, this new tub was a lot bigger than the old one, it fit 16 people easily and made for some very interesting evenings, but when just the two of us were in it, well there was a lot of space.

"Why are you sitting so far away?" Edward asked as he opened his eyes to look at me.

"I want to talk before we get distracted, "

"OK I get the message, this is to be taken seriously and discussed, so go ahead what is this offer?"

"You remember Tia don't you ?"

"How could I forget her, I think she loves your breasts as much as I do, I never get near them when she's in town" he smiled and I knew he was visualising Tia and I together. He loved to watch me go down on her and then for her to worship my breasts, the girl was good, she could make me come just from tormenting my nipples.

"She called Riley today and asked him to pass on her number so I call her, I was intrigued, so I called her and she has asked me to model for her, she has an exhibition planned in New York in a few months and she wants to bring together all the different sides of her work"

"Your too far away for me to concentrate, come sit here" he said as he dragged me to straddle him.

I settled on his lap, happier to be touching him, feeling his skin against mine. I relaxed instantly when I felt the little buzz that was always present when out skin was in contact with each other. Every year it got stronger and we each admitted we craved the feeling of closeness it gave both us.

"Ok so what does she have in mind for you, I don't need to guess that my beautiful girls here are no doubt going to be on display to the world" I could feel him getting excited at the thought of me being on display, no matter how much we played at the club, he loved to step back and watch men and women look at me.

"Well you know she works in the straight film industry consulting on sex scenes, well apparently she is a professional photographer who has a huge following in the fetish scene, she also works in the porn industry as a consultant, as well as working with women who have had disfiguring breast injuries"

"I'm surprised by the last part but the rest of it doesn't surprise me, so what does she want you to do?"

I could tell by the small lines on his forehead that he wasn't sure he was going to like what he heard next, he knew me well enough to know the only porn I was making was with him, for our private viewing.

"As she explained it, she wants to bring a bit of fetish, a bit of porn, throw in some everyday situations and lots and lots of breasts and pussies, the exhibition will be all stills, mostly black and white, it's my choice if I show my face, in fact, she would love me to be a live exhibit at the actual show, but she hadn't managed to work that out just yet, what she wanted."

I said all that without even drawing breath, I 'd been running the explanation around and around my head all afternoon wondering how I would explain it to him, without it seeming like I was going to become a porn star.

"Did she give you any idea on what sort of thing she was thinking about"

"Well one idea she had was me bending over a freezer in the supermarket aisle with a very very short skirt on, very high heels and no panties."

I could see him picturing the scene, his face said one thing but his rapidly growing length said another.

"Anything else?"

"Not really she didn't really go in to detail, she just wanted to know if I was interested"

"Are you?"

"Whether I am or not doesn't really matter, what matters is what we think about the idea "

I leant forward and brushed my lips against his, he'd had a scotch either at work or on his way home, my tongue stroked his plump lower lip and I nipped it between my teeth. His answering groan vibrated in all the places, from my lips right down to my toes, which were now wrapped around the back of his ankles.

He opened his mouth so I could gently ease my tongue in, I was controlling the kiss, setting the slow pace as I alternated between just pecking his lips and thrusting my tongue deep into his mouth. I moved my hands into his hair pulling hard on the roots in time with the gentle kisses, and rubbing his neck and shoulders when I devoured his mouth. We finally came up for air and I moved myself in his lap so I was positioned over his dick, I lowered myself on to him, the feeling of fullness still as incredible now as it was the first time we made love so many years ago.

Later as we lay wrapped in each other arms on the lounger I picked up the conversation.

"What do you want to do about Tia, are you interested in meeting up with her to talk, we could go to New York for the weekend, see a show, have dinner and see what she has in mind?"

"Bella darling I'm happy to do whatever you want, there is no harm in talking to her, I just know, however hypocritical it seems, I do not want you near any porn sets, what we choose to do is controlled by us and it has to stay that way"

NEW YORK a month later.

We were staying at The Plaza, the hotel was incredible and I really didn't want to leave the suite. If it wasn't for the fact, we were meeting Tia and Benjamin for dinner I swear I would have locked the door and just stayed in bed. As it was we were meeting in hotel's bar for a drink before moving onto a restaurant Tia had booked. She wanted somewhere we could talk quite openly without being overheard. That alone made me worry about what she had planned for me, but I was a big girl, I could say no if I wasn't completely happy with everything.

As we walked into The Champagne Bar, Tia and Ben were waiting for us, in her usual style she stood and engulfed me in a huge hug, to anyone else it looked like two friends embracing but Edward and I both knew she was pressing my breasts against hers, she really did have a thing for my girls.

She kissed Edward on the cheek and after I said hello to Ben we sat down and Edward ordered a bottle of champagne for us, I would have much preferred my beloved prosecco, but it would have been totally out of order to ask for it in here.

"So my darling have you given my offer some thought, I'm dying to show you the sketches and test shots I've taken to give you an idea of what I have in mind"

I noticed then she had her portfolio with her, there was no time like the present so I nodded to it and told her to show me.

We moved to a more discreet table away from the bar and she unzipped the heavy leather folder, in it I could see several different sized pictures, as well as drawings and simple pencil sketches, some looked like me others were of several different models.

"So why me?" I asked looking at the folder.

"You have never lost that look, I know I told you you would, but you haven't and that innocence mixed with the naked lust and passion that settles on your face when Edward is near you is something I want to capture, I swear it doesn't just reflect on your face, your whole body seems to illuminate. That and I am completely obsessed with these tits"

Edward and Ben laughed as she reached her hands up and groped me.

"Don't please we are not in a club now" I said as I sat back.

"I'm sorry Bella, I just had to see how you would react, these two heathens reacted exactly as I thought they would and so did you in your own way, all this time you still have that blush and a sense of occasion and your surroundings. That is exactly how I want to portray you, aware of your surroundings but completely in lust with your husband."

She had confused me a little, I couldn't see what she wanted.

"Let me give you an idea of a coupe of the images I'd like to exhibit. I've already told you about the supermarket chest freezer, but I'd also like to do a few others, I'd love to capture you driving down a suburban road, in a convertible, at night with you naked, the wind blowing you hair behind you.

Another idea is you walking along the sidewalk at night, just your coat on, it's completely open and your naked underneath it. I could catch your body moving, little peeks of your body"

"I'd also like to capture your walking up an open staircase, again short skirt no panties. Think completely mundane everyday situations but an intimate part of your body on show."

I could feel Edward fidgeting in the chair at the side of me, his hand was now tightly gripping my thigh, he was trying to stop his hands wondering, I could smell his arousal as his temperature rose and mixed with the new cologne I'd bought him. I was so in tune with his body I knew he was leaking precum and he was fighting to keep his emotions and reactions in check. This told me everything I needed to know, talking about it alone was enough to turn my husband on so I knew the images themselves on a gallery wall would blow his mind,

"Ok I'm in, when do we get started ?"

Tia squealed like a giggly school girl and threw her arms around me, she kissed me soundly on the lips before settling back into her chair.

"When did you last visit the spa, if you are 'performance ready' we could do some test shots tomorrow,"

"Tia I'm always ready you should know that " I laughed as I picked up my glass and acknowledged her.

"OK how about you come to my studio tomorrow, we'll go over some ideas and do some shots"

The rest of the evening passed in a haze of champagne and giggles, Tia was on fine form and Ben and Edward got on as well as they always did. It was strange to spend time with them in an ordinary environment, our lives were so compartmentalised they very rarely entwined like this.

As soon as we were back in the suite I expected Edward to pounce but despite being very 'handsy 'all night he sat on the couch in the bedroom watching me as I undressed.

"Are you sure about this Bella?"

"Why aren't you, because if you have the smallest doubt I won't do this you know that?"

"It's not that I have a doubt, I'm more bothered about your career and our family, it's one thing knowing we are safely ensconced in the privacy of the club, it's another thing to be all over the walls of a New York gallery. I know I was aroused and excited when Tia was first talking but now I 've had time to think about well I'm not so sure."

I sat down looking at him, I think this was the first time I'd ever heard Edward express any doubts or reservations about our lifestyle. That in its self, made me re think what I'd heard tonight.

"Well how about we go tomorrow and look at what she is thinking about, we'll talk to her about her vision and who else will be involved in the shoot ok?"

That seemed to calm him and I knew tomorrow would either see me all in or definitely all out.

Two months later

I can't believe it's finally here, I'm not quite sure whether I'm terrified or excited or both. The photos are on the walls, the publicity is done and the guest list is long and a cross section of many different worlds.

The exhibition is called 'ALL MY WORLDS COLLIDE' and I am one of several models that Tia has used in different situations. I wasn't sure of some of the situations she put us in, but seeing everything in black and white with the occasional splash of colour, she had an incredible eye, what I was worried would be sleazy actually was beautiful and very very sexy.

"Come on sweetheart I need to see the rest of the exhibition" Edward said as he sat waiting for me to finish getting ready, he had only seen two of the shots of me, I'd purposely kept him away so he could see them in all their glory.

We arrived early as instructed, so we could have a private showing along with the other models. Edward had asked me to wear something in keeping with the surroundings so I knew he wanted me on show, my exhibitionist side had no problem with that at all so I was dressed accordingly. As I removed my coat I heard him groan and I knew he was adjusting his already solid cock.

I gone with The Boots, the ones that very rarely left the bedroom, a tight very short leather dress, that had mesh panels across my chest and ass, it was an Alice special and even though I had no underwear on, the dress was designed to keep the girls in place and supported. So long as I didn't bend over I'd be fine, if we were in the club I wouldn't give it a thought but here I needed to this side of the indecency law!

"Come on I can't wait any longer" Edward dragged me through the inner entrance doors, I couldn't help but giggle at the warning on the door that some of the exhibits were explicit.

The first part of the room was dedicated to her straight film career, there were stills of some of the film set she worked on, some were just literally the sets, others had candid shots of the actors in what was probably times between takes, it was all quite tame until you got to the end of the wall, as you were forced to change direction to follow the path of the exhibits, you suddenly realised you had moved into her world of porn. The photos started the same, at first just different sets, this time though there were fetish dungeons, bedroom sets and different playrooms, then following the pattern of the last set of photos, models started to appear. I made my first appearance here, I was sat in a deck chair, naked but for a pair of sunglasses and one of those sun reflectors under my chin. You couldn't make out my face at all, but the rest of my body was on show. I was in a corner of the shot alone and seemingly oblivious while on a lounger behind me there was a threesome locked together in the throes of passion. This was one of the shots Edward had seen, he had been adamant I wasn't going on the set alone. The rest of the shots for this section were pretty tame really, she had taken the ridiculous side of 1970's porn, you know the plumber with the big moustache, the naughty nurse and doctors and obviously the school girl who was actually in her late twenties but looked a lot younger. She put them in classic poses with just a hint of skin so it was left to your imagination more than anything.

The next part was me, she had kept her word and my face was obscured in different ways, she had made it so that you felt a though if you craned your neck or brushed away the hair on my face you'd be able to see me.

The first photo was me walking along a crowded street, I don't know how she managed it because I couldn't see her as she was taking the shots, but she had caught me perfectly. I was naked under my coat except for my high heels and a choker, it was my Edward coat as I called it, the one with no buttons, this time though instead of tying the belt to protect my modesty, I let the coat hang loose and strode out confidently along the sidewalk. It was the most incredible feeling, I knew I was totally on show, I could feel the cool air on my body, but as I quickly walked along no one even looked at me, people were so engrossed in either their phones, their iPod or just generally looking down that no one made eye contact with me.

The shot she settled on exhibiting caught me in full stride, the coat open and I was completely naked but the shadow of my legs meant you couldn't see my lady bits and the coat covered both nipples. It was my hair that was the star, I must have shaken my hair out of my eyes at some point because it was swirling around my face complete obscuring my features.

The next shot was one we had done in her studio, I was sat at a table that was set for dinner, the fine china and glassware and the napkins all in black and white, I was sat at the table and Tia had stood behind me, leaning over my shoulder. At first I thought she was going to have me naked from the waist down but what she actually did was have me take my bra off and unbutton the top few buttons of my shirt. The photo showed my cleavage and my rock hard nipples as they rubbed around inside the shirt. The only colour in the picture was a collar she put around my neck that had a large red ruby on it.

"that is amazing, it's so erotic, we have to have a copy of that "Edward said as he pushed himself into my back, I could feel he was solid and I knew it had to be becoming uncomfortable fir him.

"Other than Tia, I'm the only one who knows that you" he said as he brought his hands around me and rolled my nipples between his fingers. They reacted to his touch immediately and were soon hard and pushing against the mesh of the dress.

"Does the fact no one else knows turn you on, or would you like to tease the people here?"

He looked at me with a questioning look, not sure what I was asking, so I reached into my bag and bought out the choker that I was wearing in every photo.

"Oh fuck" he said as he picked it out of my hands.

I could see the indecision in his face, "It's your call, if you prefer it that I'm anonymous, that's fine by me, in fact if anyone asks about the choker I can deny it anyway and say it's a coincidence"

He reached up and moved my hair, fastening the choker in place, it felt incredible to have it on again.

The next photo showed me walking up a step of open steps, we were actually in her studio again, I had on a very short skirt and I had the choker in my hand, hanging down as I held one end of it. She was directly under the steps and she took photos as I walked up and down them. This phot was a little more explicit as you could just make out I was naked under the skirt. There was no in your face shot of my lady bits, it was all suggestion and a slight glimpse.

The final shot of me was the riskiest we did, I was in a car in a full parking lot, the roof was down and all I had on was an Audrey Hepburn type head scarf, large dark sunglasses and a string of pearls, very breakfast at Tiffany. She took shots of me sitting in the car with my large handbag on my lap, my girls were front and centre of this shot. The choker was wrapped around my wrist as I held onto the steering wheel.

"Oh Bella, you look amazing, darling you are so beautiful"

I felt beautiful, I felt sexy and I felt loved and wanted, it was a heady feeling as we continued through the exhibition to the part that was most likely to cause offence to some people.

Tia offered a free service, she took photos to help show the women who she worked with that they were still incredibly beautiful no matter what the level of their disfigurement. She had been adamant she wanted to use some of the women she had worked with and all of the ones she'd approached had agreed to work with her. She had pushed the boundaries of her world, one picture showing a women sitting on an examination table having her breast examined by a doctor. The doctor and nurse were facing the patient so you could only see the back of them. The nurse helping her had no panties on and a very short uniform and the doctor who stood at the nurses' side was looking at the patient but had his hand firmly clasped on the naked ass cheeks of the nurse.

As we walked around I could tell as soon as people started to notice the collar I was wearing, I may not have thought this out at all, the dress was very revealing in its self and the collar only added to the visual. It's one thing to be like this in the safe environment of our clubs , here was suddenly very different, for the first time in a very long time I didn't feel comfortable in my environment.

"What's wrong love?"

He knew immediately, he could sense I wasn't ok.

"I just feel very exposed, it silly really when you think what we do of a weekend, but It just doesn't feel right" I looked up at him and he brought his hands up and under my hair. I felt the choker loosen before I even realised what he was doing.

"Let's go, Tia is busy with her public and won't even miss us" he was already walking me towards the cloakroom, it was only as I stood in front of the mirrored doors that I realised I'd was holding my clutch bag in front of the mesh panel of the dress.

Ever the gentleman, Edward slipped my coat around my shoulders and made a big show od=f fastenings the buttons. He guided me out of the door and onto the sidewalk, hailing a cab as soon as we were free of the doors.

"Where to folks?" the driver asked as me climbed in. I looked at Edward and shrugged.

"The Plaza"

We made our way back to the hotel and went straight up to the room, I couldn't wait to get out of the dress and the boots and remove my make-up.

"Bella sweetheart, I know tonight didn't go as you quite expected, but I promise you, you were the most beautiful person in that room, I know I'm biased but I was listening to what people were saying and everyone was talking about you, both the model as you because you lit up the room."

As he engulfed me in his arms I felt my world shift back into position, I'd learnt a valuable lesson tonight, my worlds didn't need to collide, I was happy keeping things as they were, my life was perfect as it was.