This is an AU story set with in my McCall pack stories and asks the question what if Logan had joined the pack of the Alpha that bit him? What happens when he becomes an Alpha with Ethan and Aiden and joins Deucalion?"

It had been a few years since Logan had been bitten and unlike Ethan and Aiden he was given respect amongst the pack at the same time he was there only ally in the pack when he could he'd sit with them and listen to them make sure they were ok. At the same time he didn't really like the way the rest of the pack treated them especially the Alphas. Logan was the number two in the pack mainly because of his height he was 6 foot 2 and built like a brick house most people were afraid of him when the Alphas grew tired of pack member they usually had them fight Logan if they lost they had to leave or take their own life, if they refused either of them the Alphas ripped them apart to feed to the rest of the pack. Ethan and Aiden were spared this mainly because of how valuable they were to the pack they were made to do all of the tasks no one else wanted to do plus they were also identical twins.

In March of 2011 a lone figure whom appeared to be blind approached the twins when they were alone Logan walked up and he addressed him as well. The Man introduced himself as Deucalion and asked them how they felt in the pack they were in and asked if they wanted an opportunity to join his perfect pack as Alphas? He also offered to help train the twins to harness there merged form.