Later that evening Logan walked into a tattoo parlour on the edge of town. He'd been there once and got thrown out because he was underage. Him and Camden Lahey had gone there when they were 16 and wanted to get Tattoos. Since then he'd already gotten one well he was in his previous pack he got one that had a quite he liked that made him think things wouldn't always be bad and to get back up when life kicks you down. It was "Rise and Rise again, Until Lambs become Lions" Right now he felt like he had become a lion now as he was now an Alpha. He had already drawn one out that he wanted but took a look around at the rest of the artwork on the wall, some sense of his was saying that someone he knew was her before him but he couldn't place it. He took in the sent in the air to see if he could find it. It was mixture of things from the smell of the ink and all the others that had been in there before him but there was a sent two actually that seemed vaguely familiar to him but he just dismissed them as he figured they probably did the same as him and Camden when they were young came there to look and see if they could get one.

The Tattoo artist asked him if he had something in mind and he showed him the two bands he had drawn out and he showed him where he wanted them.

A little while later Logan approached Ethan and Aiden to help him make them more permanent. When Aiden seemed to be almost enjoying the idea of using a torch on him Logan grabbed it from him and said to Ethan "you do it he seems to egger to hurt me."

The next day Logan was sent to follow Kali and Enis to the hospital after he had helped the twins register at school. Why they needed them in High school he didn't know yet but hey apparently had a mission.

Well he was at the hospital he heard someone familiar to him talking to Isaac and heard her say "I've tried Derek and I'm not getting a response. Do you have another emergency werewolf contact?"

Logan was shocked his mother knew about werewolves and she knew that Isaac was one too. He flowed her from a distance and heard her make a call to someone and when they didn't pick up he heard her call the school and told them that Scott needed to get to the hospital. Logan though great Scott's involved in this too was he in a pack with this Derek guy that Deucalion wanted.

A little while later he saw his brother approached Isaacs's room Kali had already made sure he wasn't there and Enis was ready to get him out of there. Logan was supposed to run interference but instead he hid from his brother.

Later that day when they got back Deucalion was having some words with him and asked "why didn't you do what you were told to?"

Logan then growled at him "no one ever said my baby brother was involved?"

Deucalion looked at him and said "your brothers Scott isn't he?"

Logan nodded as Deucalion continued "and let me guess he doesn't know about you?"

Logan shook his head Deucalion then said "maybe we can use you to bring him into our little pack. He seems to be a lone wolf without a pack but he seems stronger then he appears."

Logan looked at him and said "what do you mean."

Deucalion replied "time will tell time will tell. Let him find you let him know and bring him to me."

Logan thought about it and figured he'd go along with the plan for now as he knew just like with the last pack he decided to keep on the good side of Deucalion until things suited him.

After his discussion he went over to the twins to see what they knew about Scott. Logan didn't tell them about him being his brother even when they asked him why he wanted to know about him.