50 Shades of Grimace: An Erotic McDonald's Fan fiction


Grimace licked his violet hued lips, his near-erect cock ready to burst free of his rolls of furry blubber. Birdie the Early Bird bent forward. In doing so, she revealed her moist feathery twat, ready to be pummeled by Grimace's Dick. Grimace's Dick arose from it's slumber at long last, ready for action. It was a huge, slimy cock, about 3 feet long and veiny.

"I may not be a chicken, but I got some spicy McNuggets for you to eat!" Grimace exclaimed chuckling at the corny sex pun.

"Are you sure it's going to fit?" Birdie said with a worried expression on her face.

"Let's find out the hard way." Remarked Grimace.

He started with the head, shallowly penetrating the cunt as a warm up. Birdie reached behind and wrapped her wings around his dong, stroking the massive member as he stuck it in her pussy. She became wetter and wetter, as he penetrated deeper with every thrust. They passionately french kissed, Birdie opening her beak to make out with Grimace.

Grimace stopped and said "I know another thing you can do with your mouth..."

So, following the tubby bastard's lead, she squatted down, slobbering all over his D. She fit the giant erection in her mouth, almost tearing her beak in two. Grimace was brushing her hair out of the way, bobbing her head down so she could feast more on his shlong. Whilst deep throating, Birdie almost gagged on Grimace's colossal girth.

"I'm gonna explode" yelled the purple gumdrop, about to release his massive load.

He pulled out slowly, and began stroking his cock in sheer excitement. Finally, Birdie became blasted with cum, as Grimace jizzed all over her face and her perfect yellow tits.

"I have an idea for next time" said Birdie I'm not gonna spoil it, but it's very kinky!"

They truly had a great night