You've been hurt so often in this life

By those who you thought cared

I can see the sadness in your eyes

Can see how much you're scared

To give your heart just one more time

To let somebody in

To feel the depths of love again

To have it all begin.

You hide your caring deep inside

Beneath a toughened skin

No one but me can see the man

That really lies within.

Wish I could take the pain away

Wish I could heal your heart

Wish I could break through your defence

And let the healing start

For I've felt sadness such as yours

So I understand your pain

But someone broke down my defence

So I could start again

You accepted me for me

You loved me as I am

You gave me friendship with no strings

You looked and saw the man

You didn't see the anger

That hid my soul from view

You looked way past the act I used

And offered friendship true

I took the hand you offered me

And held it to my heart

Felt the warmth inside of you

Of you became a part

You filled a place so empty

For oh so many years

Since the day my Father died

And I cried a million tears

And from that day you've held me close

Whenever things got bad

Whenever things became too much

Whenever I was sad

You've been more than a friend to me

You've been more as a brother

I only know that deep inside

I love you as no other

So let me help you this one time

Let me ease the pain

Then kiss goodbye to Gillian

So we can start again.