A deleted section from Till All Are One. Takes place in Chapter 10

Violetwind and Hubcap walked in into the medical centre and were about to head towards Meltdown's office, when they noticed a familiar face in the waiting room.

"Grimlock?" She walked over to him. Even sitting down the bot was still twice her size. "Grimlock what are you doing here? Are you hurt?"

He grunted. "Me not need be here. Here for Swoop. He got himself hurt while flying around."

"I hope -he'll be alright- he wasn't injured too badly. They have some good medics here. They'll take care of him." She said.

"They better," the Dinobot clenched a fist. "If they don't-" he stood raising a fist in the air.

The bots around them, flinched back in fear. Beside the purple femme, Hubcap crouched, ready to attack or move her out of the way if necessary.

"Woah, Grimlock," Violetwind raised her hands attempting to pacify the mech. "Calm down. It'll be ok. They'll fix him up and you'll be out of here in no time. I know some of the guys here. They'll do a good job."

Grimlock sat down, but looked no less upset. "Me no like medics."

She smiled sweetly. "But I'm a medic, and you like me, don't you?"

He leaned back on the chair and grunted. Looking down at her he allowed himself to have a small smile. "Yes. You not so bad."

"See, we're not all bad."

'Why don't we invite Grim on the trip too. Might be nice for him to get out of Iacon for a while.'

Sure, why not. The big guy could probably do for a bit of a holiday.

"Hey, you're not doing anything for a couple of days, are you?"

"No. Why?"

"I was thinking, maybe you should tag along to the Vos trip. I'm already going so I'm sure they wouldn't mind you being there too."

His faceplates brightened. "You want me come?"

"Yeah. I mean, why not? The more the merrier."

"Yes!" He jumped out of his seat in excitement. Raising a hand to his helm he said, "Dinobots, we go on trip. We get out of Iacon for some free time."

Violetwind grimaced. -She hadn't meant for all the Dinobots to come.- I hadn't meant for them all to come along. I hope Cor doesn't kill me.

'Too late now. They're all coming.' Windy chuckled, 'Cor's gonna be livid when she finds out the Dinobots are joining us. It's gonna be slagging great. Just make sure to stay out of the firing line. Better yet, have Smokescreen tell her.'

Oh, Primus. I really hope I didn't just screw up the trip...