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Dean and Castiel were driving down one of the many back roads holding hands as was their usual position now-a-days. It had been two months since Dean had found out Cas was an angel and they had gone on the road together. Since then they hadn't looked back.

Castiel hadn't had any assignments from heaven in this time, he wasn't sure if this was a good thing or not, but it did mean he got to spend more time with Dean. His favourite thing was sitting in the impala holding his humans hand and watching him as he drove and sang along to old songs completely off key. It had got to the point where Castiel could now join in on some of the songs which always made Dean's smile that little bit wider. Which was reason enough for Castiel to try even harder to learn the lyrics. He would do anything to make Dean happy after all.

There was still much the angel had to learn about humanity, but Dean was teaching him as much as he could. Though when he realised that Castiel hadn't really seen a movie before he was all for rented all his favourites and making Cas watch them one after the other. Castiel wasn't so sure with this idea. In the end they had comprised and Castiel had now seen Star Wars and Doctor Sexy M.D. Which he had to confess to finding ridiculously entertaining. He still ate when he and Dean went out and Dean still insisted on picking him different things from the menu saying that the angel might as well try it all while he was down here, plus it gave Dean the best excuse ever to have a burger for every meal.

Dean had finally come to terms with the fact that an angel loved him for who he was and not just his hot body, or though Castiel would say that that in no way hindered his feelings for the human. But as a result dean had relaxed and enjoyed his new feather duvet. He had even had Cas give him a shower, both ways the angel had thought of. And he had stopped flirting with others and saved it exclusively for his jealous little angel in a trench coat.

So they were happy, everything was going well. Or at least it was until Dean heard a fluttering noise and turning to see Cas still there, he looked in his review mirror to find Gabriel smirking at him from the back seat, making him jolt the steering wheel.

"Son of a bitch. Give a guy notice." He shouted to the angel in the back. Though Gabriel ignored his driver and instead leaned forwards so his head was in-between Cas and Dean's along the front seat.

"So where we going?" He asked excitedly making both Dean and Castiel give him a patented Winchester bitchface (yes Sam had taught them to Cas by now to).

"What?" Gabriel asked pretending to be offended by the looks.

"Are you here for a reason Gabriel?" Castiel asked hoping his brother would leave them to their pleasant journey.

"Yep. I'm here to congratulate you on wining your case, you and Dean-o can now officially be a couple and none of the other angels can interfere." Gabriel replied with a sunny smile for the lovey-dovey pair.

"I didn't even know I had a case." Castiel said confused by his brother's words.

"That's cos you had the best representation, namely yours truly. You're welcome by the way. But as you now have the rubber stamp from upstairs your back on the clock kiddo. Enjoy." And with that Gabriel disappeared in another flutter, leaving behind a folder marked Garth Fitzgerald the Third in print and underneath in Gabriel's hand writing,

Good-luck kiddo, think you might need it for this one. But I also thought you would be uniquely placed to fix him up.

With that Castiel used his grace to pull the folder to him and open it so he could read about his new charge without letting go of Dean's hand. He saw that he had yet another nomad on his hands, another one who had gone through another angel before being handed to him, and Castiel came to the worrying conclusion that Gabriel was going to extract his fee of helping him and Dean be together in giving him the most difficult cases on their books for as long as he was down here, though looking over to his human he decided it was definitely worth it.

"So where to?" Dean asked when he guessed Cas had read his new assignment, he didn't have any particular place in mind so he would go whether Cas wanted him to go.

"Drive south. I have a feeling we will meet my new charge on the road somewhere." And with that Dean turned up his music and with the windows down Dean and Castiel headed out on their own road to nowhere, which brought them to each other and beyond.


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