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Kylie ran down the beach, enjoying the how the soft sand was causing that wonderful burning sensation in the muscles of her legs as she breathed in the fresh ocean air of San Diego. It was one of her favorite things about living in this beach city; runs on the beach in the morning, fresh air and sunshine. It couldn't't be more different than London.

It had been nearly seven months since she had left London. She had spent a week or two in DC before moving to San Diego, and if she had to be honest with herself, it had been one of the best decisions she had ever made.

She slowed to a stop, catching her breath as she walked to her car, happy with her decision to run in a different spot today than usual, despite missing her running partner.

She unlocked her car, pulling off her iPod and head phones, tossing them into the car with her shirt and shorts, grabbing her towel as she went back down to the beach to catch a few rays on this beautiful day.

Kylie found the perfect spot, laid her towel down and smiled to herself as she laid down and felt the sun hit her now tanned skin.

This was the life...

She couldn't complain. She had found that she had missed parts of London, but being here had made it a little easier to start to move on. She had a wonderful job with the FBI in a wonderful town. She was working with her old partner again... Well, on second thought she wasn't sure if that was such a good thing anymore.

She had been partnered with Charlie Edwards right after she had graduated George Washington University. Their partnership had had a rough start, but eventually they had gotten along... Charlie reminded her far too much of DiNozzo for them not to. When Kylie had left DC for London, he had transferred around, finally landing in San Diego where he remained without a partner as no one else could stand to work with him, which is most likely why she had been able to get the job so quickly.

"Well," a male voice said as her sun was blocked by someone's shadow, "this is certainly a lovely sight to see in the morning. Is this what you always do? Because honestly, if I had known that I would actually agree to go running with you on your morning marathons."

Kylie cracked an eye open, rolling her eyes as she saw a tall, extremely good looking blonde man smiling down at her.

"Dear God, Charlie," she said to him, verbally berating him for leering at her, "first of all... This is creepy, second of all, I do not run marathons every morning and a little running would do you good every now and then, and third of all, how the hell did you find me?"

"You do run a marathon daily, its sad how much sexual tension you have to run off," Charlie commented as he looked around the beach, eyeing everyone, "And I know where you run, you invite me all the time."

Kylie sat up, frowning at her partner as she took off her sunglasses, "Yes, but you never listen and I haven't run this loop before."

"Hmm?" Charlie asked as he turned to look at her, not listening to her prior comment, causing her to sigh and roll her eyes, which caused him to smirk and laugh in response.

"Naw I traced your cell," Charlie admitted.

"Great, now you are following me?" Kylie asked as she sat up, taking the hand Charlie had offered to help her up.

"No, I only save that for the really hot girls," Charlie said with a grin as he pulled her up to a standing position, "We have a case."

Kylie raised an eyebrow at him as she grabbed her towel and replaced her sunglasses as they walked back to her car, "So, instead of calling me, you had to come down here and get me yourself? I have a phone you know?"

"I just wanted to see your lovely face this early in the morning," he replied as his eyes followed a busty blonde jog past him, waving at him as he did.

Kylie rolled her eyes, "Yeah, you just wanted to see my face not be a sex addicted pervert on the beach."

"I would never do that. I am a gentleman," he objected as they reached her car, "We need to hurry to get to the crime scene."

Kylie looked at him, fully suspicious now, "You never want to hurry to get to a scene. What's the scene? A bimbo conference?"

Charlie rolled his eyes at her, slightly insulted as he handed Kylie her go bag, "I actually do work sometimes. Hurry up and shower and get dressed. We don't want the trail to run cold."

*#() )_ _ )#_$

Kylie stepped out of the car as they arrived on the crime scene, grabbing her bag out of the back. She turned around and read the large sign, pausing as she groaned internally.

"Yeah," she glared at Charlie as he walked out eagerly, not looking unlike a kid in a candy store, "You officially need psychiatric help."

"Why?" Charlie said as he smiled looking around, "because it's a beautiful day outside? And I'm lucky enough to have a job where I am able to enjoy the weather."

"No," Kylie said bluntly as they walked towards the crowd of officers and crime scene tape, "Because you are a pervert and you couldn't wait to get to the crime scene because theres a bikini contest."

Charlie smiled at the bust women strolling past in a bikini, "There's a bikini contest here?"

"Charlie there is a large sign that literally says bikini contest and you have that weird pervert plan smile that you get."

"Oh, is there?"

Kylie rolled her eyes, "I don't know whether or not to throw up, or shoot myself because I'm in your perverted paradise."

"Women, little to no clothing, on a beach, bronzed skin glistening as they oil up the models… God, I love my job," Charlie told her as he gave another girl a passing smile.

"Yeah, I decided on vomit," Kylie declared, "You are a pig."

Charlie just turned and grinned at her, causing her to roll her eyes and smile as she shook her head.

"What do we got?" Kylie asked as they approached the detective.

"Hey Doc, Edwards," Detective Hernandez said as he turned around and looked at them, "Victim is in there. White female, mid twenties… but I have to warn you, its pretty gruesome."

"I'm sure the Doc has a solid stomach," detective Gabriel Jones said as she walked out and glared at Charlie, "I mean she has to tolerate this bastard every day and Lord knows that has to be nauseating."

Kylie turned and looked at Charlie inquiringly.

"Hey…" Charlie said, clearly trying to remember where he had seen her before.

"Gabbie," the detective said angrily as she thrusted some bagged evidence at him, "You don't even remember my name. Classy."

Detective Hernandez laughed and shook his head as Kylie rolled her eyes and walked into the public beach restroom which was apparently their crime scene.

Charlie bit his lip and followed her in to the crime scene.

"Let me guess," Kylie asked as she donned gloves and set down her bag, "you slept with her?"

Charlie scratched the back of his neck nervously, "Uh, apparently."

"And you never called her?"

No answer.

"Ugh! Seriously Charlie?" Kylie complained, "You seriously need to stop sleeping with people that we work with."

"Where else am I supposed to meet people?" Charlie asked as they peered into the stall where an auburn haired woman lay face down in a blue bathing suit, her body twisted and bloodied in a peculiar fashion.

"Oh, I don't know… a bar? A sports league? Anything! Just don't sleep with people we work with," Kylie told him as she walked into the stall to examine the body a little closer.

"Sorry, she's hot."

"Oh so you just sleep with her and never call her again, then expect for everything to be all fine and dandy when we have to work with them?" Kylie asked sarcastically as she rolled the body over, freezing at the sight.

"Oh wait," Charlie stated sarcastically, "Why don't you tell me how you met your last two ex's? … Hey, that's the same swimsuit you had on?" Charlie noted as he looked up seeing a paled Kylie, "You okay?"

Kylie just looked at they body in a frozen trance. The auburn haired woman's hair was freashly dyed. Her throat was slit and she had been gutted like a fish, organs falling out onto the floor. Small crosses were cut into her body and most disturbingly of all, someone had carved the words, I'M BACK into her body.

"Oh God," Kylie muttered under her breath before looking back up at Charlie, "Did Hernandez find any ID? What did this woman do for a living?"

Charlie gave her a strange look, "That's what you usually tell me. What's going on Ky?"

"Just… go ask Charlie," Kylie said in frozen shock.

"Okay… okay," Charlie said throwing up his hands in defense before wandering out.

Kylie stared at the body trying to get herself to breathe again.

It couldn't be….

According to Lestrade, John and Mary, the Ripper Copy-cat had stopped killing months ago. That timeline simply happened to coincide with Kylie leaving London, but that had to just be random chance…

Not so random when a similar victim shows up in San Diego.

Wearing the same swim suit you had been wearing that morning…

"Okay," Charlie announced as he walked back into the restroom, "According to Hernandez, the victim was a model, but she had a prior record. Back in 2009 she was arrested for…"

"Prostitution," Kylie finished as she stood up and took off her gloves.

Charlie looked at her, taken aback, "Uh, yeah. How did you know that?'

"This has to be a coincidence," Kylie muttered as she stepped back and ran a hand through her hair, "it has to be."

"What are you talking about? What is?"

"Nothing, it has to be."

"Bullshit. Talk to me Kylie, whats freaking you out?"

Kylie looked at him and then sighed, "My last case in London. It was a Ripper copy-cat case. He stalked and chose his victims while essentially recreating the murders the Ripper actually preformed. Though they differ in violence, he had almost all of the details correct, with one exception… They all had dyed auburn hair and either blue eyes or blue contact lenses."

Charlie gaped at her, "Wait, you are telling me that some crazy dude dressed up the victims to look like you? Kylie, this is serious."

"It all stopped when I left…"

"How do you know that?"

Kylie glared at her partner, "I do talk to my friends back there still."

"Well apparently he never stopped."

Kylie sighed and ran a hand through her hair once more, "He stopped killing in London. The case was huge there. All of Scotland Yard was on it. The guy disappeared and went under the radar… but now, he may be back."

"May?" Charlie asked incredulously, "The guy literally carved 'I'M BACK' onto the girl's chest."

"I could just be a coincidence," Kylie said quietly, trying to convince herself more so than Charlie.

"Uh, its definitely not," Charlie said as he grabbed her bag and pulled her out of the restroom, "We have to call this in. We need all the files on the other victims and a profile if this guy really is back."

"No!" Kylie said a little too quickly stopping in her tracks, causing Charlie to look at her inquiringly, "As for the files, but whatever you do, do not invite them to help with the case."

Charlie raised an eyebrow at her, "Why? I thought you left on good terms and kept in touch with people there?"

"I do, but you know how the upper levels gets with international cases… and…"

"You love pissing them off. Why don't you want them here? Its their jurisdiction if the crime occurred there first…." Charlie trailed off as realization and a grin came over his face, "But that's not it. This is all over your ex, isn't it?"

Kylie shut her eyes and looked up at the sky in frustration and annoyance.

She should have never opened her mouth…

Charlie laughed at her reaction, knowing that he was right, "You just want to keep avoiding your ex. Well look who is calling the kettle black now, miss you-should-never-date-people-you-work-with."

"Okay, first of all, he didn't even work for the Yard," Kylie argued furiously as she stomped out of the crime scene and back towards the car.

Charlie followed like a happy puppy as he motioned to Hernandez that they would take the scene, following Kylie back to the car, "You told me you left because you couldn't work with him anymore."

"I didn't…" Kylie began before stopping herself, realizing she was digging herself into a debate that she couldn't get herself out of, "okay, he consulted frequently."

Charlie gave her a look.

Kylie groaned, "FINE! On nearly every case, but STILL we did not work together."

"The more you talk, the more it proves that you are a giant hypocrite," Charlie grinned as he unlocked the car and tossed in her bag.

"Shut up before I punch that grin off your face," Kylie snapped as she got into the car, causing Charlie to laugh as he got in as well.

&^ #*& (*# ()

"So why did the two of you break up again anyways?" Charlie asked as they entered the FBI building.

Kylie rolled her eyes. This was the last thing that she wanted… Charlie nagging her for information about Sherlock.

"Differences," she snapped as she pressed the elevator button.

"Yeah," Charlie commented dryly, "And Bert and Ernie were shunned on Sesame Street because of differences."

Kylie gave him a strange look as they stepped onto the elevator, taking the short ride to their floor.

"Come on Kylie!" Charlie whined, "I'm your partner! You are supposed to tell me these things."

"I don't have to tell you anything and this is most definitely not work or case related."

"That hurts, we are friends."

"We are, but most days, I don't know why Charlie."

"Its my sarcasm, whit, and charm," Charlie grinned at her flirtaously.

"Its apparently something," she muttered as she stepped off onto their floor.

"Okay, well why did you two break up?" Charlie prodded further, "Because differences definitely isn't the most descriptive term."

"Look, will you drop it already?" Kylie asked as she made her way to her corner office on the floor, Charlie still following her.

"I cant drop it," Charlie told her with a smart-assed smile, "It has to do with the case now. You have to tell me."

Kylie walked into her office, glaring at the ceiling as she did before she threw down her bag and rounded on Charlie, "Charlie, I said drop it. Look, I left London to get over him. The last thing I need is for you to keep bringing him up. That is nearly as bad as him being here. I hurt him. I apologized, I groveled and he still doesn't want me back. He resents me for it and the only way for me to deal with that right now is to move across a ocean and continent to avoid him so that I can move on and make peace with the fact that I no longer matter to a man I fell in love with."

Charlie stared at her for a moment, before his eyes flitted to something behind her with interest.

Kylie looked at him strangely, as to inquire about this new found ADD.

"Oh, I wouldn't say you no longer matter," a deep voice said from behind her, "Quite the opposite in fact."

Kylie stiffened as shock ran through her veins.

She knew that voice….


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