She hit sword after sword, sliced arm after arm. She dodged attack after attack. That was until she was against one assassin. A bigger, older, stronger assassin who hit one of her swords out of her hand. It flew so far away. She was shocked but even though she was smaller, younger and at a strength disadvantage she wasn't about to back down. She learned from Ra's never to give up. She learned to always fight back and never play fair because life isn't.

She looked at him as he came with a swing after swing, she dodged each with tips of her hairs being sliced off. But with each dodge she learned more about his weak points, his disadvantages. She smiled as she saw his weakness. Injury to the leg, keeping it behind the other. She dodged the swing, ducking under his arm, she hit his arm up sword in hand, then spun grapping a dragger out and stabbing his calf . She then elbowed the area between the shoulder and neck. He hit the ground and she held the sword to his neck.

As she felt the blood drip onto the snowy top of the mountain next to her knees, as she felt the blood leave her and soak her shirt and the sword, as she looked to the heavenly view of Ra'd standing there, as Ra's was saying that damn pray to protect her soul in the flames of hell, she smiled. She smiled so wide. She wanted to laugh as she looked to Ra's confused face.

She saw Ra'd because she knew he was telling her not to come. He was smiling on the mouth, but the eyes, oh, he was glaring at her. He was telling her that Ra's is giving a chance to kill him. He didn't know but She and Ra'd did.

"A stab to the heart, slice to the throat is a quick and painful death. But a stab to certain area in the stomach, choking, suffocating gives the enemy and slow excruciating pain and gives you the chance to let them hear you say the prayer for their death."Ra's had told her.

"Ahhh but it also gives the enemy a chance to kill you. Well, in some of those cases. I always did hate how Ra's kills certain people." Ra'd had told her in later years once they were actually friends. She had smiled a devious smile.

She quickly grabbed the seco9nd dagger in her boot and stabbed Ra's' writs. She grabbed the sword inside her and yanked it out quickly, feeling more of the adrenaline, ignoring as much as she could about the pain. She stood up kicked Ra's back, then spun her body with the sword slicing his side. As she came to face his back, as his eyes faced the foggy light clouds covering the far below ground. She stabbed him in the stomach whispering, as he choked on his gasp of what just priced him. "May no place in the after world have mercy on you." She pulled it out and held it in front of his neck and quickly pulled her arm to one side as the blades side cut open his neck. She kicked him off the mountain with what little energy she had left with blood still dripping outside of her.

She laid herself flat on the snowy ground and looked at the blue sky above her. She smiled knowing she stopped an evil demon finally sending him back to where he belonged.

She saw Ra'd come to her, his whole face wearing the expression of happiness and proud joy. "I'm not ready." She spoke so softly, so sad. "I don't want to go."

Ra'd smiled even more as he laid a kiss upon her forehead and picked her up. "Don't worry. Just sleep. Everything will be alright." She smiled at his sweet voice closing her eyes, until everything was pitch black.

Maya and Dusan grabbed out there swords as they looked to the assassins circling them as if they were the lion pride hunting down two coyotes who ate their cubs. But before anyone made a move, one assassin, then another and another fell to the ground. Maya saw the others hiding in shadows thinking those assassins were with the others. Every single one of Ra's' went down, blood covering the floor.


She smiled at the boyish sound. "Abbas!" She ran up to him, hugging him tightly, as he returned the hug. "What happened to all of you? This isn't everyone." She said as she looked to every assassin standing, holding tightly to her friend.

"Unfortunately Ra's did kill a few as examples if we didn't listen to him, like Aria. While others were tortured and killed here."

She sighed, "I'm sorry I wasn't here earlier."

"What counts is who is alive and if Ra's is dead." He pulled back and looked to her, seeing her unsure face. "He isn't dead, is he?" he stated.

"I'm not sure. Last I saw Kitte was when she went to fight Talia."

His face was beaten, but she saw the expression as clear as day, it was one that was in between of losing hope and praying for that hope to be right. Then his eyes were focuses on something else. Maya was confused until she remembered Dusan. The giant lug, probably scared most. "This is Dusan. My husband."

"When did that happen?"

"Like three years ago." Dusan spoke, as he stared at the assassins. She smiled back at him. "What now Maya."

"We wait."

He wished he hadn't seen it. Hadn't seen her blood cover the mass of snow on the mountain. Wish she wasn't the one bleeding out. Wish she hadn't died once more. Wish she'd wake up. Wished this was all a bad dream. Wished that she would have just run with him to Gotham.

But as he stared at her deep slumbering body he knew, those wishes weren't going to be true and never would be. He had found her body bleeding. He had felt her cold lifeless body and carried her all the way to the pit with Nyssa. Nyssa had led the way to the mountain and they found her dead. She had woken up after being in the pool, but immediately fainted. Fainted days ago and has yet to wake.

"The first time she was revived this happened." Maya had spoke the three day, sitting by Selina's slumbering body. "She's alive but she just needs time. She lost a lot of blood. The pool can, heal, and revive, but it can't put back all the blood she lost. It just helps makes more blood faster."

Bruce has watched and watched her, touching her cheek. Amber had come to visit, hoping everyday she'd wake, coming with a happy face full of hope, but always left sad and disappointed.

Amber. The strong five year old that held so much potential and great power. Nyssa had found out that she possessed the power to harness and create fire. Now he knew why Ra's had wanted her. and the reasoning of killing her sister. To make her mad, to want her to use that anger in order to channel it to the fire. He had wanted to kidnap her and use her. She was close to her sister, killing her would have made her lose control, but he didn't expect to hold it within. So he kidnapped her, thinking of other ways to use her power. Bruce didn't care to think what Ra's would have done. He was happy that the fireball was safe and a powerful girl that knew how to control herself over a difficult obstacle.

He looked to Selina. He held her hand, it was warmer than the past few days but still kind if cold. "I may not be happy with the ways you solve things but to know your making a difference is what counts. I leave tomorrow," he sighed, "back to Gotham." he stopped looking at her pale skin, "Selina you are strong woman, and I admire your strength to go through this hell. You don't know how much I wish for you to have never been taken by those assassins, to have stayed with me in my house, to grow up a more," he paused thinking about his next words, "normal life." He kissed her hand with his mothers ring on it. The ring his mother loved, and was shocked to find it on Selina's hand when he picked her up, wondering where it had been. "I love you Cat. Kitte. Lynx. Selina," he whispered her actual name, "I will always love you." He kissed her hand and stood. He placed her hand down gently and started to walk away until he heard her croaking voice.

"I'm awake."

He smiled, as he turned back to her.

"You weren't going to say your goodbye on your last day here?"

"If I did, I'd never leave."

She couldn't help but have a smile tug at her lips, knowing his words were true, "How long have I been out?"

"About a week."

"Damn." She tried to get up but Bruce immediately held her down gently. "If your going to tell me to rest."

"Would never ask that from the leader of the League of Assassins." She teased at her.

She laughed, "well if I'm to stay down, will you join me?"

"Of course," he spoke as he walked around the bed. As he entered the covers, he pulled her close and she wrapped her arms around him as she placed her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat and feeling the his shirtless body heave up and down. She sighed, breathing in, "don't leave tomorrow."

He closed his eyes, hearing the sadness in her voice, "I have to."

She looked up at him, "The one time I ask you to stay and you don't want to. I guess I'll just hold you hostage. I mean who is going to be able to escape the league of Assassins?"

"Guess you have a point." He smiled that true handsome smiled.

"Of course I do." She moved up slightly, pulling his head towards her until her lips crashed onto hers. She had felt more like the hole in her heart had covered up feeling him, being with him around.

"We buried everyone when you were dead to the world. The bodies were too much to just have laying around here. But we burned Ra's' men, though." Maya said as they walked the grounds of the mansion to the buried loved ones.

"That's fine" Selina hesitated before she said her next words, "Where is Ra'd buried?"

"Next to his wife along with his child. It's not too far from the village." Selina grunted in acknowledgement. "Where is Asil and the kids going to live now?"

"With us. Ra'd family will be kept safe. I couldn't do that for him and his child but I'll make sure the same fate doesn't happen to Raji and Amber, along with Asil. They are under our protection. We will update this castle to make it more of a home for them instead of a prison. But also to give us advantages of today's world."

Maya nodded.

She looked at the assassins. How they kneeled before her. How they look at her, into her with trust, with hope, with understanding. But did they truly understand? Did they understand she didn't want this, she never did. Ra'd was suppose to be the one doing this. Ra'd was the one who said he'd take her place so she could live a different life. But would she have really left him, for him to be stuck here with the responsibility?

She was in robes, her own robes. She burnt every with the touch of Ra's, or anything that had the feel of Ra's on it. The armor on her weighed her down but she was used to it. She had her own look, but this was traditional and this was the only time she would ever dress like this. She may be the new Ra's but she wasn't going to be like the other.

She spoke the Arabian tongue. She held her head high. She showed no fear, no weakness, only strength to strike fear into those to not disobey her. "A new day has risen. We are the remaining assassins. We will do what is necessary in order to make this world a safe one for a child, for the innocent lives that are always put in harm's way. If you do not believe in this, you have the right to leave as you please, but hear me now, if you leave and you cause any injustice in my book, you will die and will not have mercy. Any of you in this League, who disobey my order, will die with no mercy. We shall rise from the burnt ashes of Ra's men, and create a new world." With that she walked passed them and into her room. Bruce was nowhere to be seen and she happy for it.

She quickly stripped herself of the robe, the armor and the clothes underneath. She went into the tub, filling it and stared at the wall. Come back to Gotham with me. "I wish I could." She looked down to where her body looked very odd under water. She looked at her hands as she brought them up. But what she saw on her hands wasn't the clear water substance, no it was blood. Deep crimson blood that she knew would never wash away. She hated that feeling. That feeling of having known she had killed so many and would only proceed to in order to make the world a safer place. But if even if she killed every murderer, every rapist, every kidnapper, every corrupt individual, who would be there to stop her? Isn't she just one of them as well? "no, don't think like that."

A knock hit the door, "Selina?"she put her hands back in the water. Blood didn't spread thin inside, it was only water she held once more.

She got out of the tub, drying herself, dressing herself and left through the window.

She stared at her friend's grave. She wished it wasn't true, like it was all some really cruel prank. But what did assassins know about pranks?

"Thought you be here. You said you would be. Said you'd take my place." She breathed in, "Ra'd I don't know what to do. I feel kind of lost, like this isn't right, but what would I know I was just a ten year old when I was brought here." The wind blow her hair in front of her face and to the side. Her cloak swayed to the side and she just listened to it. Listened to the wind as if it was Ra'd speaking to her.

She crouched down, her feet crunching the dry grass underneath. She was on her knees as she placed a rose on his grave. Tears threaten to come out as she breathed in deeply. She read his grave stone which said "beloved father and friend, may he always be remembered by the souls he has touched." She smirked, everyone who has know him loved him, who wouldn't? He may have been big and intimidating but truthfully he was a giant sweetheart with small sweethearts hiding.

"I'm sorry Ra'd. I wish you could be hear. I wish you were here with me, by my side. But this was my fault, and your family got tangled up in it. Enjoy heaven Ra'd you deserve to be with your wife and child. Ill be sure to watch Amber, Raji and Asil. I'll protect them." She smiled sadly and gave a moment of silence for him.

As she stood back up she looked to his daughters grave, Ajum. "I'm sorry sweetheart but your safe with daddy now." She placed one rose on her grave. She then saw his wife, Abal. "Would probably never compare to you and truthfully you were lucky and are lucky again to be reunited with him. Wish I could have met you." She smiled and placed down another rose.

Their horses padded against the gravel, rocky earth. She didn't want this day to come. She didn't want to say goodbye. But she knew she would see him again in time.

She rode her midnight gypsy horse next to Ra'd's gray one, that Bruce was borrowing.

As they finally saw the plane Selina looked to Bruce. He smiled a small sad smile. She looked back to the plane to see a man, an odd man come out. As he laid eyes upon Bruce his smile widen. He had looked so familiar but she couldn't remember his name if her life depended on it. She stopped her horse as they got close enough. Bruce stopped next to her.

"I'd ask you to come but I know you won't." Bruce said looking at her sadly.

"I'd come but you know I can't." She looked up at him with her eyes showing a sorrow expression. "I'll be in Gotham one day, maybe more, maybe one day ill stay, but for now i can only promise that I we will see each other again." She looked to her finger with the emerald ring on it. She pulled it off her finger and tried to give it to him.

"Keep it." He smiled at her.

She gave a wicked grin and put it back on. She leaned in close, "your right I should, once besides I'm keeping," her lips ceased her talking but one of her fingers poked at him. She pulled back, "keeping this anyway," he finger was still poking him. "Get out of her Detective, go save our city." He grinned and got off his horse. He took what little he had come with and walked to the plane.

Selina pulled on Ra'd's horses' reins and slightly kicked at her horse turning her away from the plane. She felt the wind blow her hair, kiss her face. As the horse galloped higher on the hill, she looked back to where Bruce was speaking with the finial old man.

She smiled to herself, So why show no weakness? Why fight back and be strong? Why stop running? Well the answer is quite simple really…

"To not only survive but Live."

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