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Final Fantasy VII

Shadow – Advent Children: Prologue

"Thank you for calling. All's Fair in love and war, how can I help you," came the usual greeting. Zack turned his blue eyes from the bundle of joy in the high chair in front of him, to the beautiful form of his wife at the phone.

A lot had changed in the last two years. His dreams had been fulfilled. He was married to the woman of his dreams, opened his own mercenary company, and started a family. The boy in front of him gurgled a little bit as he slammed his teething ring on the hard top of the high chair. His green eyes didn't reflect any pain from the process, and this made Zack smile. He ruffled his sons black hair, which he supposed needed to be cut soon. It was becoming quite the mop top.

Aerith, still on the phone, smiled to the man as their son let out a random cry of joy. She jotted down the details of the job the person was requesting. With everything that had happened, the mercenary job wasn't as dangerous as it could have been. With Shinra's military power destroyed, no nations really fought—like Zack had against Wutai. Mainly it was monster hunting jobs, or the occasional delivery job.

Zack looked back to his son as Aerith hung up the phone. "What do you think, Aiden, wanna come on this job with me?"

"If you take our son to kill a gang of Goblins, I will kill you when you get back," his wife voice chimed in as she slid the paper work across the counter top of the kitchen island. Zack gave his signature grin and grabbed the paper.

"Oh, c'mon babe, I'm betting Aiden's gonna be a bonafide bad ass after I get done training 'em," Zack replied as he read over the paper. "But I suppose I could settle for taking Cloud."

Cloud had readily joined Zack in starting the business. While Tifa still ran a bar, Seventh Heaven, Cloud found he wasn't much suited for serving drinks—especially when men were leering at his wife. Even when she had been with child she'd still have men trying to pick her up every night. On more than one occasion, Tifa had had to throw the offending patron and her husband out of the bar.

The blonde swordsman had tried to start a delivery service, but, that didn't last too long. He didn't like being away from home to often—especially when Tifa had been pregnant. So instead, he opted to do odd jobs with Zack. Of course, Cid had made off like a bandit with the Highwind, which left them either traveling by car or Chocobo. Naturally Zack preferred the latter, and Cloud had a nifty motorcycle. Despite what Cloud boasted, Zack was confident that Hannibal could out run his bike. Old as he was getting, that Chocobo had plenty of spunk.

"Doubtful. This weekend is Chloe's birthday party, remember? Everyone is supposed to be there. Maybe you should assign it to someone...it's one of the few times we get to see everyone, Zack."

He mulled the idea around in his head for a bit before he frowned. Any of the other guys could handle a group of Goblins, but this was far up North. And North meant near the Crater...and he was still slightly paranoid of letting any one but himself or Cloud near that place. Even when he and Aerith were on their honeymoon he was nervous. The Planet said Sephiroth was gone..but he was still worried. There hadn't been any sign of the crazy ass creature mother thing of his, and it wasn't like Sephiroth to have left his 'mother' too far away. And to Zack, that meant it was still up there in the crater somewhere.

Rufus had expressed wanting to go and excavate the crater to recover it—after all it was too dangerous to let hibernate, under thousands of pounds of rubble or snow otherwise. Zack made it clear he didn't want anyone going near there—as there was a lot about Jenova they didn't know.

"Nah, I'll go. I'll call Cid for a lift, and be back in time for the birthday party," Zack replied, giving Aerith a grin. "Hadn't been able to fly in awhile. Think it might be fun!"

"Charges are set, sir," the female said, causing Tseng to nod. He stood a safe distance back, where she had rejoined them, and his hands held a phone to his ear. The man on the other end of the phone spoke.

"Detonate it."

Tseng nodded to the female, Elena, and she flicked the dongle switch in her hand. A beep issued, followed by a ground shattering explosion that caused snow and debris to explode upwards. As it began to settle, the duo uncovered their mouth and progressed forward, Tseng still on the phone.

They hadn't even made it fifty feet when the sound of crunching snow made the two turn. The trio that stood before them, having come from behind them, were clad in black and bore silver hair much like the dreaded man they feared two years after his death.

"Thank you for clearing the way...mother has been so very lonely."

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