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Naruto woke up early and did his mission with his team, after they were finished, they were free for the day, so Naruto wanted to test something that he hadn't find the time to test, he went towards the commercial district and made some clones, he had seen in the memories of some clones, while doing missions with his team that they also saw the side quest emblem

So he wanted to see if the clones could do side quest, he sent one clone to do the rat side quest in the district, it was an old side quest and it wasn't worth it but if this failed he didn't wanted to fail on a bigger mission

After a while the clone returned apparently, the clones could do side quest but he only received half of the payment he was supposed to get for completing the quest, after the clone dispelled he got a notification

As you have seen, if you do a side quest with a clone, you will just receive half of the rewards, any XP or Ryo will be cut in half, this is to motivate you to do side quest yourself

Well he understood, that if he got the full reward he could get away with becoming strong really fast, but this still helped, he could get money from multiple side quest at the same time, yeah only half but it was something

So he decided to farm this feature to get money faster that he could, at least it seem that he got reputation at the same rate, so it wasn't that bad

The next day, after he had completed his mission with his team, the Third Hokage asked Naruto to stay behind because he wanted to inform him of something, maybe he could finally tell him more of what they had discussed at the hospital

After the rest of Naruto's team had gone outside, the hokage spoke "Follow me Naruto" said The Third Hokage, Naruto followed him to a room that appeared to be more private, maybe it had privacy seals as well, Naruto couldn't tell at first glance

"What happened Jiji? Why do you asked me to stay behind to talk to you?" asked Naruto

"Well you see Naruto, when we talked at the hospital, I told you I would tell you more later, since I didn't have the time then" said Hiruzen "Well now I can finally tell you more, and I'm sure you're anxious to know more"

"You bet I am, I want to know more about my family and my clan" said Naruto

"Well, as I told you before, I made a promise to not tell you about some things until, you became a chunin or turned 15" said Hiruzen, Naruto nodded as confirmation that he remembered "Well that was for a reason, you see Naruto whenever one of those two requirements are met you will become clan head of your clan" said Hiruzen

Naruto was shocked by this reveal, he would be a clan head, in some years, or maybe earlier if he turned chunin

"You would also have some responsibilities and benefits from that title, but I will not go in greater detail right now, since that's still quite some time away" said HIruzen "what I will tell you, is that since you are the clan heir you already got access to some benefits and responsibilities with this title, you got access to the library of your clan, which is in your clan house, sadly I must ask you that you don't move to your clan house yet" said Hiruzen

"Why?" asked Naruto, a bigger house would be so much better

"It's because of the promised I made, if I let you go there now, you would know who your father was and that would make some other rules apply to you and I want to keep you away from those rules for some more time" said Hiruzen "They're not bad, it just that you are too young to fulfill some of your responsibilities you will have once you know who your father is"

Naruto could understand that, but that meant that his father was also someone of great importance, for now he would trust his Jiji, after all he knew more things that Naruto did, he might be protecting him from who knows what, maybe a seat at the council that he didn't want yet

"But anyway, I can make arrangements that everything related to the library of the Uzumakis is moved to your apartment if you want to, so that you can study your clan in greater detail" said Hiruzen

"I would like that" said Naruto, he could keep it safe by transferring everything to his inventory later

"I also got something else for you, a letter from Kushina, your mother, she left it in my possession so that if anything were to happen to her, I could give it to you later" said Hiruzen taking out a letter and handing it to Naruto

"Is this really from her?" asked Naruto

"It is, you will have to forgive me, but I already read it, I had to make sure that she didn't mention your father" said Hiruzen

"Don't worry, I might not know who my father is yet, but he sounds important, and it also sounds that I would get in all sort of trouble if I knew, I have already waited more than ten years to know who my parents were, I think I can wait until I become a chunin, to know how my father is" said Naruto

So he didn't even thought he could turn 15 before he becomes a chunin, he is just as impulsive as his mother "Well, I think you have much to think, head home I will arrange that your clan books and scrolls are moved to your house, they should all be there in two days tops" said Hiruzen

"Yeah I need to read this letter, see you later Jiji" said Naruto going outside and heading back home

Naruto arrived at his house and sat at his bed, he grabbed the letter from his mother from his inventory, and he opened it, he prepared himself and started reading:

"To my Dear son Naruto

I hope you never have to read this letter, but if you do, I most have left this world already, I hope your father is still with you and you grew up in an ambient full of love.

First things first, I need you to know that your father and I loved you a lot, and if we are not by your side, it means that something beyond our power, separated us from you, I want you to know that I never wanted to leave you alone, I love you and my husband more than anything in the world.

I also want to tell you that you probably just became a chunin or turned 15 so you will be a clan head soon, I wish you luck, and if you have any questions I'm sure that Hiruzen can answer them, but if you still have questions on how to lead a clan there is a book with all the clans responsibilities and benefits of Konoha and the clan laws of the Uzumaki clan in the clan library, that can answer any question you have left

Another thing is that I'm leaving you my sword as a gift; it's a special Uzumaki sword, forged with Uzumaki techniques, it's make of a special chakra metal that will react to your chakra, I would suggest for you to practice before trying to infuse it with chakra, it also got a secret space in the hilt, in here you can add seals to help you In different ways, experiment with different seals, that's the fun of fuinjutsu.

One more thing, by now Hiruzen most have told you, but if for some reason he died, or if he didn't told you, I must tell you that you are probably the Jinchuriki of the nine tailed fox, the Kyuubi, I was the last Jinchuriki before you, the reason you are the Jinchuriki is because you are a Uzumaki, the Uzumaki have large Chakra reserves as well as large Chakra coils, that allows us to handle the Kyuubi chakra a lot better than anybody else, but don't think of yourself as a monster or a demon, you are the savior of this village, every second you are still alive, is a second the Kyuubi can't destroy the village, so think yourself as a Hero

One more time I want to tell you that I love you more than anything in the world, and I hope that you grew up happy

You're Mother Kushina Uzumaki"

Naruto started to cry halfway through the letter, by the end he was crying more than he had in his life, he just sat there at his bed, crying, he reread the letter multiple times, he stayed there until he felt asleep

A box appeared while he fell asleep, so he didn't see it until the next morning but it read:

New perk

Uzumaki: new perks open on the perk book, +1000 CP, +20 INT, +20 WIS

Decided to end it there, tell me what you thought of this chapter

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