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This isn't right.

But then again nothing felt right. Everything from his head to his stomach was spinning around in a confused rush. His vision was fuzzy, he couldn't think straight, and he was struggling to maintain his balance.

And where was he anyway?

He took a few deep breaths. As his mind started clearing he could make out the shapes of trees against a darkening sky. They made him feel lost, as if he was trapped inside an endless labyrinth of leaves and thorns. It was a feeling he wasn't fond of, one that almost felt familiar somehow.

Once his stomach calmed down he dared himself to take a few steps. The leaves made a lot of noise under his feet. The crunching felt reassuring, yet somewhat ominous. They made him realize that he was all alone, with no one to feel afraid with, no one to call for help, no one to save him...

He decided to continue walking forward. No regular forest went on forever. Whether it took him days or even weeks, he had to come to the edge eventually. As he moved along he spotted a few berry bushes. He didn't risk eating them. Most of the berries were yellow, which normally meant poison. His stomach sank as he realized that he was starving. Would he have to resort to eating bugs? At least he'd have a story to tell if he survived the forest. He wasn't sure who he'd tell it to, though. As far as he knew he didn't have any friends, no family, not even a pet to share his story with.

Why am I here? He asked himself as he started climbing up a hill. All he could remember was a falling sensation, and before that it was just darkness. The more he thought about it, the foggier his mind grew. Maybe a drink could clear his head. He wished that he could tell his past self to pack a bottle of water right now. The streams around here were probably filled with mud. It didn't matter anyway, since he couldn't find one through the dim forest light.

He finally arrived at the top of the steep hill. He peered down into the valley before him and stared.

There was a campground below him.

He could tell it was a campground because of the campfires that dotted the valley, and the cabins that were stretched out in a line. Everywhere he looked people were moving around, or sitting near a fire. His face lit up. Maybe someone down there would have some marshmallows or some trail mix they could share. He was about to make his way down when he heard a grunting noise behind him.

Something breathing down his shirt. His heart beat faster as he tried to imagine what it could be. A bear? A wolf? Or, even worse, a Clubberskull? Wait, where had that last one come from? It was most likely just the nervous rushing of his thoughts.

He cautiously turned around. Looking intently into his face was a very angry-looking dragon.

Heart racing now, he took off as quickly as he could down the hill. Running turned out not to be the best plan, as he soon tripped on a root and tumbled all the way down the hill. He tried to get up as quickly as he could, but to no use. Those few seconds where he hesitated were all it took for the dragon to catch up and pin him back down. He could feel the dragon's hot breath on his face, drool seeping into his shirt, his heart pounding harder by the second.

Was this how he was going to die? It all seemed like a waste. He didn't even have any memories to flash in front of his eyes. The cuts and scrapes covering his body suddenly didn't sting quite so much anymore, not as much as the wound he was about to receive.

He closed his eyes waiting for the dragon to make its move, and...

Then he heard a girl's voice. "Peleus!" she yelled. "You get off him this instant!"

He couldn't see the girl's face from where he was lying, but he could see the dragon's expression change a little, like it was suddenly disappointed. Ha! He thought. Me one, dragon zip!

"Come on Peleus, you do want your dinner tomorrow, correct?" the girl asked. "Because if not, then I can make arrangements."

The dragon shifted its gaze up, then down at the boy, then back up again. Clearly it was making a tough decision, as if this was an opportunity that was not to be missed. The boy gulped. What if the dragon decided that it wanted him more than whatever tomorrow's menu was? Those few seconds turned into minutes, then hours. Just as the situation was looking its worst, the dragon finally gave an annoyed grunt and slinked away.

The boy stood up and breathed a sigh of relief. Not only was he safe, but maybe he was even going to eat those snacks after all. As he turned to thank his rescuer, he realized just how exhausted he was. His vision blurred, and he would have fallen to the ground again if he hadn't been caught by the girl.

"Are you alright?" she asked. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't muster the strength to reply. His eyelids were drooping, and everything else in his body was tingling. As he slowly fell asleep, the girl carefully lowered him to the leaf-covered ground with promises that everything would be better soon.

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