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Meanwhile, the stranger was having a dream.

He was standing behind a beautiful woman and a young boy who were sitting in front of a mirror. He could see himself in the reflection, but to his surprise neither one of the pair seemed to notice him. The woman appeared to be too busy playing with the boy's wings.

"Come on, Pit," the woman was saying, "You know we have to do something about your bald spot."

"But I've already told you," the boy protested, "I am NOT doing a comb over!"

"What else do you expect me to do?" she asked. "It's going to be a while before the feathers grow back."

"You know what?" the boy said. "I'm not worried about it anymore."

"Oh? And why is that?"

"Balding is a sign of age, and age is a sign of experience. Trust me, people are going to see it and realize how tough I am."

The woman laughed. "Of course they will."

"What is that supposed to mean?!"

But the stranger wasn't paying attention. Instead, he was staring at himself in the mirror.

He found it very odd how he had the exact same hair color as the lady. He looked a little closer and gasped as he realized that they also had the exact same eyes, almost the same face shape… The similarity was a little terrifying.

The woman suddenly turned around in alarm.

"Is everything all right?" the boy asked.

"It's nothing, "she said calmly. "I just thought I saw…" But the scene faded and vanished before she could finish.

As the stranger drifted into dreamless sleep, he got the odd feeling that she was talking about him…

Felicity was having dreams of her own.

Scenes of things breaking, shattering, and catching on fire violently danced in her head. She desperately tried to stop them, but every time she found herself powerless.

Then she heard shouting.

"This is all your fault!"

"When will you get out of here?"

"You ruin everything!"

Please stop, she would cry, I didn't mean it. I didn't mean any of it…

Until eventually she was standing in front of a burning building, tears streaming from her face.

Please, just go away! she tried to scream, but no words came out.

The image vanished.

Now she was facing the boy with the green hair. He was smiling and holding out a hand, as if to say, "Come with me". The gesture felt strangely comforting. She felt her fears slipping away as she extended her own hand to take his.

As soon as she touched him, his body twisted into a hideous, disgusting shape. She jerked back as a red mist surrounded them. Vision blurred, mist evilly fogging her senses, Felicity felt a new, fresh fear take over.

Admit it, a raspy voice hissed. Just accept who you are. Accept what lies inside you.

What are you talking about? Felicity said. Accept who I am? I don't even know who I am!

Foolish girl… The voice muttered.

Felicity didn't want any more to do with this. Don't panic, she commanded herself. Don't panic! It's just a dream!

She jolted awake. She was breathing heavily and sweating a little.

She didn't want to go back to sleep. She wanted to tell someone, but the last time she did that she was told that weird dreams were natural and that she needed to get used to them.

She sighed and closed her eyes. All she could do now was wait for the morning to come…

Bridget was having a sleepless night.

She looked up at the stars. She couldn't stop thinking ever since Felicity had mentioned that there was something off about the new kid. She knew that she was just frustrating herself, but she couldn't help it. It was just that important.

Who am I kidding? She soon thought. I can lie here speculating, but speculation won't help anything.

No, what she needed was to see him again…

She crawled out of bed and began the trip back to the Big House. Her heart raced thinking about how exciting the whole thing seemed; Everyone asleep, being alone in the night, going off on a stealth mission…

She eventually reached the window that looked into the room the boy was sleeping in. Everything was silent and peaceful. Nothing seemed particularly out of the ordinary.

"Shoot", she muttered under her breath. Coming here was a waste of time.

But just then, she thought she could make out a sort of unusual noise coming from inside the cabin. Now here was something worth further investigation.

She carefully climbed in through the window and tiptoed to the couch. Now that she was close enough to hear more clearly, she could hear that the sound was coming from the boy. She leaned in to have a listen. He was repeating something over and over again, only barely audible. Bridget couldn't tell what it was, but it sounded a lot like "Pallas Athena, Pallas Athena…"

Bridget knew enough about Greek Mythology to recognize the full name of the goddess of wisdom. It didn't mean anything decisive, but it was enough to chew on for now.

Sadly, she wasn't going to get any more information from him in his current condition. She resolved to come back in the morning and gather more information later.

She went back to her cabin as silently as she had left it. She lay on her cot, and the darkness of sleep soon surrounded her and silenced every last bit of theorizing for the night…

The three children soundly slept under the light of the full moon. The only sound to be heard was the boy chanting the name "Palutena".

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