I like the style of this story, so I've decided to continue it. In the previous chapter we saw the full extent of the hopes and fears Reiji held. Remember the scene in the games and the anime where Reiji sees Cal after two years they part ways a rather intense manner? Well… we're going to cover that!

Prepare for an insight into Reiji's mind for a second time. This takes place the following night after he sees Cal again. Please enjoy!

Never Forgotten

I remember that night two long years ago. I dragged myself toward that wretched mirror and I peered into my soul. I knew the full extent of my strength and weakness, but alas, I didn't think the gravity of reality would hit me so harshly. It didn't take long for the brief solace I felt to come to an end. Inferno believed me in league with Claudia. Like dogs to the hunt, they wasted no time in taking chase. The loft was destroyed along with another chapter in my life. Perhaps the largest wound of all was the pain I felt toward Cal. I lost her, or I believed I had lost her…

Though I turned and ran with Ein, I never forgot about the time we shared together. Those months in her company were enough to make me feel human. For the longest time I actually felt like a real person and not a machine. Her loss was not something I took with a great deal of ease. Even though I had escaped from Inferno's grasp, the memories of the girl with those powerful green eyes still remained with me.

Time passed for me. It never got any simpler in my own mind, but my time away from the chaos that Inferno caused granted me a second more fragile form of relief. It was not the same as the peace I felt with Cal, but alas, it was freedom. Being with Mio in the park like I was earlier today, I was blissfully unaware of the truth that would befall me. A single bullet from a silenced pistol changed everything. My eyes met the sights of a girl on a bike, and it was then and there that I uncovered the truth.

Cal was alive after all of this time, the only difference now that is the burning hatred in her once so peaceful and loving eyes. She clearly holds me responsible for every terrible thing that has happened. Deep down it hurts to see her so gnarled and twisted. I feel the nausea building up within me whenever I try and thing about the vast oceans of pain that must have swept her away in the time we were apart. The sickness, I feel it in my gut. It's horrible to even try and comprehend how much darkness she felt in the last two years.

However, I can't help that feel hope within the deepest of darkness. If there's one thing I have also found amongst the chaos of my life, is that there is hope. I believed this girl gone forever. Though she is a shadow of her former self, I see the truth of what I must do standing in front of me as clear as day. Nobody in this world is going to be able to save Cal Devens from crashing and burning apart from me. I was the one that originally brought her down this road in order to ensure her survival. I believe with all the hope I have left that I must be the one to rescue her. After all, her path began with me, and it should end with me.

Though my legs are shaky, I struggle to my feet. It's hear that my heart takes a different turn. I can turn and run from Inferno no longer. If anything, the fate of the one love deep down depends upon it. That, and if I leave this to Erin she will deliver release to Cal in the only way she knows how. If anything, I was a pupper of Inferno for far too long. The duty to right all the wrongs caused by myself and that twisted organization rests on my shoulders….

Freedom isn't something I can have with ease in this world. Just like every other thing I hold dear, I need to fight for it. These hands of mine are the only things I can rely on to break free of the invisible strings that have bound me so long. I'm not Zwei, my name is Reiji Azuma. Destiny is something I need to reach out and grasp with my own hands, for the sake of Cal and myself. If there's one thing I can always hold close to heart, it's that Cal has never been forgotten in these two painful years that have passed…. It's time to finish this for good.

To be continued?

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