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"Cooling the air"

"Lucy, I'm home!" Natsu made his huge entrance like always, grinning so wide, carrying loads of bags. He dropped them to the nice, polished, clean floor that Lucy made sure to always have spotless, even with him and Iggy around. He wondered though, why hasn't Lucy responded. "Uh, Luce?! Are you home?!" he tried again, even when he knew the answer; he smelled her scent and Iggy's upstairs in their bedroom, but then he smelled Wendy's and then, "Gray? What is that ice cube doing here?"

Climbing to the second floor, he made it to the wooden door that lead to their nest. Turning the knob he opened the door slowly, "Luce? I've been calling you why aren't yo-" He froze in place, Lucy was laying down, both her tender hands caressing her now round stomach, if you ask him she never looked more beautiful, BUT that wasn't the problem at the moment!

Gray was lying next to HIS wife, with his arms wrapped around her; AROUND her! Natsu's face was dark and everyone in the room froze. Iggy, who was sitting on Wendy's lap at the moment, was just like his father, glaring daggers at the ice mage, until his father came in the room of course and decided to protest. "Dad! Tell Uncle Gray to stop hogging Mom all to himself! It's weird!" Iggy protested, pouting cutely while pointing an accusing finger towards the now very shaky Gray.

"I told you this wasn't a good idea!" Gray protested, trying to get up but failed as Lucy pulled him back down beside her. This only fueled Natsu's fire, as smoke left his ears.

"Gray..." he started, a mean glint on his dragon like eyes; the ice mage gulped. He knew the dragon slayer was serious; I mean he never calls him Gray for Mavis's sake!

"I swear this has an explanation, fire-breath!" he tried, all too late as Natsu's fist met his face, knocking him out in a heartbeat. "What the fuck do you think you're doing hugging my wife you perverted shit! Go and hug yours!"

"Natsu! No fighting inside the house! You'll break something, and Iggy is here!" Lucy huffed tiredly. Natsu turned to look at her as if she was crazy, "What do you mean?! He deserves that punch for touching you! And why the hell are you hugging him back?!" Lucy was about to protest, angrily; but she started breathing heavily. Natsu's anger vanished in an instant, "Luce? What's wrong?!" he cradled her close to him for comfort; Lucy flinched a little but didn't complain. It didn't go unnoticed though.

"Natsu-san! Don't get too close to her; you'll make it worse!" Wendy protested while Iggy and Natsu looked at her with questioning eyes. "You and Iggy-kun can't touch her. Her fever is hellish at the moment; I'm guessing the baby will be of the fire element too. It isn't easy to control the fever, especially with the baby of a dragon slayer," Wendy smiled lightly.

Natsu's eyes widened in understanding; last time Lucy was pregnant with Iggy the same thing happened, only that time the one keeping her cool was Juvia!

"Well, why isn't Juvia keeping her cool this time?" Natsu wondered, glaring at Gray who at the moment was rubbing his sore face. "Because flame-shit, Juvia is pregnant too or have you forgotten? She can't restrain her body either; Jeez, and here I am trying to help out a friend…" Gray shook his head in disappointment. "Do you think I don't know Juvia will blow a fuse too? Lucy, Wendy I told you this was a bad idea! If Juvia finds out..." Gray shuddered at the thought of a very angry and jealous Juvia, not good.

"Tch. Keep your hands away from Lucy, you fucker. I don't like anyone but ME-" Natsu spat out, "Hey!" little Iggy complained, "-and Iggy can touch her! So get the hell out of OUR bed before I burn you into a crisp!" Natsu finished his threat while cracking his knuckles. A soft hand touched him though, it was Lucy much to his displeasure she looked at him with those pleading brown eyes, "Honey, p-please it's j-just for today, I'm really hot..." Natsu paused and gulped, she was panting, her cheeks slightly flushed, and her big brown eyes twinkling at him; damn she did look hot, even with her round belly. He had to lick his lips, just in case there was some drool there.


Iggy and his father held each other in fear. Gray's eyes bulged out of his face, as Lucy pulled him full force on the bed. Wendy chuckled nervously, as she started using her healing spell. Lucy sighing in relief, as her temperature started to go down. Natsu frowned, he hated not being able to be of any help, he felt Iggy grab his pants tightly.

"But mommy, I want a hug too..." Iggy's lip trembled, his eyes watering. Lucy's eyes widen in terror, "Aw, sweetie I'm sorry! Please don't cry..." she pleaded as she reached out to pat her son's head softly.

"Daddy wants love too..." Natsu whined, pulling Gray's hair in the process; he thought he looked way to comfortable on HIS bed. Lucy's eyebrow twitched, "YOU mister, if you don't want me hugging Gray then find a way to keep me cold! If you don't then stay away!" she tightened her hold on the ice mage while Natsu gaped at her, with wide teary eyes.

"B-but Luceeeee!" he whined once more, only to get a full Lucy glare. "And that's final! Now go!" she pointed her nicely manicured finger towards the wooden door.

"Aye..." was his only response, as both him and Iggy left the house to try and get someone to help them with their predicament.


"Papa? What are we going to do?" Iggy whimpered. Lucy, his mother, had kicked them both out of the house and poor Iggy only wanted his mom's hugs and kisses. And so, father and son decided to go to the guild; maybe someone could help them with their problem. Natsu, who was carrying Iggy on his shoulders, looked up to only see his sad eyes and pout.

"I don't know buddy. Dad has to find a way to keep your mom cold without the ice prick touching her!" Natsu growled punching his fists together as a huge spark of fire ignited them. Iggy mimicked him forming only a sparkle, "Yeah! That ice-prick!"

Determined, Natsu kicked the door to the guild open, "WE ARE HERE!" both of them announced loudly.

"Oh hello Natsu, little Iggy" Mira smiled brightly; she was at the bar like always, cleaning and polishing glasses, her round belly not getting in her way. Yeah that's right! Lucy, Juvia, Mira, Lisanna, Levy, AND Erza are expecting, shocking huh? Well, after Lucy found out, everyone also popped with the big news soon after; much to everyone's poor souls, especially Master Makarov's.

"Mira! You got to help us!" Natsu ran to her with Iggy holding onto his pink locks, trying not to fall. Totally forgetting the fact that she is pregnant, he grabbed her shoulders harshly. "That shitty Gray, he- Ouch! What the hell?! Laxus! What's the big idea?!" Natsu yelped, as his hands got shocked with precise, sharp lightning bolts. Laxus grunted, "Watch were you touch punk." He glared at Natsu with deadly eyes, which said dragon slayer returned without shame, "That shit could of touched Iggy you sick bastard! If I wasn't so desperate I would knock you out senseless!" Natsu spat out angrily.

A fire ball hit Laxus on the face, it was tiny but it still burned, "WHAT THE HELL?!" he growled. "Back off old man! We are in a hurry!" Iggy, who was the one that threw the attack, yelled from his father's shoulders. Laxus's eyebrow twitched in anger, "Why you little punk!"

"Ara ara, stop it the three of you. Now, Natsu, what seems to be the problem?" Mira asked with great curiosity. Snapping back to his problem, Natsu groaned angrily, "That bastard Gray is hogging my wife all to himself!" Natsu yelled out, making the loud guild go dead silent. "Lucy is cheating on you with Gray?!" everyone screeched, much to the fire dragon slayer's annoyance.

"Gray-sama is what?!" Juvia shrieked from the guild door. She was holding little Ur by the hand and was also with Erza; it seems they went to shop for some sweets, damn pregnancy cravings. "Natsu? What is the meaning of this outburst?" Erza asked with threat in her voice; she won't have anyone causing any disruption while she eats her beloved cake! Natsu, not caring about anything else at the moment, didn't mind repeating himself, "Exactly what I said! Lucy has those weird fevers she gets, and today it just happened to get worse, and only that pansy Gray can keep her cold!"

Everyone in the guild rolled their eyes and got back to their business again; there was no juicy gossip, just Natsu's usual jealousy rants…figures.

"Nonsense! Juvia can help instead!" Juvia protested, fuming. Natsu and Iggy perked up, and nodded in agreement. "That's what I said!" he answered. Iggy, even if he was as childish as his father, has his mother's brains so he couldn't help but come out smart, "Papa? Didn't Uncle Gray say that Aunt Juvia couldn't do it because she's pre-pregnent?" Iggy asked innocently, making Natsu pause.

"Iggy, sweetie, the right word is pregnant,"Mira corrected him smiling.

"And Iggy here has more brains than both of you," Erza shook her head towards Natsu and Juvia. "B-but," Natsu and Juvia both tried to protest.

"No buts Natsu! Lucy is in a serious condition, thanks to your dragon self! Now behave like an adult and let Gray help her out!" she then turned to Juvia, "And you too! Now let's sit and enjoy some cake!" she sparkled. Both Natsu and Juvia looked down to the floor while Mira giggled.

"Ne Natsu?" Mira spoke up, Natsu weakly looked her way. "I know of this thing that might be helpful to you," she smiled. This brought some spirits in him, "You do?!"

Mira nodded, "There is this shop, just a few blocks away from the guild, that sells magic enhanced machines. Maybe they have some type of cooling system that can help keep Lucy nice and cool!" she smiled.

"Alright! Iggy let's go!" Natsu perked up.

"Aye, sir!" Iggy grinned wide as both of them ran to the magic shop.


"2,000 jewel?!" Natsu shrieked, making Iggy cover his tiny ears. Just like Mira said, they found the small magic shack that sold all kind of things. Searching the place Natsu and his son found a machine that was used to cool down a room, something like air conditioning or whatever; they both thought it was a strange name. Grinning like a maniac, Natsu picked up the answer to their problems and brought it to the counter only to find yet another obstacle.

"Yes sir, this machine costs 2,000 jewel. So will you purchase it or not?" the rude tiny old man's eyebrow twitched in annoyance. Natsu's body shook, "Come on old man, give me a discount please? It's for my wife, she's pregnant! And she has a goddamn fever!" Natsu grabbed the helpless man's shirt and shook him desperately.

"Er, Daddy? I don't think that helps, don't you have money?" Iggy begged his father. Natsu stopped, and looked down at Iggy. Scratching his head in embarrassment Natsu chuckled nervously, "Well you see papa went to town early today to buy you, mama, and the new baby some things! And well I sort of spent...a lot." Once he finished, Iggy's eyes sparkled, "Toys?!" Natsu grinned wide, "Yeah! Loads and loads of them!" he expressed himself by opening his arms wide.

"Yosh!" Iggy jumped in delight together with his father. The owner of the shop sweat-dropped at their childish behavior, smiling gently he coughed, "Young man, if you can get the money by the end of the day I shall give you this machine, you see it is quite popular and is my last one, so what do you say?"

Natsu and Iggy blinked before Natsu showed off his famous canine grin, "Thank you old man! I'll be back so don't sell it off, alright?!"

"You have my word, now off you go!" the old merchant shooed them out the door.

"Iggy? Want to go on a job with Papa?" Natsu asked smiling wide, Iggy's eyes sparkled, "Yeah!" and so they ran back to the guild, with a trail of dust behind their backs, not caring about pushing any other people out of their way.


"Are you looking for another job, Natsu?" Happy flew towards his friends who were searching the job board eagerly. "Yes! Daddy and I need 2,000 jewel!" Iggy answered for his father. Happy looked at them in question, "Eh? What for?"

"For Lucy!" Natsu answered grinning. Happy rolled his eyes, "Natsu! You need to stop buying her stuff! That's why she's so greedy!"

"Luce is not greedy!" Natsu argued back, pouting.

"She is to!"

"She's not!"

"Dad! Look!" Iggy interrupted them, as he pointed at a flyer. Natsu looked at the paper he pointed at and read, "Catch a bandit that has been causing havoc at the local bar, price money is... 2,000 jewel?!" Natsu exclaimed as he smashed his face on the paper to take a better look at it.

"Good job Iggy! Now let's go!" Natsu grabbed his son's hand, and then Happy stopped him by grabbing his scarf. "Ne, Natsu?" he asked.


"You aren't planning on taking Iggy with you are you?" the blue exceed questioned, smiling nervously. Natsu looked at him as if he was stupid, "Of course I am! I'm babysitting him so it's just a given that he goes with me!" Happy face palmed.

"Natsu you idiot! If Lushie finds out that you took Iggy on a dangerous job she's going to blow us up with Loke's regulus!" Happy screamed at Natsu's face.

"Don't worry! I won't let anything happen to him; come on Iggy! Let's get to Mira!"

"There is no way this is ending up good," Happy shook his head, "I better go with them or Lushie will have my head!"

"Mira! I'm taking this job!" Natsu slammed the flier on the bar table. "Oh Natsu? You found what you needed?" she asked with a smile as she reviewed the job. "Yeah! And I need the jewels to buy that stupid machine!" he growled.

"Oh I see, well I approve but," she stopped as she looked down to Iggy who was looking at her with big, excited eyes. "Is Iggy accompanying you? This is to dangerous for a child his age," she pouted.

Natsu shook his head, "Nah it will be fine, I got it covered!" he grinned with confidence. "Mira, I'll go with them!" Happy flew behind them. Mira took a last look at them, until she sighed. "Alright, but please be careful!" she stamped the paper and handed it to Natsu.

"Thanks Mira! Let's go guys!"

"Aye sir!"


"Natsu behind you!" Happy shouted as he flew out of brawl carrying Iggy away. They were currently at the bar that requested the job, but of course leave it to Natsu to punch the first drunk guy that decided to bump into his son; talk about protective.

Chairs, bottles, and even people were flying everywhere! Happy didn't think twice before flying off with Iggy. Iggy, who was just as eager to fight like his father, threw little fireballs from above, giggling. This only infuriated the drunk men more, "Why you shitty brat!" one of them shouted; he almost threw a bottle at both the flying cat and the kid when a flaming punch sent him flying.

"Who are you calling shitty, you drunk bastard!" Natsu shouted as he knocked the poor man down.

"QUIET WITH ALL YOUR BRAWLS YOU BASTARDS OR SHALL I GIVE YOU ALL A LESSON AGAIN?!" a woman's voice that Natsu, Happy, and Iggy new shouted throughout the crowd.

"Cana/Auntie Cana?!" the three of them shouted.

"Oh Natsu, Happy, oh my little Iggy what are you all doing here *hiccup*," Cana slurred, obviously dumb drunk.

"Uh..." Natsu was way too speechless, as he saw her wringing a poor man's neck, even when he was doing the same a few moments ago, heh.

"That's the damn bandit that has been disrupting peace at this bar! Capture her!" the bar owner, who looked like a drag queen, shouted. Both Natsu and Happy tried so hard not to laugh, especially when Iggy asked why was the weird man wearing a dress. Shrugging, Natsu walked towards Cana and threw her drunk self over his shoulder.

"Natsu! Put me down! *hiccup* I still need to drink the rest of the barrel!" Cana shouted into the dragon slayer's sensitive ear.

"It's time for you to go home! Seriously what's with you and Erza disturbing and brawling in other places when you can do it back at the guild?" he shook his head.

"Oh thank you! Take that wench back! Here is the reward money handsome!" the owner twinkled and winked at Natsu, making said mage shake in disgust; Happy puffed his cheeks, and purred "He likeeeeeeees you!"

"SHUT UP!" Natsu shouted with a red face.


"LUCE WE ARE HOME!" Natsu shouted carrying a big box over his shoulders and holding Iggy's tiny hand.

"In the bedroom!" Lucy shouted. Natsu grinned, "Let's go squirt!" and so both of them raced up the stairs and slammed the door open. Only to fall comically when he saw all of team Natsu plus Juvia. "What are the load of you doing here, in my room?!" he shouted.

"How rude! Can't I visit my fellow team mate?" Erza shook her head as she ate more cake. "Juvia came to see how Gray-sama and Lov- eh Lucy- san are doing," she smiled nervously.

"Mama!" Iggy shouted ignoring everyone and jumped on the bed next to her. "Oh sweetie, what did I say about jumping on the bed?" Lucy warned, as Natsu got up and shouted, "Luceee~" and just like his son, jumped on the bed, making Lucy and Iggy jump, and knocking Gray out of the bed. "Hey-! Watch it ash face!" Gray complained, little Ur who was on her mother's lap, clapped, "Daddy you funny!"

"Natsu! Stop teaching Iggy stuff like this! And get off I'm hot!" she pounded his chest as he crushed her, obviously not too much because of her growing belly. Grinning like a maniac, he flopped off the bed in a hurry as he ripped the box open, pressed the button of their new cool machine, and in a heart beat the room went freezing cold; Erza's cake froze in an instant.

"Ah!" Lucy beamed in glee, as everyone else besides Gray, Natsu, Iggy, and her had blue faces and were stuttering.

"N-natsu s-shut t-that o-off it's f-freezing!" Erza tried her best to glare, but her eyes just ended up wide and comic like.

"No way! This will help Luce and keep this pervert off my wife!" Natsu huffed.

"Ah Natsu honey! This is fantastic! Why did I never think about the new cooling system that is being sold?" Lucy hugged Natsu back in the bed, rubbing his face adoringly, making the dragon slayer blush. "U-uh, do you like it? You don't need Gray anymore do you?"

Lucy giggled, "No I don't this is just perfect!" she smiled angelically at him, making him go gooey.

"Okay this is gross, let's leave the love birds in their nest," Gray shook his head as he dragged his wife, daughter, and friends out the door, leaving the Dragneels to cuddle in bed, smiling like fools.


"So how are you feeling Lucy?" Mira asked the next day. Lucy looked radiant like the sun; her blonde hair shined brighter than usual, her skin glowing with a healthy blush. Don't misunderstand, all the girls looked good while pregnant, but Lucy was by far the most radiant one. "I'm feeling great! All thanks to that cooling magic machine, my fever has disappeared!" she smiled brightly.

"I'm glad you are feeling better, Lucy. You look stunning! I'm envious, and that dress is so beautiful too!" Erza smiled next to her. Lucy blushed, "Oh, stop it you all look stunning too! And Natsu got me this dress yesterday! Well actually like a million of them, and got Iggy and the new baby thousands of toys, seriously more stuff to clean!"

Mira giggled, "No wonder he needed that job to buy that machine." Erza nodded in agreement.

"Yeah! And to think he would capture me, his guild mate for just 2,000 jewel! Jeez! I just wanted to have a drink, there was no need for a fire breathing idiot, a cat and a kid to capture me!" Cana spat out as she gulped yet one more glass of the sinful drink. Everyone froze as Lucy's radiant aura became dark in a second.

"What. Did. You. Say," Lucy spat out each word. Cana grinned, 'I'll get my revenge Dragneel!'

"Oh didn't you know? Natsu, Happy, and Iggy went to the bar to capture a bandit, which apparently was me! There was a brawl and everything!"

They heard something snap. Oh…it was the cup Lucy was holding... Oh boy. "NATSU DRAGNEEL, HAPPY I WILL SKIN YOU GUYS ALIVE!"

Natsu who was having a "friendly" fight with Gray shuddered at the growl his adorable pregnant wife emitted. Then, looking at Cana's evil grin his sweat went cold. Happy, who was next to him, shook in fear as they both stared at each other.

"We are dead!" they yelled as they decided to run for it with Lucy right behind them.


And so Master Makarov stared with huge tears in his eyes as there was yet another huge brawl, with pregnant women, and all the damn idiot men that decided to procreate, creating more evil brats!



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