Morgana Pendragon sat, encased in a dark room, with a warm fire sizzling in the fireplace before her. She wrapped her thick black shawl tighter round herself to keep in the warmth, the one thing she hated about her life was the fact she was constantly cold and miserable, and also sometimes lonely, with only the small white dragon Athusa to keep her company. The dragon curled up at her feet, content and asleep. The dragon was loyal to her. The place was calm, quiet and peaceful, until there was a loud banging on the door.

"Morgana! Morgana I know you are in there!" Screamed a voice. The banging persisted, becoming louder and more violent as Morgana was in a constant struggle to recognise the voice, she knew who that was…. It was Merlin. As Morgana turned towards the door, panic struck across her face, the door flew across the floor, landing near Morgana in a heap, as a thin figure strode into the room, head held high. Morgana had no idea how he had just pulled a door off its hinges, he was not strong, she knew him as a little weakling so how was he able to do that.

"Merlin I don't understand why you are here, there is no reason, so I suggest you leave now before I have to hurt you!" Exclaimed Morgana, rising from the chair, with her dragon somehow still fast asleep. She had fear all over her face, despite being an all powerful high priestess, and held her hand out in front of her, shaking, in case she had to attack.

"But I think you will want to hear what I have to say Morgana," started Merlin, gradually taking steps towards Morgana, obviously not afraid of who she was. "You are on a search for the one named Emerus, well you can bring your search to and end, because you will find I am he!" His voice and face showed his sincerity, leaving Morgana stunned, and shocked. She wanted to hurt him, to toss him into the side of the wall, to knock him to the ground unconscious…. But no matter how hard she tried she just couldn't. She still felt for Merlin, which numbed her ability to do anything to him, and those feelings don't just go away.


Merlin knocked on Morgana's bedroom door in the palace, a bouquet of yellow flowers in hand. As the door opened Merlin put on his best smile, as the Lady Morgana peered round the door, smiling, with her long black hair flowing beside her.

"Merlin, what a lovely surprise," she said sweetly, smiling at Merlin, opening the door enough for Merlin to step through. He handed her the flowers, telling her they were hers gaining a "thank you Merlin they are beautiful," back from her.

"I heard what happened," said Merlin "with the fire, I just wanted to make sure you were alright, it must have traumatised you," Merlin tried to be soft and comforting towards Morgana, she seemed quite shaken by the event. He put his hand on her shoulder smiling at her. Morgana then moved the hand away and turned to face him, the smile had turned to a face of sincerity

"Merlin I think it was magic… my magic, I think I have magic Merlin!" Her beautiful blue eyes began to well up with tears, she looked to Merlin for comfort, and for an answer, did he think it was magic. Merlin looked at her with kindness in his eyes.

"If it is magic Morgana, I don't believe it would be anything to be afraid of!" Explained Merlin, trying to reassure her.

"No Merlin, you don't have magic, what would you know, I'm frightened of it, people won't treat me the same and…" Morgana burst into tears, falling into Merlins arms as he held her tightly, with Morgana unable to see the guilty look on Merlins face because of withholding the information of his magic.

"Morgana I won't treat you any differently, you are beautiful, and I love you and…" Merlin realised what he just said and stopped. It had just slipped out. Of course he loved Morgana, but he didn't want to tell her that it would be wrong… and yet he just did. Morgana raised her head off Merlins shoulder, and looked up at Merlin, still being held in his arms.

"So you love me?" Asked Morgana, who almost smirked at him, she seemed completely flattered, not enraged or offended by what he said.

"Well I, I just, well I didn't mean for it to slip out like that, but I do love you I just…." Merlin's stuttering was cut off by Morgana's lips reaching Merlins, stopping his words with a passionate kiss, in which Merlin kissed back hungrily, placing a hand on her cheek and devouring her mouth and Morgana loved it. Just as they pulled back the door to Morgana's room opened. Arthur stood there, a shocked expression on his face as he seemed to be seeing Merlin and Morgana staring lovingly into each other's eyes. Merlin hadn't even noticed him till he shouted.

"Merlin, what the hell are you doing!" Shouted Arthur, startling Merlin, and giving him a glare.

"I… Well I was just checking how she was, we were having a little friendly chat that's all!" Merlin stuttered, his face showing his worry, completely giving away the lie.

"Merlin, outside, now!" Said Arthur through gritted teeth moving away from the door and into the room to grab Merlin by the scruff of the night, as Morgana watched him in horror, disgusted by Arthur's action. Arthur dragged Merlin outside the door, with constant yelps from Merlin and closed the door.

"Merlin tell me what you were doing in Morgana's chambers, and don't lie to me!" Said Arthur in an angry whisper. It was obvious to Merlin that Arthur seemed to be onto him, but he didn't care he wasn't going to admit it.

"I was just talking to Morgana and she was confiding in me about how scared she was about the fire." Merlin spoke truthfully as that was part of the truth of why he was there, it wasn't a complete lie. Merlin gave Arthur his most innocent looking smile as Arthur looked him up and down, wondering whether to believe him or not.

"Ok, but are you sure that was the only thing you were doing in there?" Asked Arthur, eyeing Merlin suspiciously.

"Absolutely sure," said Merlin quickly, flashing a smile, nodding his head very enthusiastically, he wasn't sure if Arthur was buying it, so smile even more.

"Absolutely sure, because I believe I may have interrupted a moment between you two staring into each other's eyes, and if I were to find out you were doing…. Something I deem inappropriate with Morgana…." Arthur's lecture was cut off as soon as it started, as Merlin immediately cut in.

"Arthur I can't believe you would think so lowly of me, as if I would do anything like that Morgana is just my friend, what you probably saw was just us having a deep heart to heart talk that's all, so stop worrying Arthur!" Explained Merlin, trying desperately to get Arthur off his back on this. Arthur stared down at him and didn't know what to say for a second, he didn't know what to think anymore, was he falsely accusing his servant, his best friend?

"Well Merlin…. If you did anything the king would have your head… but if you say you aren't doing anything then I believe you… now go muck out my stable, and don't let the horses out like you did last week!" Stuttered Arthur, trying himself to get out of the situation, his face turned red in embarrassment.

"I won't!" Smiled Merlin, starting to walk down the stairs, before going back up them again to look down the corridor and check for Arthur to see if he had gone. The corridor was clear. Merlin went up the last couple of steps and walked back down the long corridor towards Morgana's chambers again. He knocked on the door once again and Morgana again appeared at the door.

"Merlin, your back," her face showed how confused she really was, she thought Merlin would be deterred from her after the event with Arthur but he obviously wasn't.

"Did you think I wouldn't be?" Asked Merlin, "How could I stay away from you, I love you, and I mean it!" He smiled a beaming smile at her as he stepped into the room, as Morgana felt a tug on her heart strings, he actually loved her!

"I love you too Merlin!" She smiled turning to face him, reaching out and grabbing his face, pulling him in for a kiss, pressing their lips together, and pushing him back against the wall as they engaged in a heated, passionate kiss. As they finally pulled away Merlin leaned in for another peak on the lips.

"Morgana I would stay, but after what just happened with Arthur, I would rather not risk it, but just know I will come back again tomorrow night and I will obviously see you during the day too, but just know that I love you." Merlin smiled, kissing Morgana's hand like a true gentleman, before straightening his red scarf, and smoothing out his hair to look more presentable, and not like he had been kissing the lady Morgana, before heading to the door to leave.

"Merlin," called Morgana, "thank you, for being there for me." She smiled at him from the corner of the room.

"No problem," he said, before ducking out behind the door, and leaving the room.

Morgana retreated to her bed, smiling more than she had ever done before, it was just mind blowing the experience she had just had with Merlin, and he cute little face made her feel a tug on her heart strings, and just the way he cared about her made her feel so warm inside. Then the door opened to her room

"My lady do you need any help tonight," said Gwen, walking into the room with a basket of dirty clothes in her hand ready to be washed, as she scooped up a couple of items of clothing left on the floor near the bed, plopping them into the basket.

"I will be fine Gwen, I would just appreciate it if you could just turn out my candle." Said Morgana, her smile still plastered to her face, she couldn't get rid of it, as she almost skipped into her bed, seemingly in a daydream. She pulled the covers over herself and snuggled down, as Gwynn walked towards the bed, and instead of turning out the candle she sat down on the end, plonking the washing basket below the bed, and placing her hands on her knee.

"Morgana, don't pretend I haven't noticed, you are grinning like a Cheshire Cat right now, what's made you so happy today, you haven't seemed this happy for a while?" Asked Gwen, with wonder in her voice, and she was very eager, she loved a good gossip with Morgana, and it was rare at the moment that Morgana was in a good mood when talking so she could give her good news instead of the bad, and sad news.

"Oh it's nothing Gwen, nothing of interest," said Morgana, still smiling, brushing her hair behind her ear as she continued to think of Merlin. Gwen paused, she recognised that action, many women would brush their hair behind their ear if they were thinking about a man.

"Morgana is there a man involved in this?" Asked Gwen, curious to know if she was right. But if it was a man, who would it be, Morgana didn't know any men who she would have any sort of love interest in.

"It might be Gwen but I'm not telling you," said Morgana, trying to conceal the truth, sitting up in her bed to face Gwen.

"So it is a man!" Shouted Gwen very loudly in excitement, clapping her hands together with joy, "so who is it, what's his name?"

"Shush Gwen, not so loud!" Shushed Morgana, putting a finger to her lips "and I'm not telling you who it is, not just yet, I will eventually, I trust you, but I can't tell you now, but I will give you a hint, it's someone you know." Morgana tried to bring the conversation to and end, as she gave Gwen a hug and then letting Gwen get off the bed to pick up her washing "you need to go home now, get some rest!"

"rest, how am I going to get rest! I'm going to be going through every name of everyone I know now to figure out who it is!" Laughed Gwen jokingly, and Morgana laughed with her, she knew Gwen was only making a joke. Gwen went towards the candle, placing two hands round it and blew it out, and carried it in her spare hand as she advanced out of the door.

"Goodnight my lady." She whispered, as Morgana tucked herself back under the covers cozily, knowing no bad dream could change the wonderful and happy feelings of which she had inside her at that moment.