"Arthur please put down the sword!" Exclaimed Merlin, trying to diffuse the already tense situation. But Arthur didn't move, he kept his sword pointed towards Morgana from where he was standing at the round table.

"Arthur you know you aren't going to need to use that so just put the bloody sword down will you and just listen for once in your life!" Shouted Morgana. Arthur hesitated for a moment before lowering his sword, but still grasped hold of it by his side, he wasn't going to be extremely trusting.

"Now can you explain to me what SHE is doing here!?" Asked Arthur in a loud voice, pointing towards his half sister accusingly.

"She wants to come back Arthur, she doesn't want to be in exile anymore, and she wants to come and live with us," said Merlin in a calm voice, knowing that he would have to put up a fight for this to happen, but thought he may as well not make the situation heated and make it as calm as possible.

"After all she has done to try and destroy us, no Merlin, she is an evil monster, and I would rather not risk her killing me in her sleep!" Shouted Arthur, he was not having Morgana anywhere near him, she broke his trust, tried to take his kingdom and killed their father. He vowed he would never trust her again.

"Well Arthur it's all your fault I became what I am, so don't you dare accuse me, you took away the only happiness I had and ripped it from me, so I don't think you have any room to talk!" Shouted Morgana, her fists clenched, she knew Merlin was trying to keep the situation calm, but she couldn't help but get angry at him by the way he insulted her.

"I did what was necessary Morgana, so don't you dare blame me, you brought it on yourself!" Shouted Arthur, who was angry at being accused for Morgana's actions over the years!

"No Arthur it was not necessary, you had no right to do that to me, and you married Gwen so how is that any different! You will not insult me and you will not deny it because it is all your fault!" Screeched Morgana, feeling completely out of control, her eyes glowed yellow and the chandelier fell from the ceiling and crashed onto the table with a loud bang, making all the Knights at the round table jump back in shock, and draw out their swords in defence. She felt so worked up that she had used her magic by accident, and anger was seething inside of her like she was going to kill someone. But she knew she had to keep this contained if she wanted to go back to the old days of palace life, so she tried her best to keep in her anger and doing anything else.

The doors to the hall then opened behind them and a voice spoke from behind.

"Sorry I'm late Arthur…. What the hell is going on!?" Asked the voice from behind. Both Morgana and Gwen turned around to see who it was, and Gwen was standing behind them in a long Purple dress, and a shocked expression on her face. "What is she doing here!?" Gwen asked in a very loud and accusatory voice.

"Gwen she just wants to come back and live here again, she wants forgiveness and she wants to change!" Exclaimed Merlin

"Gwen don't listen to Merlin, he should have never brought her here and she tried to kill us with the chandelier, Gwen she has done so much, she can't change and doesn't deserve our forgiveness!" Shouted Arthur across to his wife.

"Gwen please, I don't mean any harm, I want a chance!" Pleaded Morgana, tears welling up in her eyes. She didn't want to have come this far to just go back into exile.

Gwen may have been frightened of Morgana, but staring at her in that moment, she knew they had to do what she knew was right.

"Arthur I trust her, men drop your swords, she stays with us. I knew Morgana for many years, and I know that look in her eyes, she wants to change Arthur, and she is your sister, you can at least give her a chance!" Gwen smiled at Morgana, her old friend, and embraced her. Morgana hadn't felt this loved in years, she had Merlin back, and she had her friend, she felt happier in that moment, and all the anger she felt melted away.

"Gwen what are you doing?" Asked Arthur, concerned at Gwen's decision.

"I'm doing what's right, but if she betrays us again after we have welcomed her then that will be it Arthur, but everyone deserves a second chance!" Said Gwen, taking hold of Morgana's arm and leading her out into the hall with Merlin and leaving Arthur to continue his meeting on his own with a broken chandelier smashed on the table.

Arthur watched as they left, and in a panic began to run towards the doors.

"Sir Leon, I'm leaving you in charge of conducting this meeting until I get back, I just have an important matter to attend to." And without even Turing around or waiting for a response he ran through the doors and left his knights at the round table in shock and disbelief at the current events.

Gwen lead Morgana down the corridor with Merlin following behind, until they reached her old room.

"If you really want to stay then I guess you will be needing your own room back," smiled Gwen at Morgana, as Morgana hugged Gwen tightly, she was ecstatic that her old friend, despite all she had done, was still willing to help her.

"Thank you so much Gwen, I can't believe you are helping me despite all I've done, you of all people I was expecting to not want me to set foot in this castle!" Exclaimed Morgana, her eyes welling up with tears, as she was so gracious for Gwen's help.

"Well I'm a very trusting and forgiving person Morgana, and I am only trusting you because I believe you can change, especially considering that you have Merlin and I know you would do anything for him! And seconds you were my friend Morgana, I could never forget that no matter how evil you became. But if you dare betray us again Morgana I don't think my forgiveness will stretch that far, so just remember that Morgana," explained Gwen, then looking down the corridor and seeing her husband hurtling towards them "Arthur! What are you doing here?" Asked Gwen with an annoyed edge to her tone to her voice. She didn't need Arthur to argue with her about her decision right now!

"I am here to stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life, letting our worst enemy into our home!" Shouted Arthur, pointing at Morgana. He didn't trust her at all, and he didn't understand why Gwen was making the decision to let her in after the torture she put everyone through!

"Arthur you make me feel sick, I come to try and make this war between us end, and to give myself a better life with all of you, and with Merlin, and all you do is try and push me out and ruin my life again!" Shouted Morgana, her anger bubbling up. She was his sister, she would expect him to at least have a bit of forgiveness in his heart, but he obviously didn't. And after what he did to her previously, he should be letting her back. In her mind, he ruined her life!

"Morgana calm down," whispered Merlin into Morgana's ear, wrapping his arms around her, and she put her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes as he held her.

"Merlin, take Morgana into her room, and I will have a word with my husband!" Said Gwen, as Merlin lead Morgana into the room and she turned to Arthur, her arms crossed, and an annoyed expression across her face.

"Gwen please don't be so hasty about this, she could easily be acting, she has tricked us all before, and what's to say that she won't do it again Gwen, why are you trusting her, I just don't understand your logic!" Shouted Arthur, clearly thinking that Gwen was completely crazy.

"Arthur I trust her, I know the look she has in her eyes right now. It's the same one she had when I first found out about her and Merlin. She loves him Arthur, and it makes her a better person, I knew it all those years ago, and you need to accept that!" Explained Gwen, and Arthur's face softened, he just let out a sigh. He knew he would never win against Gwen in this argument, and he knew in a way that Gwen was right. He hated the idea of Merlin being with his sister, and he hated the idea of having to accept it, but if it would keep Morgana on the good side he knew he would have to.

"Fine Gwen, I will let her stay, but just so you know I am not happy about it!" He stormed off down the corridor.

Gwen just chuckled to herself, she knew he realised she was right in her logic, but he was never going to admit that, so she was happy that she knew from his reaction that she had broken through to him.

Meanwhile in Morgana's room, Morgana stared around her old room and felt like crying as all the old memories flooded back to her, and she felt like it was only yesterday she was living in the palace with Gwen as her handmaiden. Nothing had changed since she had left, everything was exactly how she remembered it!

"Are you alright now Morgana?" Asked Merlin, who was concerned how worked up she had gotten just a few moments earlier.

"I'm fine now Merlin, but thank you so much for asking, it means a lot that you still care about me," she smiled, wrapping her arms around him, and just enjoying being held by him like she was in the past.

"Well then I will leave you to get settled back in, I've got to do lots of chores for Arthur and Gaius, then I've got to go to sleep, but I will be back first thing tomorrow morning to come and check on you," said Merlin, kissing her on the forehead and walking towards the door, and turning back to look at her just before he left, "I have missed you Morgana," he said

"I've missed you too," said Morgana back, smiling at him as he closed the door. As Morgana sat in the room, the first thing she noticed on the bedside table in her room was her hairbrush. She reached for it desperately, her hair was in tangles, and she hadn't brushed it for years. The moment she tried to brush the first tangle out of her hair it got stuck, she sighed and rolled her eyes.

"This is going to be a long day!" She muttered to herself, as she knew she would probably spend her whole day brushing out her tangles. But if it meant that she could look all the more beautiful, and wow Merlin like she used to do, then it would be all the more worth it.

It got later, and the sun sunk, and darkness fell on Camelot, and the people of the castle all began to go to sleep. Morgana had found herself one of her old nightdresses from her wardrobe, and finally changed out of her old black dress, which she had to make herself, which she had been wearing for too long! This was the first time in a long time that she hadn't been wearing black! As she tucked herself into her old bed, and felt grateful for not having to sleep on the floor, or the uncomfortable straw bed she had been sleeping on, she saw the door to her room open, and Arthur came in.

"Arthur, you should have knocked!" Exclaimed Morgana, her eyes glaring at Arthur. She was still angry at him, but tried to contain it whilst she talked to him.

"And hello to you too Morgana!" Exclaimed Arthur, "I just came to make sure you are alright, and to apologise for my behaviour earlier."

Morgana chuckled to herself for a moment "you apologise, well that is a rare occasion!" Exclaimed Morgana, not quite believing what she was hearing.

"Look Morgana, I'm sorry I fought against you staying, I mean who could blame me after all the times you have manipulated us, and deceived us, but I know you are willing to change, and I'm sorry for being like I was earlier, I'm your brother and I still care about you," said Arthur very apologetically, his face softer than earlier, he was genuinely sorry for his actions.

"Well thank you for the apology Arthur," said Morgana, sitting up in her bed, "I do appreciate it, but it will take a lot more time, and a lot more than that for me to completely forgive you for ruining my life in the past!" Morgana's voice turned slightly more bitter as she spoke, and she gritted her teeth, and tried to restrain the anger that was still inside.

"Look Morgana I know you are still angry with me, and I promise that I will try to make it up to you, but please for now, will you accept that I am trying to apologise, the old Morgana would have," said Arthur, knowing that maybe saying this would bring a bit of the kinder Morgana back to him "look, in the past all I was trying to do was be a protective of you, and despite not knowing you were my sister you were always like one to me!" Said Arthur, and Morgana began to tear up in her bed, and she signalled for her brother to give her a hug. It felt almost like the old days again, and Morgana was beginning to feel like she had her old family back in Camelot again.

"Arthur, it will still take me a while to forgive completely, but I guess I can't blame you for trying to look out for me," she said, for the first time since coming back not actually wanting to use her magic to throw him against a wall.

"I had better go to bed now Morgana, I will see you in the morning," he said, smiling at his sister, and walking towards the door. "Oh and Morgana, nice hair!" He said, noting she had sorted it out, before he closed the door. Just before Morgana was finally going to get some sleep, she heard some taps on her window. They stopped for a moment, but then she heard them again. She wondered what was going on, so got out of her bed and walked towards the window to investigate. There she saw baby Aithusa, banging against the window to try and get into the room to her. Morgana smiled and laughed at her little dragon, as she opened the window, and her little baby dragon flew in and sat on her bed. As Morgana got into bed, Aithusa curled up at her feet and went to sleep. That little dragon really did love her.

Meanwhile, Merlin was lying in his bed, but he couldn't sleep. He kept tossing and turning, and suddenly he heard a voice. "Merlin" it kept saying. It was Kilgharrah the dragon calling out to him. At first he tried to block it out, covering his ears with his pillow, but it didn't work. He decided to get out of bed and go find the dragon.

He walked out of the castle in the pitch black darkness, and into the field where he knew Kilgharrah would always come to find him. He saw the dragon in the distance, flying towards him, and landed at his feet.

"Why were you calling me?" Asked Merlin to Kilgharrah, even though he knew what this was probably about. Morgana.

"You know perfectly what this is about Merlin, who did you decide to bring to the castle today. You brought back Morgana. That was not a wise decision Merlin, she is dangerous!" Exclaimed Kilgharrah.

"But she is willing to change, she isn't so evil anymore, she wants a life back with us!" Exclaimed Merlin, trying to support Morgana, the woman he loved.

"Your love Merlin is blinding you from the truth, her fate is to be evil, and to play a part in the killing of Arthur, so you should not have her in the castle Merlin, it is not wise!" Advised Kilgharrah

"But fate can be changed, what if she has been put on a different path now, one where she becomes good," suggested Merlin, who was a big believer in the fact that you can always change your fate, and he hoped so that Morgana's could be changed.

"You don't know that for certain Merlin, so I have come to you to bring you a suggestion, kill her whilst you still have the chance, because if her fate hasn't changed, you will regret it Merlin, don't let your love blind you from that truth!" Exclaimed Kilgharrah, before taking off to the sky's after saying what he had to say. All he could do was advise Merlin, he could not make him do anything.

"I will not kill the woman I love, I believe in her!" He shouted back at Kilgharrah as he flew away.

"Suit yourself," replied Kilgharrah, as he disappeared into the night skies, leaving Merlin heartbroken. He felt conflicted as he didn't know what to do anymore, and he didn't know if Morgana's fate was set in stone.