this is a bit of AN news for my readers of The animatronic ninja. i am sorry that it's taken ten months and that you are waiting for the next update but well real life has been really distracting. a lot has come up and until the stress from it dies down im putting this story on temporary hiatus. i do like that people love this story and am sad to disappoint my readers but with the stress im going through i am currently not able to focus on writing at the moment. that being said i do kinda agree a rewrite is in order. so when i have the time i will be working on a new version of this story taking a few details from harry lefert's own harry potter/fnaf crossover. for inspiration to be exact. when i return this is going to be one of about three new stories i will be rotating around to work on. expect me to add to my bio of the story rotation i will be doing when i get back. thank you for your support and i hope you do continue to support me in the rewrite when i come back. my goal was to make a better crossover between these two series after seeing how some of the others were and on my first try managed to blend them into a near perfect believable setting. and this is not even beta'd. so thank you all for supporting me with this. i wanted to show this kind of crossover can be done and i like to think i managed to succeed in that. next time you hear from me i hope i can continue to have your support. i will see you when i get back -KRY.