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There were some points made about the last two chapters, the two biggest of which is why the White Walker left Harry alone and why normal weapons could hurt the basilisk.

To address the basilisk, I know its skin is armored, but that shouldn't make it impenetrable or anything. Same for the dragon's in Game of Thrones. If I'm mistaken, then could someone send me a link or something that says the basilisk from Harry Potter is immune to normal weapons.

As to the White Walker. Well, if I told you why it left Harry alive that would reveal a very big plot point later in the story. So for now I'm going to keep that to myself.

"What do you think made it," Wendor Waters asks for the third time in half an hour.

Wendor is a young man, almost still a boy really. The son of a minor lord and a kitchen wench, Wendor joined the Night's Watch in the hope of making a name for himself, or so he claims. He has red hair, red freckles, pale skin, and a set of teeth that stick much too far out of his mouth.

Benjen Stark, the First Ranger of the Night's Watch, can't help the sigh that leaves his lips. "That's what we are hoping to find out."

Benjen is tall and thin, with sharp features and ice blue eyes.

They have been following a massive trail through the snow since early that morning, and none of them have a clue of what could have made it. The first thought was that the wildlings had dug it out for some reason they couldn't begin to imagine, but they decided the path was much to smooth for that. No, it appears as if the path was made by dragging something very big and very heavy through the white ground.

"I hate this forest," Ovrir, a rapist who chose taking the black over having his cock cut off, mutters. "This whole damn forest gives me the creeps."

Ovrir is short, stocky, and dark of hair. He has taken his vows to the Night's Watch only a few days past and this is his first ranging north of the Wall.

"It gives everyone the creeps, that's probably why it's called the Haunted Forest," Wendor agrees with a laugh. "Well, it gives everyone the creeps except our First Ranger here."

"You get used to it," Benjen tells the two men walking behind him. "When you spend as much time in these woods as I have, the place tends to grow on you mighty fast."

"Well I hope…," Ovrir begins, only to quiet when Benjen holds up his hand.

"There's someone up ahead," Benjen says quietly.

The three rangers of the Night's Watch slowly move forward through the trees, ensuring that they make as little noise as possible. The trail they have been following leads straight toward the direction in which Benjen spotted a person.

As they draw near, they manage to see that they've come across a small pond in the forest. A man is sitting near the water's edge.

Benjen motions the other two rangers close and all three of them duck behind one of the large oak trees.

"Is it a wilding?" Ovrir looks toward Benjen.

"Doesn't look like any wildling I've ever come across," Wendor whispers quietly.

"I agree," Benjen replies.

Now that he is closer, the First Ranger can see that it isn't a man like he first thought, but a boy no older than fourteen namedays at the most. The boy has black hair, is dressed in a black clothing, and appears to be fishing of all the things he could be doing. However, the strangest thing has to be that he wears nothing on his feet.

"Well," Ovrir pushes. "What do we do with him?"

"I know you're there," the boy's voice calls out before Benjen has a chance to answer his fellow brother of the Night's Watch. "I can see someone's foot showing, so you might as well come on out."

Ovrir shifts guiltily and pulls his left leg in closer.

Benjen catches the eyes of Wendor and Ovrir and he gives them a small nod. He then slowly walks out of their hiding spot with the other two brothers following close behind him. The First Ranger makes sure to keep his hand near his blade as he approaches the boy though. The kid may not look like a wildling, but that doesn't mean he isn't one. And even the younger wildings won't have much hesitation when it comes to ripping into the throat of a man of the Night's Watch.

"Hello there," Benjen says softly. "I am Benjen Stark." He motions to the two behind him. "This is Ovrir and Wendor Waters."

"It's nice to meet you," the boy replies, barely sparing the rangers a glance before his eyes refocus on his fishing line. "You're brothers of the Night's Watch, right? Crows?"

The young man seems almost unconcerned with their presence.

Foolish, Benjen thinks. Nothing survives in the north for long by being so careless.

"Are you a wildling," Ovrir asks curiously.

Benjen shoots the first time ranger an annoyed glance, but looks back toward the boy for his answer.

"You mean one of the free folk," the black haired kid asks. "Then no I'm not, although I've met a few groups of them on my way south." Something flickers in his eyes. "Some nicer than others."

Benjen relaxes slightly at the boy's words and worries a little bit less about this being an elaborate ambush. No wildling he has ever met would claim to be anything other than a wilding.

He takes a moment to really look at the boy. Short black hair, vivid green eyes, and dressed in something similar to a maester's robe but in black. The robe appears to be high quality, not something your average commoner could afford.

He looks highborn, although Benjen has no idea how a highborn's son would have managed to find his way so far north of the Wall. And he doesn't know of any northern lords missing a kid; perhaps he is some noble's bastard child.

"Yes, we are brothers of the Night's Watch," Benjen answers the boy's earlier question. "I've met every man who swears the Watch's oath at least once, so I know you're not a brother. And if you're not a wildling, who are you?"

The boy frowns at the stick in his hands. "You know, I thought fishing this way would actually be fun," the boy says as he lays the pole down to his side. "And I'm just Harry."

"Just Harry," Benjen repeats the boy's words. "Do you belong to a house? Who's your father?"

Harry opens his mouth to respond, but then snaps it back closed and his brow furrows as if confused. "I don't know," he replies surprised. "I should know."

"Don't be too worked up about it kid," Ovrir says gruffly. "I never knew mine either."

Benjen finds some amusement that the man charged with rape is the first to try and make the kid feel better.

"And mine's a god's damned cunt," Wendor adds in.

"You don't understand," Harry says with a shake of his head. "I knew who my father was, but now I can't seem to remember."

"That's odd," Wendor says. "Did you take a blow to the head or something?"

Benjen agrees that yes it is odd, assuming the kid isn't just lying for some reason.

"No," Harry replies. "Not that I remember at least."

"Where are you from, Harry," Benjen asks. "What are you doing here?"

Harry shrugs. "I came from Hogwarts. One moment I was in a chamber under the castle and the next I'm in the Land of Always Winter." He tilts his head to the side. "Honestly, I never even had a clue of where here was until I came across a few of the free folk that didn't run or try to kill me the moment they saw me."

Wendor lets out a little laugh. "Sorry kid, but I don't see wildlings running from you."

Harry frowns at the ranger. "Well, normally it isn't me they're running from."

Maybe he isn't alone then, Benjen notes. "What about this Hogwarts. I know of no castle with such a name, at least not in the North."

"Pretty shitty name to," Ovrir comments.

"It's…I can't seem to remember where," Harry replies with confusion and frustration. "And I think there's spells around it to hide it, or something like that."

Ovrir snorts and Wendor chuckles, but Benjen doesn't dismiss the boy's words completely no matter how likely they are to be untrue. He's been a ranger long enough to know that magic isn't quite as gone from the world as most would like to believe. The Wall itself is proof enough of that.

"I've never heard of this castle either, I'm afraid," Benjen says.

Harry brows crease and his eyes get a slight vacant look in them before they refocus. "I think it may be past the Land of Always Winter," he tells them. "Maybe, I'm not sure. I'm just trying to get south and away from here."

Benjen doubts it there's a castle so far north, as no man has ever travelled past the Land of Always Winter. "We can bring you back with us to the Wall," he tells the boy, to his fellow ranger's surprise. "From there we can see if anyone is looking for you. If not then you can be on your way."

His eyes fall on something half lying under the snow. It's a bastard sword, and a rather elaborate one at that. Upon its hilt are three rubies about the size of raven eggs and across the blade is a name in a flowing script.

Gryffindor, Benjen reads. With a sword like that, he decides this boy is almost surely highborn. Or a really good thief.

"Thank you," Harry says with a smile. "But all my friends were at Hogwarts, and if you've never heard of it then I doubt you'll find anyone looking for me." The kid looks toward the lake. "But, uh, I'm not going without my friend."

So he isn't alone. Benjen glances around. "Where is this friend of yours?"

"Would you like to meet her," Harry asks.

"Her," Ovrir asks quickly.

Benjen shoots the ranger a warning look. "Yes, I would," he tells Harry.

Harry stares at the water for a moment and then he hisses, actually hisses, like a snake.

The sounds coming from the boy's mouth send chills down Benjen's spine and he finds himself drawing his blade before he has time to think otherwise. Ovrir and Wendor have their steel out and lifted moments after he does.

"What the fuck was that," Ovrir shouts at the black haired boy.

Ovrir has a look on his face that says he is only a step away from gutting the kid, and a small part of Benjen would want to let him.

"Harry," Benjen says as calmly as he can. "What did you just do?"

Harry's green eyes look toward Benjen, and the ranger is made uncomfortable by the amusement he sees in them. "You said you wanted to meet her." The boy points toward the small pond.

Benjen and his brothers look in the direction Harry is directing them toward.

"Fuck," Ovrir suddenly shouts and falls backwards into the snow. "Fuck, tell me you two saw that."

"Wendor, what's wrong? Saw what" Benjen asks in concern.

The First Ranger hears some movement in the pond and he turns back from Ovrir just in time to see something that could best left in the world of nightmares rise from the water.

"Gods," Benjen whispers. "Gods."

"This is Basilisk," Harry says in pride. "Don't worry, she won't bite," he tries to assure them.

As he looks up into the beast's bright yellow eyes, Benjen can honestly say that he has never been more terrified in his life. He is so terrified that he can't even move, as if the monsters gaze was able to petrify him where he stands.

Wendor has dropped to his knees and has begun praying quietly, and judging by the smell he has also shit his pants. Ovrir on the other hand, suddenly gets his wits about him, jumps to his feet, and runs.

"Ovrir," Benjen tries to yell at his fleeing brother, although it comes out as more of a croak.

The scared man acts as if he doesn't hear himself being called. As a matter of fact, the crow doesn't even look back before he disappears through the trees.

"It's okay," Harry quietly says as he reaches up and pats the monster on the nose. "She's not going to hurt you."

"What is it," Benjen breathes out in part terror and part awe.

"A basilisk," Harry answers.

"Basilisks have legs," Wendor mutters from where he is now gazing fearfully up at the serpent. "But I know what it is."

"I'm pretty sure she's a basilisk," Harry says as he continues to pet the creature.

Benjen tears his eyes away from the monster and toward Wendor. "Well, what do you think it is?"

"It's a sea dragon," Wendor says quietly. "I've heard fisherman speak of them in their tales, but I'd always thought they were just that. Tales."

"A sea dragon," Harry tests the name, with a smile on his lips. "I like the sound of that, actually."

Gods. Benjen tries to wrap his mind around what is happening. "Are you sure that's what it is, Wendor?"

"Positive," the quivering young man answers. "There's nothing else it could be."

"An actual dragon," Benjen says to himself more than the people around him. "I've never thought I would see one, of any kind."

"You can pet her, if you like," Harry offers.

He considers it for just a moment before he decides he's already much too close to the creature for his liking. "I'm afraid I can't let you bring a dragon, no matter what type it may be, south of the Wall."

The boy, Harry, glances at Benjen and continues to pet the beast. "Oh, you won't allow me."

There's something in the kid's voice that Benjen doesn't like.

"How would you stop me," Harry continues, seemingly genuinely curious about the answer.

The monster slides its way up out of the pond and slowly raises itself behind Harry.

He warily eyes the serpent, or dragon. "You can kill me if you want," he says. "But it will bring you nothing."

Wendor finally passes out from fear, his face going straight into the snow.

"Kill you," Harry asks in surprise. "Why would you think that?"

Benjen motions his sword up toward the monster.

"Don't mind her," Harry says with a wave of his hand. "But we will be going south, and some wall of ice isn't going to stop us."

Benjen has the feeling that the boy isn't wrong. If nothing else, Harry and his dragon could travel to the sea and go around the Wall if need be.

He makes a decision.

"I can bring you and your dragon back to Castle Black with me," he finally says. "And it will then be up to Lord Commander Mormont on what to do with you." And I'll have more of my brothers to help me kill the beast if it comes to that, he leaves unsaid. "Your dragon will have to remain on this side of the Wall until a decision is made."

Harry's head tilts slightly. "Can you promise Basilisk and I won't be harmed?"

"Yes," Benjen says. No.

Benjen suddenly feels a jerk in the middle of his back and he finds himself floating in the air. He yells out in alarm, his legs kicking and arms waving as well.

"Are you sure," Harry questions with a small smile. "Because I don't like being lied to."

Dread fills Benjen as he stares at the smiling boy, whose eyes are glowing with an eerie green light. The shadows of the forest cross over the kid's face, giving him the appearance of monster…of a demon.

"What are you," the First Ranger cries from his place in the air.

"Me? Can't you tell?" Harry's smile grows larger. "I'm a wizard."

And as the ranger floats above the snow, he has very little choice but to believe him.

Authors Note: So, showed some of what Brynden Rivers has taken from Harry. Next chapter will once again focus on Harry and show how his thoughts on the matter. Thank you for reading!