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Chapter Twenty-Seven

Hermione limped down the stairs in her blue cast, heading to the front room. When she got there she smiled to see a few of the Cullens chatting with some of the guests. Angela and Ben sat talking with Alice. Jasper was sitting awkwardly beside her; Emmett and Rosalie were sitting with the birthday boy, Teddy, on the couch. Carlisle and Esme were sitting with Charlie and Jacob was trying to get up and talk to someone, but Billy kept pulling him back.

Teddy had a large smile on his face as everyone was singing happy birthday to him an hour later that night. Then he stuck one tiny hand into his cake and once he had a taste he didn't waste a moment before he dug into it.

Everyone laughed until he looked at Charlie and yelled, "Grandpa!" Everyone went silent and looked at Charlie, who Hermione could swear had tears in his eyes. He looked to Hermione who smiled and nodded at him.

"That's right kid." He said with an emotion filled voice.

Talking picked up after that as every cooed at Teddy for saying another word.

Once the party had started winding down and Teddy had passed out in Rosalie's lap, Hermione grabbed Edwards hand and led him outside to sit on the grass and look at the stars. It was a clear night so the stars were clearly visible.

"It's beautiful tonight."

"It's okay, but after seeing you, nothing can compare. You are the most amazing woman I have ever met, accepting a whole coven of vampires and then trying to make sure none of them get hurt. You are simply amazing and I am honored to be in yours and Teddy's lives."

Hermione smiled and placed a soft kiss on his lips, "No, I'm honored to have such a wonderful extended family because of you. Thank you."

And so they sat out in the yard just looking at the stars, not noticing the red eyes filled with hatred staring at them through the trees, but a moment later they were gone, plotting for revenge.

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