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Chapter 1

Harry grumbled under his breath as he stared at his schedule, feeling his irritation surface as he glared at the words on the white sheet of parchment. He sighed when he realized he had to attend. The alternative would be McGonagall giving him another talk and he would rather face Voldemort again.

He glanced up when he reached the classroom and sighed, his brow furrowing slightly as annoyance boiled just beneath the surface. He strode forward and pushed open the door, walking in and feeling a small relief when he spotted Hermione and Ron sitting together on the opposite side of the room.

Harry quickly walked forward, about to join them when he realized that there were only two seats at each table and Ron and Hermione were sitting on both of them. Harry stopped and then glanced around, spotting an empty desk and hurrying to grab a stool.

He placed his bag on the ground and took another look at his schedule, trying to mentally engrave it on his mind so he could just throw the damn thing away. With a huff he stuffed the paper into his bag, not caring how wrinkled it would be when he pulled it out next.

He was just about to get up and go talk to his friends before class started when someone dropped into the seat beside him. He turned, opening his mouth to say hello when he realized who it was. He froze, not knowing what to do as he stared. "Malfoy."

Draco glanced over at him, his face expressionless. "Potter." He said, his voice devoid of any emotion as he turned back to look at the front of the room.

Harry frowned, confused and irritated at the blonde's casual dismissal. He opened his mouth and took a breath to speak when the teacher suddenly flounced into the room and bounded to the front of the class.

"Hello! My name is Pat Farrell. I will be your new art teacher." She said cheerfully, jumping right in, her colorful robes swishing about her as she turned to the board in front of the class and quickly drew a rose with her name in the middle. "The first thing we need to do is find out which art style fits you best. Whether it be pencil or pastels. Inks or charcoal." She said as she turned to the class and gave them a wide smile. "The people you are sitting with will be your partner for the rest of the semester. You are not allowed to switch and if there are complaints you will tell them to me."

Harry felt a fissure of panic as he glanced over at Malfoy and found that the blonde had the same look he did. He quickly looked back over at the teacher when he heard her speak, trying to catch up with what she was saying.

"I will now hand you all clean sheets of paper and different art pencils to see what fits you the most." Farrell explained, flicking her wand. "There is sets of two so you don't have to share."

Harry breathed a sigh of relief at that, not wanting to struggle with the blonde over pencils.

"You can draw whatever you wish, but keep it appropriate and try to add some meaning to it. It wouldn't be art if you didn't." Farrell said as she twitched her wrist and sent paper and pens wigging their way to each table. "Once you get the supplies you may start."

Harry felt a sudden swell of nervousness surge up his throat, causing him to swallow thickly. He frowned, wondering where it was coming from as he grabbed a sketching pencil from the table and slid a clean sheet of paper toward him.

He pressed the tip of the pencil to the parchment, gnawing his bottom lip as he struggled to think of something to draw. He glanced over at Draco to see how he was doing and felt his eyes widen, staring at the blonde Slytherin as the young man worked in a fevered frenzy.

Draco was paying no mind to the class around him, dragging the ink pen across the page, reaching for a charcoal stick as he worked. He threw the pen onto the table and scrapped the coal over the edges and trees he had drawn, rubbing the marks with his middle finger to spread it evenly. He suddenly lurched across the table and grabbed a thin slice of red and blue chalk, rolling it over the charcoal and creating random slices of color.

Harry stared in amazement as the blonde worked, feeling his chest hitch at the beautiful image the Slytherin was creating. He scooted closer to get a better look, forgetting all about drawing his own picture.

Draco sighed when he was finished, his fingers covered in black charcoal and colorful ink. He saw Harry lean forward from his peripheral and he jolted, quickly grabbing his artwork and flipping it over so the Gryffindor wouldn't be able to get a better look at it.

"What are you doing?" Draco snapped, feeling defensive as the Gryffindor stared at the back of the flipped over page.

"I was trying to see what you drew, before you turned it over." Harry said, reaching forward to grab the Slytherins picture when Malfoy grabbed his wrist and kept his hand away.

"No. You have your own drawing to do. You don't have to see mine in order to do that." Draco said snappishly, pushing the other boys hand away.

Harry huffed in annoyance and glared at the blonde before turning and grabbing a dark shading pencil, trying to keep the image of Draco's artwork out of his head. He bent over his own paper, at a lost when he heard footsteps beside him. He glanced up, stilling when he saw the teacher above him.

"No inspiration Mr. Potter?" Farrell asked, staring at the blank piece of paper in front of the Gryffindor.

Harry answered by shaking his head, silent as the teacher tsked at him.

"I see Mr. Malfoy is the same." She said, her hands on her hips as she eyed the two boys.

Harry frowned, confused as he glanced over and saw a piece of empty parchment in front of the blonde instead of the image he had drawn earlier and finished. He flicked his gaze up to meet the Slytherins, seeing the set jaw and hard eyes and deciding that saying nothing about the picture was better than having his tongue cut out of his mouth. He turned back over to the teacher, not saying a word until he absolutely had to.

Pat sighed, disappointed. "How about I give you a suggestion?" She said, continuing when the two boys nodded. "Try drawing the front of the class, as you see it." She said as she gestured to the general area in front of the two boys.

Harry and Draco nodded at her, both of them glancing to the front of the class before each of them started to work. As they drew the teacher left, seemingly satisfied that both of them would finish in time before the class ended.

Harry stole glances at the front of the room as he sketched, grabbing multiple shading pencils and colored pencils. He drew ragged lines and straight angles, filling in the space with thin slivers of dull greens and washed out blues.

He had no idea what he was doing, but he thought he was doing okay for having never picked up an actual art pencil and drawing with it. He leaned back when he was done, cocking his head to the side as he stared at it.

It did look like the front of the room, but misaligned and crooked. It gave it a sad feeling. Like when you stare at your own reflection and see nothing worthwhile, but you can't help but look in case something changes.

Harry ran a hand through his hair as he sighed, moving the pencils away from his finished picture as he glanced over at Malfoy. He frowned when he saw what the blonde was drawing, trying not to lean forward and grab the Slytherins attention.

Draco bit his lip as he ran his thumb over the picture, smearing the chalk and charcoal he had left there. With one hand he reached over and grabbed a pen, hastily drawing croaked lines and thin swirls. Without missing a beat he grabbed the chalk, dragging it across the woman he had drawn and leaving behind thin lines of blue.

Harry narrowed his eyes and cocked his head, staring at the picture as the blonde worked in silence. The page was a rough drawing of the front of the class, all charcoal and dark lines with slices of color. It was unfocused, purposely done to highlight the woman that stood in front of the board and class, her head bowed and her body trialing off into thick curls of smoke.

The woman's hair was long and dark, with thin pieces of blue and gray intertwined with the smoke and smudges of black. Her hands were crossed in front of her, her skin deathly pale against the murky background of the classroom.

Harry felt his breathing hitch as he stared, his eyes drinking in the beautiful sweep of black lines and colored swirls. He glanced up to see Malfoy staring at him and he jumped, not taking his eyes away. He wondered how the blonde had learned how to draw like this, channeling his emotion onto paper without the slightest hint of ugly, spreading ink and coal across a blank canvas to create the inner workings of his own mind.

Harry opened his mouth to comment on the picture when he heard the sound of clapping coming from in front of him. He turned, reluctant to break eye contact with Malfoy, seeing Farrell standing near the board with her wand.

"I have been walking around and I can see that we have some amazing artist among us." She commented as she tapped the wand against her leg. "I can also see that most of you are finished with the assignment. Now that you have your drawing I want you to come up and stick it to the board with a charm. Don't put your name on it. Let others guess which one is yours. When you are done with that you are free to go."

The room immediately erupted with sound, students standing and chatting as they walked with their pictures, feet thumping against the ground, chairs clattering against tables and the rustle of paper faint in the clamor of noise.

Harry stood when Hermione and Ron passed by him and he glanced over at Malfoy, his eyes flicking down to the artwork that was still on the table. He turned when Hermione tugged at his arm and he followed, looking over his shoulder and seeing the Slytherins back as he spun around and left the class, taking his picture, and bag, with him.

"I don't know how to explain it Hermione." Harry sighed as he stretched across the couch, him and the other two Gryffindors the only ones in the eighth year common room. "It was beyond beautiful. It was like he pure his emotions into the picture."

"Mine on the other hand." Harry continued, watching as Ron ruffled through his bag. "Looked like a blind man tried to draw with his hands tied behind his back."

Hermione chuckled, shaking her head as she leaned against the couch, her legs spread out in front of her as she sat on the floor. "Yours wasn't that bad Harry." She huffed, rolling her eyes as she worked on her homework for potions. "As long as you aren't as terrible as Ron is you'll be fine. Apparently it was supposed to be a fish but somehow became a lopsided flower."

"Hey!" Ron exclaimed, turning to look over at his girlfriend as he paused in his ruffling. "It was not that bad!" He defended, pouting as he crossed his arms. "Yours wasn't that good either!"

"It was a building Ron!"

"Yeah! With squiggly lines!"

Harry laughed as the two argued, feeling better about his own picture. He let his head fall back and toned out the loud bickering, flipping back to the first image the blonde Slytherin had created. Even now it made his breath catch and heart rate increase.

It had been a forest of dull greens and blacks, with a dark ground and gray sky. The only other color had been of a piece of white rope hanging from one limb of a large tree, the rest of the forest a blur. Below the noose was a small child wearing a white dress with splatters of red, her small body contorting as she stood on her toes to try and grab the rope, whether to hang herself or take it down Harry didn't know.

He was ripped from thoughts when a piece of paper fluttered onto his lap and he looked up, seeing the two faces of his friends hovering above him. "What?" He asked unintelligently, uncrossing his arms as he grabbed the papers. He swung his legs off the couch, sitting up so the two of them could take the spots on either side of his body.

"Which one is better? Mine or Hermione's?" Ron asked, still pouting as Harry unfurled the parchment and almost choked on his spit as he struggled not the laugh.

He stared at Ron's picture, seeing that it was, in fact, a fish turned into a flower. He shuffled the pages and looked at Hermione's, seeing the clean lines of Hogsmead buildings and the random curls of flowers.

"Sorry Ron. I think Hermione beat you on this one." He said, grinning over at his friend as the boy threw his hands in the air and fell back onto the couch in a puddle of bones.

"No, she didn't." Ron muttered, ignoring Hermione's smirk and Harry's amused laughter.

They fell silent as they heard the portrait to the eighth year dorm swing open, emitting in a small group of Slytherins. Harry was surprised to see Draco trailing behind them, not joining in on their joking but instead lagging behind.

Harry frowned as he watched, confused when Draco fell further behind the group until he was left alone. The rest of the Slytherins went on ahead, heading to their private rooms that every eighth year had as they talked.

Harry startled when the blonde suddenly whirled around, locking eyes with the other boy as Draco stopped in the middle of the common room. The Gryffindor tensed not knowing what was going on when the Slytherin winced and turned, heading to his own room and not looking back.

Harry frowned after him, confused until he felt someone hit his leg to get his attention. He glanced over, seeing Ron pout at him. "What? Sorry I wasn't listening."

"I said." Ron stressed the last word. "That me and Hermione are going to Hogsmead tomorrow afternoon. Do you want to come with us?" He asked, looking over at Harry and waiting expectantly.

Harry nodded, hoping that hanging out with his friends outside of school will help take his mind of things. "Sure Ron. What time?" He asked as he watched the ginger stand and pull Hermione to her feet.

"An hour after class." Ron replied as he wrapped an arm around the other Gryffindor and started to walk to his private room. "I'll see you tomorrow." He said as he waved and turned the corner.

Harry stared after him, musing that that was the perfect line to end the day.

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