*laughs evilly* my plan has worked!
Those who stood against me fell.
Ponies, unicorns, pegasy, they all are forced to live in this world, *smirks* my world
With Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and the main six locked in Tartarus nothing stands in my way.

Flash back

CELESTIA: Discord. what are you doing here?
DISCORD: *evil smile* I give you two choices.
1. you give us the crown and I'll let you be my servants.
2. you don't and fight in which case you'll lose
the two princess's chuckled.
LUNA: what?
Suddenly two figures appeared from the doorway.
It was King Sombra and Queen Chrysalis.
Their expressions changed dramatically.
However before they could even react they were teleported to Tartarus.
When they awoke they were shocked they tried everything and nothing worked, it was hopeless.
back at the castle the trio were enjoying their victory.
Queen Chrysalis: I can't believe it, your plan worked!
DISCORD: its not over yet,, there's still those pony pals
SOMBRA: you're right, and I have a feeling it won't be so easy to defeat them.
DISCORD: that's why I have a plan. All I have to do is get something that's important to them. Then I'll make a blank clone, put on the special item and the blank clone will instantly become whoever the item belongs to, and the clones *laughs chaotically* will belong to me and be my servants.
CHYSALIS: couldn't you just make the clones without the items?
DISCORD: yes, but that would take an awful amount of time and magic.
SOMBRA: *smirks* I see, and how exactly can ensure that your plan won't fail.
DISCORD: because they now trust me , which was an utter mistake.


DISCORD: my friends, I bring good news. The mane six are trapped in Tartarus with no hope of escape.
Behind discord were the clones, well three of them at least three of them at least.
SOMBRA: where are the rest of them.
DISCORD: they were of no use to me
CHRYSALIS: so what now?
DISCORD: we'll split the land into thirds and each rule one
They all nodded.


At first it was wonderful.
I had the freedom to do anything and everything that I wanted to do.
But over the years, as time went by I began to get bored.
I need something exciting, something like-
Hmmm *snaps fingers*
suddenly Adagio dazzle appeared
ADAGIO: how did I get here.
DISCORD: I summoned you, I need your powers for something
ADAGIO: I don't know what your talking about, I lost my powers to twilight sparkle.
DISCORD: *smirks* but you got them back, from your new friends.
ADAGIO: how did you-
DISCORD: listen, all I need you to do is make these people fight.
ADAGIO: hey, I know that guy
DISCORD: good, then he will be easy
ADAGIO: and what if I refuse?
Discord held up the siren gem is his hand.
"then I'll just have to destroy this, such a shame, all that power restored then ripped away again"
ADAGIO: please...don't
DISCORD: then do we a deal
Adagio glared at him, then shook his hand.

Hey its me L.S.B. SO I've done some thinking, and I thought it would be fun to put viewers in the story.
But there's only 3 spots left. so the first three that give me enough info will be in the story.
in order to be in the story you must give me the following info
1. physical appearance, eyes, hair, skin, cloths, etc
2. emotional appearance: are you happy all the time or sorta on the negative side.
3. origin: what turned you into you
4 likes, dislikes
5. weapons (3 to the maximum) and be a bit realistic
And that's pretty much it, see you on the flip side