Eternal Wizard, Lady Warrior

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This story is made by the request of starwater13 who has also graciously helped me write the story, being a wonderful beta. After seeing Thor 2 she wanted to see Lady Sif find happiness, and she asked me to create a story where she is paired with Harry as he is a bit like her, trying to live up to high expectations, while struggling to be himself, and they both always try to do what's right and protect the innocent. After watching Episode 15 of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: Yes Men an idea where her request could be fulfilled was born.

At a first look this will look like it's a crossover with Agents of SHIELD, but just give it a bit of time and it will grow to concern more of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Chapter One – A Magical Voice
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Being a wizard comes with a few advantages. The possibility of getting the guys together and going to Las Vegas for the day using a Portkey is just one of the many perks. During the celebrations of the fifteen-year-anniversary of the Second-Blood-War's end, the Gryffindor boys of Harry Potter's year at Hogwarts had decided that they would go to the famous entertainment city in the Nevadan dessert to spend a day gambling. When the plan which had been conducted with everyone in a less than sober state came out to their wives (though not that all five of them had tied the knot yet) the women had been far from pleased, which is why it took them nearly a year to put the plan into practice. They had saved up money slowly but surely and made promises about being responsible to keep the women in their lives from putting a stop to the trip and while they remained far from pleased they had grudgingly agreed to let them away for their brief moment of rowdy fun.

Harry and Seamus were the bachelors of the group. Harry had his reasons which were kept private, and Seamus just wasn't able to stay in a relationship, wanting too much and at the same time being unsure of what he wanted. Ron was not so unexpectedly married to Hermione, they'd been together ever since the day of the final battle, and though their relationship had its up and downs they were going strong. Dean was engaged to a muggle woman who shared his passion for art and Neville had gotten together with Hannah Abbot, one of their Hufflepuff year mates.

Now nearly a year later the trip has at last become reality and as some time had passed since the memorial day they were able to keep their celebration from being tinted by the memories of the horrors they had lived through, so as they sat by a Texas Hold'em table with drinks in hands, the things that they had all gone through at the end of the nineties were not on their minds. They laughed and enjoyed themselves, winning sometimes and losing a lot more often. Everything was fine until Seamus elbowed Harry in the side, pointing at a woman who had just walked into the large casino.

Harry wasn't all that impressed when turned to follow Seamus's direction and spotted her. Sure, she was beautiful with red-shimmering brown hair, curves in all the right places and large, dark eyes. It didn't matter though. It would take far more than a pretty face to interest him, especially considering the reason why he had not accepted or been persuaded to go on a single date since he was twenty-five.

"What?" he snapped at the sandy-haired man at his side, Seamus knew that he wasn't interested in dating.

"She was looking at me – at us!" said the Irishman excitedly.

"Ah," Harry said. Of course Harry had been notified because Seamus wanted to brag about being looked at by a beautiful woman. "Good for you," he said, "you should go for it."

Half a beat later a tall, dark haired, ruggedly handsome man walked up next to her. They exchanged a couple of words, making it clear that they at the very least belonged to the same social group and the arm he placed around her shoulders indicated that they were in fact a couple.

"Ouch," Harry muttered. "Looks like she's taken, mate." He gave Seamus a consoling pat on the shoulder.

"I don't know," he said, excitement still at a high level. "She's looking here again. I think she winked at me!"

"What are you two on about?" Dean inquired. Neville and Ron were also looking at them now, pausing the card game.

"Seamus spotted some girl, and no she didn't wink."

"Who?" asked Ron.

Harry nodded towards the woman and the man.

"She's nice," said the redhead appreciatively, letting his eyes rake down her form.

"You're married to my best friend!" scolded Harry.

"I thought I was your best friend!"

"You both are. So my point stands."

"There's no harm in looking."

"Right, I'll tell that to Hermione and then we'll see how the no harm goes for you."

"That's unfair!"

"Hey, you! Shut it!" Seamus interrupted their bickering. "She's coming here!"

She was. She was sauntering towards them at a hypnotising pace, hips swaying in a tantalizing manner drawing their eyes whether they wanted to look or not. "Good afternoon boys," she said showing off pearly white teeth in a quick smile. Her voice corresponded with her looks, it was velvety and smooth, trickling into their minds and reverberating there like chiming bells. It was almost... magical. To an American she would sound as is she was from Britain but to Harry something about the lilt of her voice was strange, this along with the echo still resonating in his mind made him tense.

"Hello there, beautiful," said Seamus giving his most charming smile. "What can we do for you this fine day?"

"You can come with me. You can serve me." The strange echo in her voice gained in strength and Harry felt as if it was stroking something inside of him when she looked into his eyes, before she moved her gaze over to Neville.

"Of course," said Seamus, smile growing wider and Harry frowned, fighting to keep a clear head.

"What?" he said dumbly, but no one was listening to him, least of all the woman.

"Will you not do anything I ask?"

"We will," said Ron and Harry now knew that something truly suspicious was going on. He looked around at his friends. Seamus, Dean and Ron looked at the woman as if she was the embodiment of all their dreams. Neville, he was relieved to see, was frowning.

"What have you done to them?" Neville asked, right to the point.

She smiled sweetly and walked so that she could place a hand on Neville's arm. She traced her fingers from his shoulder down to his wrist here she touched his bare skin. "You wear a ring," she stated, looking at the golden wedding band on Neville's ring finger. "You are bound to a woman?"

"I am." Neville jutted out his jaw, showing that he was proud of his wife, that he would not trade Hannah away for another woman.

"Is she more important than me?" Her voice took on the same strange echo again and Harry's hand reached slowly towards his wand. He grabbed hold of the wood, taking comfort from the feel of its polished and slightly worn surface, but not acting yet.

"No, I care only for you," Neville said, all defiance gone, a dopey look of adoration having overtaken his face.

Harry rose from his seat, backing away. If there had been any doubt about it before it was gone now. She was using magic through her voice. And her touch seemed to enforce it; she could not be allowed to touch him. He longed to use his wand and do something about it, but here were too many witnesses. Perhaps he could draw her away from the Casino and do something in private. What she was doing didn't draw much attention, but a fight certainly would. To stop the temptation for now, he reluctantly put his wand away even knowing that it was probably a mistake.

"Grant!" called the woman.

"Yes?" said the man who had accompanied her, walking up next to her and staring down at Harry with a bland expression of disinterest.

"Restrain this man."

The tall mountain of muscles proceeded to follow the order but Harry was prepared. He may be feeling a bit out of it following the enchantment she was trying to cast over him and he may be a wizard who was more used to fighting by using magic rather than brawn, but he wasn't completely helpless. Being aware of what was going on was the first step to fighting back.

He shook his head to clear it of cobwebs and bent his knees, getting ready for the confrontation. He'd taken to learning basic self defence and a bit of martial arts, and the other man didn't know that. The element of surprise would be to his advantage.

Harry was able to dodge the first attack, swinging around and kicking out. His foot connected with the man's thigh, but did not do any damage. The second time the man knew that he would fight back and he was clearly more skilled at close combat. It only took half a moment before Harry was caught. With arms of steel holding him trapped from behind there wasn't much he could do. He tried head butting without success and trying to kick the man in the shin or elbow him in the gut was equally useless.

The woman walked up to him, smiling contently, while his friends were glaring at him from behind his back, questioning with their eyes how he ever could have come up with the idea of doing something that would displease Her.

The other people in the Casino were watching with cool detachment, though Harry noted that the women looked uncertain and were looking around trying to assess the situation. They were looking at the men as if they had all grown second heads, which they might as well have done as bizarrely as they were behaving.

"I like you," said the seductive woman, "you have the spirit of a warrior and there is something more to you as well."

"Yeah?" said Harry and since he had the opportunity he spat in her face, he didn't stand for people like her. What she was doing was equal to the Imperius Curse and would earn her lifetime in prison for all that he was concerned. "Well, I don't like you, and if you don't release my friends from whatever enchantment you've put them under you will regret it."

She brushed away the spittle from her cheek, the smile she had been wearing slipping off her face. "Aren't you precious," she sneered. "Soon you will be singing a very different tune." She reached out and touched his face, fingers dry and cool. "Will you not serve me?"

Harry could sense her charm reaching out to him. It was in her voice. It was strong. Far stronger than before. His defences were being gnawed at, but he had been under the Imperius Curse several times. He'd had Voldemort, one of the most powerful wizards known in history put him under the curse and he had not submitted. He had fought off the Imperious Curse and he could fight this too. He was stronger now then when he had been fourteen. He would not be hers. "No," he bit out, ignoring the mist that wanted to drown his independence.

"No," she repeated, looking stunned. "You say no."

"I take it that you are not used to rejection," he gasped.

Her face twisted, showing anguish for a brief second. "You will serve me!" she screamed, her nails digging into his cheek, biting and drawing blood. The power of her command increased. It became harder to resist. As he looked into her face her beauty was increasing steadily and he felt certain that she was everything he had ever wanted. It would be so easy to give in. He could be happy. Yes, she was what he had been searching for, the answer to his questions. He wouldn't have to stumble blindly anymore. He would have purpose.

"No, she's not," said a small voice in his mind, the same part of his conscious which had helped him overcome the Imperius Curse. "She is controlling you. She is not what you want. She is controlling you and your friends. Fight back!"

"I will not!" he shouted. He was panting as if he'd just run a mile and he felt like it. It had taken that much out of him to resist her. "My mind is my own and no one will ever change that."

The woman looked at him with interest before she removed her hand from his face and backed up a couple of steps. "Pity," she said uncaringly, seemingly no longer caring that he wouldn't be her personal flying monkey. "Then you'll have to be disposed of and I think your former friends will have the honour of doing it. Before your pitiful mortal life ends-"

"Mortal?" he questioned.

"So you are," she said.

"Asgard?" he queried, his mind working a mile a minute. It made sense.

"Oh, I forgot. You have had recent visits."

"We have." It had been a disaster. London invaded same as New York had been and people had looked to him to take care of it, but he and his Aurors weren't prepared for aliens and portals to other realms to lie in the sky like some strangely shaped clouds or UFO's. Luckily it had ended quickly and their department wasn't responsible for the clean up.

"It's no matter, mortal. You will regret not serving me; you will regret not serving Lorelei."

"So that's your name, am I supposed to recognize it?"

"No, but the rest of this world soon will. Before long this world will be mine."

"If Loki couldn't do it, and the leader of the Dark Elf's failed, what makes you think you can?"

"It doesn't concern you. But I have my ways. Ways that men are too prideful to see or consider using. Grant, bring him up to our room."

"Of course, Lorelei," said the man who was keeping Harry contained. He began to walk Harry away and Harry counted to ten before he took his chance. Reaching out so that his fingers were touching Grant, even if it was just the fingertips, he channelled his magic ready to cast wandlessly.

"Expelliarmus!" he shouted and he was free as the spell forced the man to let go of him. He whirled around, wand now back in his hand and sent a nonverbal stunning spell at the man, who evaded it by jumping to the side and rolling.

Lorelei looked on impassively.

"I keep my word," he said looking her in the eyes. "I'll use everything at my disposal to stop you and you will regret ever coming to this realm."

"Sorcery?" she questioned.

Harry glowered silently at her.

"Well then. You will get your fight, but you forget though that your friends are mine. Will you be able to hurt them? Stop him!"

"Ah, crap," Harry muttered as his four friends took out their wands.


"Petrificus Totalus!"


"Expelliarmus!" They all shouted spells at the same time and Harry had to dive behind the card table to avoid the spells.

"Reducto!" He heard Ron call and the table he had taken cover behind exploded into tiny pieces, a quick protego protecting him from the fragments and then he was off again, finding a pillar to hide behind. He hoped it might provide a bit better protection, being made of stone, though it was surely porous cement under the shiny granite surface.

He leaned out and sent a few spells to break up their formation, before ducking back into cover. The next time he looked around the pillar he quickly evaluated the situation. He should be able to handle it. It wasn't simply because he was the boy-who-lived that he had been given the position of Head Auror at the British Ministry of Magic while still being in his twenties. He had the skills to back it up.

He knew Ron's strengths. He would be the hardest to take out as he too knew Harry the best. Seamus and Dean were both brilliant wizards in their own right, but they didn't have years of combat training, they had practised to become good at what they did not at fighting. Neville had gone through Auror training with him and Ron and had been a part of the force until only four years back when he had taken up the position of Herbology Professor at Hogwarts when Pomona Sprout decided to retire, Harry would be wary of him too.

Then there was the muggle, Grant, who clearly shouldn't be underestimated. Harry had already determined that the man knew what he was doing in a combat situation. Lorelei was dangerous as well, but she seemed content to let others do her fighting for her, so for now she shouldn't pose a problem… hopefully.

Seeing Dean trying to sneak around to get him from behind, Harry leant out on the other side of the pillar and sent off a stunner. It missed, hitting a slot machine which exploded in a rain of sparks. The subsequent stunner he sent half a second later didn't miss though. His second stunner hit Dean who crumpled to the ground. Harry didn't have the time to see if his friend was okay, that the fall hadn't hurt him, because he had to duck back to avoid a flurry of curses as well as a few gun shots from the muggle.

It was then that he noticed what the other muggles in the casino were getting up to. The women looked more frightened than previously, someone had screamed as the gun was fired, but the men were slowly moving closer to him, trying to surround him and overtake him with their sheer numbers. Seeing a crack in the enclosing wall Harry cast a disillusionment charm on himself and hurried through it. He hoped that the near invisibility would give him an edge. He needed it.

He moved as silently as he could, but as he did this manoeuvre he had lost sight of the people he should have done his utmost to keep an eye on, and he cursed inwardly as he felt a wand against his jugular when he pressed up against a wall.

"You've always liked invisibility, Harry," Ron said in his ear. "I knew to look for it. And no surprise; as soon as you got an opportunity you used it. Don't do anything stupid now, and I won't have to hurt you."

"Oh, yeah?" he breathed out.

"Go the easy way, do as she says. I don't want to hurt you, mate. I really don't, but do not think that I will hesitate if you force me to."

"Well, you forget that I know you too. I'm sorry, Ron." Harry wasn't really restrained by Ron. The wand point was a threat not a bind and he used his wand to transfigure a piece of wood from the Texas Hold'em table into a large spider. The sight of the hairy creature with its many legs and eyes walking towards them had Ron let out a small shriek and that moment of distraction was all Harry needed to incapacitate him and move from his last known location, safe again as he remained near invisible.

He was able to knock Seamus out fairly easily after that, getting him from behind and moving again so that his location couldn't be pinpointed.

The two left standing were Neville and the muggle, both of which Harry was wary of. Neville had always been more level-headed in combat, knowing how to bide his time compared to Ron's brash moves. While the redhead was a good tactician he had never been able to implement it as well in practice. Harry noticed that Neville had remained standing more or less where he had started out, only having moved a bit to avoid Harry's first array of spells.

He edged slowly to the side, letting his eyes flicker everywhere to keep track of the muggle and Neville at the same time. He was getting distracted by how the females in the Casino were trying to make the men see sense; they were shouting and creating general pandemonium. This Lorelei must be rather powerful when it came to mind control if she could have that many people under her spell, but who on earth truly knew what people from other realms were capable of?

As he kept walking to the right, keeping his torso in Neville's direction, his foot caught on some debris and he fell. He knew that he was caught now, and in the same moment as he scrambled back to his feet Neville's first spell impacted right next to him.

He was about to retaliate when he noticed that Neville was moving quickly on his feet. If he tried to cast any spells he might hit the muggles, hurting them, which he didn't want to do, it meant that he was restricted to stunners, and even then a bad fall could hurt someone irreversibly, Neville likely knew this and in his current state of mind he wouldn't care about collateral damage meaning that he didn't have the same restrictions and could use that against Harry.

They traded spells, bright lights shooting through the air, magic crackling as curses fizzled out against shields and small explosions occurring as magic impacted on machines wired with electricity. Even while being cautious, and exhausted after having resisted Lorelei's control, Harry managed to hold his own, trying to create a larger parameter so that he could fight freely without hitting the muggles. He slowly herded them towards the edges of the room. If he could hold out long enough he would be able to win.

"Enough!" Lorelei called, her shrill cry making both Harry and Neville pause.

Harry, was able to snap out of his surprise and he tried to take advantage of that a beat later, and so they were back to trading spells. Stunner, body-binds, tickling hexes, disarming charms and other minor offensive spells flew from Harry's wand while more dangerous spells were sent his way. Bone-breaking curses, severing charms, gauging spells and so on.

"Stop or I'll have him kill himself."

Harry stumbled over his own feat. That was a legitimate threat.

Neville stopped too, and as Harry watched the Asgardian woman walked up to Neville, touching his cheek. "There is nothing you wouldn't do for me, is there?"

"Nothing," Neville said with a smile.

"Kill yourself?" Her sweet tone and large eyes with fluttering lashes sickened Harry.

"If that is what you wish."

"Neville, no," Harry tried feebly. He sent a cutting curse directly at Lorelei, it only created a scratch. In the same moment a pistol was fired. The muggle, Grant had showed up from behind a pillar, right in front of Harry and as he was concentrated on the woman who was coercing his friend into committing suicide, the man had shot him, right in the head.

Harry's jaw went slack, his fingers loosened their grip around his wand which fell to the floor and then he fell to his knees next to it. He slumped over, eyes unseeing in death.

"Bring him up to our room. He might not have been of use to me, but he does deserve better than to be left here."

Grant nodded in affirmative and moved to do as told.

"Wake your friends," she told Neville. "I think you have a lot to tell me about your abilities and their applications."

"Immediately, my Lady."

End Chapter One