Thy Father Is Thy Enemy By: AcGirl

Harry Potter jolted out of his small bed feeling and horrible pain rush throughout his entire body. It wasn't as severe as the Cruciatus Curse; by it came dangerously close to it. After nearly five minutes of agony on Harry's part, the pain suddenly dwindled to nothing.

As Harry lay on his tattered blankets panting slightly from the excursion of the pain he glanced over to the old clock on his bed-side table. It was 12:06 a.m. on the thirty-first of July. His eyes widened in surprise, he was now fifteen years old.

'What a "fabulous" birthday present' Harry thought bitterly as he rose up out of his bed. He suddenly felt much disorientated and nearly toppled over. After he caught his balance he opened the window for the owls that had been waiting outside with his birthday presents.

Harry only recognized four of the six owls present. They were, Hedwig, Pig, Hermes, and a Hogwarts owl. The other two were both eagle owls.

He hastily relived the owls of their packages and started to open his presents. The present from Hedwig contained a letter from Sirius. It was mainly about him not getting into trouble and that he would receive his birthday present latter at Hogwarts. 'Curious' thought Harry as he read this. 'Sirius must be staying at Hogwarts this year.'

The next letter was from Ron, Harry's best friend at Hogwarts. The letter said that he would be able to stay at Ron's house for the last two weeks of vacation. The present that was sent with pig was a leather wand holster. It was beautifully decorated with different colored leather in a design of snakes, dragons, and lions. It fit perfectly around his slim waist.

The package from Errol was a sweater from Mrs. Weasly. It was black with a golden 'H' on the front, and for some strange reason unknown to him, she put an 'S' on the back in silver.

Also inside the package was a smaller one with a little note on it. It read: Dear Harry, Happy Birthday, love Ginny. Inside was a silver necklace with a snake pendant. On the back of the snake there was the inscription 'we shall always remember: H&G' Harry knew immediately that it was meant for a reminder of the Chamber of Secrets.

The next letter was the one from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It read: Dear Mr. Potter, We are very glad to inform you that you have been chosen by the Hogwarts Staff and the headmaster to be one of the Gryffindor fifth year Prefects. Congratulations. We hope to see you soon. Term starts on September 1st. You are required to wear your prefects badge at all times during the school year and you are to abide by all of Hogwarts rules. Once again, congratulations. Sincerely, Professor McGonagall Deputy Headmistress

'Wow' Harry thought dazed to himself, 'I'm a prefect! Are they mad? I break so many school rules that I should have been expelled thirty times over!'

As Harry was taking out his prefects badge he noticed another small note, aside from his supplies list. It looked rather old and tattered as if it were torn away from something else. It read: Harry- When you arrive at school come strait to my office- A.D.

It must have been from Albus. Harry had taken to calling his Hogwarts teachers by their first names over the summer. He had not clue why, though. They just kept popping up into his head that way when he thought about school.

Next was the female eagle owl. Harry was amazed to discover that it had come from Hermione, his other best friend. The letter, which was vague, told him that she has been staying with Victor Krum for the last week in Bulgaria and was planning on meeting him at the Weasly's in three weeks, the same time that he was do to go.

She had sent him a very old and very rare potions album, which he had been looking at the previous year in the book shop in Hogsmeade. Over the last year he had started to like potions very much, but didn't dare tell anyone except Hermione. He knew that Ron would go off his rocker if he found out that unlike himself, Harry enjoyed potions, not despised it as every one thought. Of course Harry had to pretend that he hated it to keep Severus thinking that he, Harry, still hated him. He even had to make mistakes on purpose, and answer questions wrong.

Actually, Harry had been secretly improving in all of his studies over the summer. He had taken out several volume s out of the library the night before they left Hogwarts. He must have taken almost one-hundred books. He shrunk them, of course, though.

As Harry pulled himself out of his thoughts, he realized that he had yet another gift to open. Dear Harry, Your mother left this to me when she died. I think that it was he most prized possession besides you. I think that she would like you to have it. Up until a few days ago I had forgotten that I still had it. So, Happy Birthday, Harry. Sincerely, A Friend.

As Harry tentatively opened the package his eyes started to well up with unshed tears, there lying in the center of the wrappings, was a medium sized crystal lily flower. The intricate carvings of it were magnificent. No wonder his mother loved it so much.

After a few moments, or was it a few hours, he started to hear the Dursley's stirring, starting to get up out of bed for the day. As he walked down the stars, a little unsteady for some reason, then entered the kitchen. As he sat down at the table every on in it fell silent. Dudley had his jaw wide open and was starring at Harry as if he were some interesting spider's web on a wall, or his favorite show on the tele.

"What?" Harry asked irritably. That's when he noticed that his voice had changed. Now it was slightly drawly and sharp. That kind of voice, you would only probably hear from a army sergeants when they wanted to scare the soldiers.

"What happened to you?" Aunt Petunia made out in a slightly shaky voice.

"Huh?" Harry was completely baffled as to what had been said.

"Look in a mirror, Boy!" His uncle nearly bellowed.

Harry rushed out of the room and down the hall to walk in front of a full- length mirror. What he saw shocked him more than any words could say. He looked completely different than he had just yesterday. He looked like......


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