An Odd Encounter in Vegas

Synopsis: Not having any cases to work for a while, Harry Dresden takes a vacation to Las Vegas, NV. There he runs into Odd Thomas. It seems fate has thrown these two together. For what purpose, neither of them knows other than the unusual dreams Odd has been having. Turns out a mercurial warlock named Algernon Cygnus is mucking around with the fabric of space-time for fun and turning leigons of civil war veterans long since dead into his zombie lackeys for world domination.

Chapter 1-Suspended Animation

Odd Thomas was supposed to have died, but it seemed as if he had been floating through something akin to gelatin, but more viscous. It was unusual and gross, much like ectoplasm. Odd had experience with the medium and it wasn't his favorite thing, especially not to be suspended in.

'If this is someone's idea of a cruel cosmic joke I am not laughing, ok ?', he said to a presense he wasn't certain heard his inquiry or not. Odd was not in the best of moods but it wasn't irrational of him to feel this way. No one likes to be trapped in slimy goo to the point of paralysis.

'You will soon come to find the answers yourself, odd one.', an ominous voice replied. Odd felt like he should've slapped himself for having spoken aloud in anger.

'Just leave me alone. I have no part in whatever it is you are plotting. Maybe we can chat about this like grown-ups ?', Odd said, optimistic that the manic voice would be reasonable and perhaps come to some sort of consensus with him.

'Don't pander to me, mortal. I have no time for your pitiful ramblings. As I said before, soon enough, you will know me and then you will truly fear me.', the voice said before Odd felt a surge of power slam against him and knock the wind out of him. It was so powerful that he blacked out due to the sheer force of the wind or whatever it had been hit him. He tried to will himself to awaken, but it was no use, he was out cold.

'Well, this is just dandy.', he thought to himself. He also wished that at times he could keep his big mouth shut. It was the one thing that got him into trouble more than any other action he had ever taken alive, dead, or whatever the dickens he was now.