Hey guys, it's me again.

From my last update you guys know that I am having a severe writer's block on this and other stories. In my last update I asked you guys for help and ideas, as it is obvious you guys want to see this and other stories continued based on all the favorites and follows I am getting.

What do I get? Nothing. Just more follows and more favorites.

I get that you guys like the stories I write, but until somebody posts a review with ideas and help, I can't proceed. To be honest, I'm getting kind of sad and angry that I get more follows and favorites than I get any help. If this continues, I may consider giving up writing Fanfiction all together and deleting all my stories. Unless you guys are willing to actually help and not just favorite and follow u helpfully, this may become reality.

I am begging you, please. Just help me for a moment. I may seem needy, but it's just how my brain works. Just please, post a review containing any ideas and help you may be able to give me. If I go too long without getting any help, I will stop writing and delete all my stories.

Your's truly, Prof_T_Entee