Bella was never a Swan, but a Teller and Charlie was not her father, but was her godfather. She was sent to Charlie at the begining of Mayan war, for her safety.

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It had been a year since Clay and Jax sent her off to Charlie's. A terrible year at that. She still didn't understand why they didn't just send her to Tacoma. It didn't matter anymore now. In her year away from home she became slightly jaded and extremely violent, but who could blame her after what Edward fucking Cullen did. Charlie couldn't deal with her bullshit any longer since his daughter, Angela was due to return home from college. So Bella packed all her stuff up and hit the road to return to Charming.

{Time skip}

She had drove pass the "Welcome to Charming" sign and sighed. She wasn't sure if coming back would be a relief to herself or just add more drama to her life. At this point she just didn't give a shit. She debated on whether to drive straight home or over to TM. "Well might as well get all the 'happy you're home' bullshit out of the way." She muttered under her breath as she pulled into Teller-Marrow Automotive.

Gemma noticed a new F150 black with baby blue flames that trailed down the sides of the truck from a small flaming mustang running that was on the tailgate to larger one that stood proud on the hood. Lowering her sunglasses, Gemma watched the driver slowly exit. She stood there in shock for a minute. "I'll be damned,' she yelled gaining everyones attention. 'Babygirl is that you?" She motioned Bella over and wrapped her arms around her. Bella tensed in Gemma's arms until she released her. "What happened?" Gemma ask. Bella didn't get a chance to answer back as she was sweep up into air spun around by Jax, who was then followed by Clay and the rest of SAMCRO. Each person Bella embraced she would tense and she knew it wouldn't go unnoticed, but she just couldn't go there right now. Not while it was still fresh in her memory, the pain was still fresh and the scars had yet to fade. Clay and Jax made eye contact with one another and Jax gave Clay a nod in an unspoken conversation before Jax grabbed her hand and walked them over to the Clubhouse.