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Ride 'em Hard

Chapter Twenty

"Lu-chan, you look so cute!" Levy squealed as the blonde twirled in her dress.

A deep wine-red with a single slit up her thigh, the length of the skirt coming to mid-thigh and tied to the back of her neck. Wearing her hair down in loose curls, Lucy slipped in a fake-diamond pin to give it some personality; her makeup was neutral, yet showed off a classy edge of her style.

"Aww, Mira definitely had the right dress for you hiding somewhere in her collection," Levy cooed as she took Lucy's hands and scanned her over, making the woman blush.

"Thanks, Levy-chan. I haven't dressed up like this in a while, I was sure I'd look a little funny," Lucy confessed shyly until a wolf whistle made her freeze and go beat red.

"Ow ow, oww!" Cana called out before purring loudly, slithering to the blonde woman and outlining her curves. "Look at this sexy beast right here! Momma likes what she sees, damn baby!"

"CANA!" Lucy shrieked and clung to the petite mechanic for dear life, seeing the ex-Phantom Lord woman enter. Her hair was all up in a ballet-styled bun and she wore Cana's light sweater jacket that was a bit too bulky on her and too long, going down to her knees and sporting flat shoes, compared to Lucy's high-heeled black straps. Juvia's makeup was different, though, as Lucy remembered her smokey eye makeup from the races that really brought out her eyes and fair skin. They were done up more sharper and with an added shimmer with the dark and blue pallet, making her more stunning and blurred out her attire.

"You do look wonderful, Lucy-chan," Juvia told her friend with a soft smile and the woman slowly relaxed. "Just perfect to where we need to go."

"Gotta say, I could have definitely seen you doing your mom's clothing lines as a model," Cana sighed in bliss as her imagination soared. "Layla Heartfilia had the clothes of any woman's dream! God, what I would do to see cute girls on the runway and wearing my favorite clothing brand."

"Easy, Cana, you're starting to scare Lu-chan to death," Levy teased with a snicker and Lucy shuddered. Looking to her cousin, Levy tilted her head at her attire. "Ju-chan, aren't you going to dress up at all?"

"She doesn't need to," a familiar voice caught their attention, and everyone looked to see Gajeel, Jellal and Erza approach the bar. Erza, as she claimed, worked her purple dress and had her long hair in a loose bun; her bangs still framing her face perfectly with her cat eyeliner, Erza cutely held onto Jellal's arm as he posed as a proper gentleman in his work clothes to escort his wife.

Gajeel looked tired, same goes for Jellal, but that didn't stop him from catching his sister with one arm, actually capable of propping her up with one arm to carry her like she was a little kid. Juvia wrapped her arms around Gajeel's neck and began chatting away, all while Levy abandoned Lucy to hold onto Gajeel's other arm, resting her head against his scarred arm.

Gajeel nodded to whatever what Juvia was saying, answering her short and to the point until she ran out of breath. Looking to the dressed up ladies, the man sighed and bonked his head to Juvia's cheek lightly to silence her.

"Before I forget by the time you guys leave with my sister to get the race," Gajeel spoke in a tired voice, catching both Lucy and Erza's attention. "Make sure you keep Stripper in his place while you're over there, got it?"

Lucy blinked in confusion. "Why would we need to do that?" she asked softly, not wanting to irritate him.

It didn't, but that was probably because he was too tired to really react. "Because what happened at the scrimmage, I don't want that moron fuckin' any chances we have to get the race. Not that it would be a big deal, but it will save Juvia the trouble if he sat his ass down long enough for her to get the job done."

"Nii-chan doesn't need to worry," Juvia chirped sweetly and poked her brother's studded brow. "Remember, they are Juvia's friends and will never say no to her."

"And I still question your taste in friends," Gajeel grumbled before setting Juvia down on her feet, just in time for the elevator door to open, letting out Natsu and Gray with Laxus holding them in strong grips by the collar of their shirts.

Mirajane slipped around them, smiling sweetly as she usually does, waving to the crowd. "Sorry we took so long, but the boys were having some trouble getting along," she excused them as her fiance dragged the two over and dropped them. "They were arguing again."

"About what?" Erza raised a brow as she stared the two down, making them feel chills in their spines. Even the other women and Gajeel froze while Jellal simply smiled at his wife's tone.

"Gray wanted to wear the black dress shirt, but Natsu wanted the shoes Gray had found in Jellal's closet," Mirajane exposed as the two of them panicked more. She shrugged. "Not a big deal, really. I had Laxus-kun hold them down while I dressed them like three year olds."

"Mira!" Gray seethed in fear when Erza's whole aura darkened beside Jellal, gripping his arm tighter.

Natsu was dressed in the black shirt while Gray was dressed in the white. Both wore nice dress pants and proper shoes, despite their hair still their usual mess, they looked fairly cleaned up than usual. Lucy herself was impressed how they traded up the worn out work boots and torn shirts for near suit and tie.

"If you two cause any trouble for your behavior while I finally have a chance to wear this dress, I'm going to -!"

"They look wonderful, don't you think, Erza-san?" Juvia clapped loudly, completely distracting the redhead from her murderous intent and ease the grip on Jellal's arm. The man let out a quiet exhale, yet all appearing relaxed as usual. "Isn't it about time we head out, too? Juvia can't be late, Erza-san. Can you hold your anger for later, please?"

Erza narrowed her eyes at the ex-Phantom Lord woman, who smiled cutely. "And, may Juvia remind Erza-san how incredibly beautiful she looks in her dress?"

The woman caved in, and Natsu and Gray silently cried tears of joy. "Of course, you said you have the address to where we need to go? Let's go, Juvia. I want everyone to see my dress…"

Slipping her arms off of Jellal, Erza propped her own elbow out to Juvia, who took it with a smile and allowed the redhead to escort her towards her stripped Toyota Supra. The ride didn't have any armor or extra accessories, leaving it red and sparkly and clean for whatever tonight brought. Hell, if Juvia says they needed to look nice, so would her ride!

Gray pouted as he watched Erza show Juvia to the door, and Lucy noticed it right away. "You know, you could always ride with them, if you want," she offered.

"I ain't having flamebrain drive my car," Gray grouched darkly as he started making his way over. Natsu swung an arm around Lucy casually and proceeded to guide her to follow their friend.

Juvia asked them to pick out cars that weren't too flashy, something simple with no heavy paint jobs or accessories that would make them stand out too much. She didn't give any specifics as to why, but Erza instantly picked out her own car and stated that, out of the two others who would have cars to pick from, Gray's usual ride would fit the bill. Considering the car coloring with the matte ice paint, it looked like any regular car.

"Like I would want to drive that tacky hunk of junk," Natsu sniffed. "Not my style at all, man. Too girly!"

"Then, you can sit in the back seat while Lucy takes passenger," Gray retorted with a big, shitty grin, unlocking his car and opening the passenger door for the blonde, who blinked when the grip on her shoulder tightened.


"Ya heard me, fire-fart," Gray nagged. "Lucy, help yourself inside please." The dark haired man carefully pulled Lucy in and helped her into the seat, while she remained confused when he closed the door before Natsu could reach for her.

Was he sobbing?

"Hey!" Lucy turned to see Erza snapping at both of the boys from her car. Juvia peeked out from the passenger window, watching the two freeze at Erza's thunderous yelling. "Get your asses in the car right now, or I'll come over there and do it for you! I did not get dressed up to have you two idiots bicker about seats!"

"Yes, ma'am!" they both chanted. Natsu dove for the back seat while Gray slid over the hood of his own car to get behind the wheel.

Gajeel watched with his girlfriend and acquaintances as the two started to make their way out of the garage, his rusty-colored eyes narrowing. "Have those two always been like this, even outside of races?" he asked Jellal with an unamused tone.

Mirajane chuckled when Jellal all but nodded. "They're best friends, but they tend to act like neighboring puppies."

"That's one way of putting it," Laxus grumbled.

"I ain't tryin' to doubt them or anything, since they're taking care of the squirt," Gajeel frowned a bit deeper. "But, they certainly don't act like real street-cred thugs they've put themselves out to be, unlike you guys."

"Do you think they'll get in trouble tonight, Gajeel?" Levy raised a brow and he shook his head.

He shrugged and rubbed his head. "Is that a bad thought?"

"No," Mirajane, Laxus and Jellal answered, making Levy blink at their immediate response. She leaned forward to give her friends a look and only Mirajane returned it with a smile.


Lucy learned pretty quickly that car sickness was a thing, and Natsu portrayed it pretty well for a grown adult. She never really had issues with riding in the back seat of cars, even when she was living with her father and had to be driven by other people to get to places, so she assumed that those who complained about feeling nauseas in the back were just trying to get the seat in front…

Well, she took it back.

Petting the top of the head resting on the middle armrest of the car, Lucy chuckled nervously at seeing Natsu's cheeks blown up like a pufferfish. He whimpered when she massaged his scalp and the car came to a stop behind Erza's ride at a red light.

"So, Natsu gets car sickness when he's in the backseat?" Lucy asked eventually while Gray couldn't find any good music on the radio. He didn't seem in the mood to talk to the other car, but he took occasional glances to see the silhouettes of Erza and Juvia from the lights of the city from the back window.

"Moron can only focus on one thing at a time," Gray grumbled as he flipped through the stations again. "If he ain't driving or in the front, he loses it. It's pathetic."

"Fer yerh!" Natsu growled and raised his chin to glare at him, only to flinch when the car started again. Wrapping an arm around Lucy's thin waist, he shoved his face into the side of Lucy's breast and whined when Gray purposely tapped the brake to make the car jerk.

Lucy sighed and threaded her fingers through Natsu's hair. "And you knew this, Gray?"

"He called my car tacky," he answered with snicker and Natsu groaned. Gray tapped the brake again and Natsu dramatically flew himself back and rolled on the seat behind them. Lucy rolled her eyes and smacked the chuckling man with dark hair, who flinched at her attack. "Hey, what was that for?"

"For being immature while we're suppose to be doing something serious," Lucy responded in a imitating voice of Gray's coy tone. "Stop being a brat and pay attention to the road."

The ride took them to streets Lucy hasn't really seen before at this time of night. It actually looked like people were out for parties, dressed up and taking limos and fancy cars to all-night restaurants, dancing clubs and galleries that were apparently the highlight of people's day. Some people were obviously tipsy from too much to drink, but still maintained their class as they chatted on the sidewalks, dined at outdoor tables and waiting in lines to enter lit-up buildings.

Lucy can recall these types of places from her past, when her mother had a fashion show or her parents wanted to take their daughter out to a lovely dinner and explore the cities at Christmas time. Part of it made her feel happy to have that memory with her while driving with Natsu and Gray, going on yet another adventure that she would have never thought she would go on, if you were to ask her six months ago. Really, the more she thought of it, she probably would have laughed.

Even if you'd ask her about the pink haired man crying her name and hiding his face unabashedly into the side of her arm, smushing his cheek against her, she probably would have never given it a second thought.

Erza's car pulled into a parking lot across from a hotel - an obvious establishment that people with a lot of money needed to spend a few nights - with valet and groups of rich people mingling outside. The lot was obvious property to a different building, however, as Lucy looked up to the giant neon lights of cursive and some sort of stylized horse next to it.

"What kind of place is Christina?" Lucy asked as she observed the building. It didn't look anything special, much less the cars parked in the lot was minimal; the theme seemed to be blue and white lights against the dark bricks, yet it was very clean and well kept.

Gray made a face as he parked not too far away from Erza's car near the entrance of the building, a lit up canopy. "Yo, Natsu, what's the name of the place that strut-guy works at?"

Natsu made a noise as he slide down to Lucy's armrest, startling the blonde when his dressed foot tapped against the backseat window. He sobbed as Gray scolded him and Lucy reached behind her seat to unlock the door for her boyfriend. Natsu practically jumped out of the car while Gray and Lucy shut everything off in the car before getting out, stretching his back and inhaling as large as he could for fresh air.

"I don't wanna ride in the back anymore!" Natsu cried out with his hands in the air.

Lucy chuckled as she got out of the car, going to Natsu's side and checking him over. The shirt he tucked in was half out and she shook her head. "You never said anything about not liking riding in the back of cars, Natsu," she pointed out to him as she helped herself to tug the rest of the black shirt from his pants, briefly noticing the lining of his underwear and the peeks of his abs.

"Honestly, I'm the one who normally drives," Natsu confessed as he dropped his hands on her shoulders, resting his forehead against the curve of her neck and sighing. "My stomach feels like it's filled with poprocks and gooey gunk."

"We can get you something to drink inside, I'm sure. Ginger ale should help," she giggled and ruffled his messy hair more. "You're not gonna be sick, are you?"

"If he is, Jellal is going to kill him if he ruins his shirt," Gray warned him as he closed his door with his foot, locking the car until it beeped. "Unless Erza gets to you first. I think she bought that one for Jellal, or something."

"I ain't gonna get sick," Natsu declared as he stood up straight.

"Good, otherwise I would kill you," Erza said casually, startling all three of them by her voice. Looking over to the entrance, Erza stood with Juvia, who was still dressed in the sweatshirt, waiting for them impatiently under the canopy. "Hurry up, now!"

Juvia smiled as she saw Natsu take Lucy's hand and the three made their way over to them. Leaving Erza's side to prop the door open, Juvia waited until Erza followed and vice versa. "Juvia will be sure that you will have good seats for proper service, she promises," the blue haired woman said as she hurried inside with an excited grin.

Erza politely waited for the three to arrive and looked to them. "Remember, we need to be on our best behavior, if we're going to be able to have Juvia succeed in getting us the race for Makarov," she reminded them.

"Yes, Erza," Lucy nodded in understanding. Natsu mumbled his usual 'yeah, yeah' and Gray just grunted, yet it was a good enough answer for the redhead as she smiled.

"Good, now let's get inside." Erza helped herself inside the building, feeling confident as she approached the pedestal where Juvia was talking to the host of -


The woman instantly paled as she recognized the short man with light red hair. His stout body posing into a greeting stance, the flash of his white tux contrasting with his legit orange skin that made her stomach drop; his very distinct facial features sent a chill down Erza's spine as his stare zeroed in on her.

"N-n...it can't b-be," Erza stuttered with a horrified expression as Juvia turned around to see her friend's reaction. Lucy came up to Erza's right side with Natsu and Gray popped out from the other, looking down to the short man and snapping his fingers.

"Ah, so I was right. You do work here," Gray concluded.

Lucy blinked and glanced to her boyfriend. "Who is this?" she whispered as quietly as she could.

The way the short man danced his way towards the four and got down on one knee infront of Lucy, taking her free hand. "Mind my manners, darling, but I was distracted by Erza's surprising entrance," he answered and pressed a light kiss to Lucy's knuckles and the blonde jumped with nerves. "My name is Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki, my dear. I don't believe we have met before, but it is my deepest pleasure to meet another beauty and companion of Erza!"

"Ahm...pleasure is all mine?" Lucy tried tugging her hand from his grasp, yet he didn't release so easily.

"Yo, Ichiya," Natsu drawled with a half grin and held up a fist towards Ichiya. "Lay off will ya? That's my girl you're trying to flirt with right here."

"Ah, Natsu! How the time has gone since we've actually been face-to-face!" Ichiya dramatically flipped his head back and released Lucy's hand instantly, fist bumping with Natsu. Getting back to his feet, the man dusted himself off and winked. "Please excuse me, I wasn't aware that the kind lady was taken. Good eye, my dear man."

Natsu returned the wink with a finger gun. "Sorry 'bout the last race, too, Ichiya. Didn't see ya comin' out of your car afterwards."

"'Twas a good deal of stress losing to a friend, but it won't falter our friendship," Ichiya nodded. "I would like to have a rematch one of these days, perhaps a scrimmage when no one pulls guns on each other this time?"

Before Natsu could answer, Ichiya instantly turned his attention back to the freaked woman in the purple dress. Carefully taking Erza's arm, Ichiya snuggled his sculpted cheek against her skin. "However, to be reunited with the most beautiful woman, I can't deny that it's not all that bad."

"I'm married," Erza snarled in a deep voice.

"And it breaks my heart every time you tell me so, Erza," Ichiya dramatically exclaimed with a sniffle. "Yet, your parfum can always soothe those painful scars that sunlight doesn't dare to touch my aching heart."

"I'm so happily married," Erza seethed, yet it went unnoticed by the orange haired man as he twirled up and posed when Juvia cleared her throat audibly.

"Of course, I will have to ask why you all are accompanying dear Juvia tonight," Ichiya strutted poses with his hands to his face, mumbling "men, men, men" with each pose. Juvia easily smiled and stepped to the side between them, mostly to guard Erza, incase Ichiya were to launch himself again to pamper her.

"They are Juvia's escorts tonight, Ichiya-san," she explained, looping her arm protectively around Erza, who took a step closer when the man held his chin and nodded firmly. "If that's okay with Bob-sensei, since they are not part of Phantom Lord. You could they that they owe Juvia a favor, and Nii-chan is very busy tonight. And, since you seem to be friends with them, Ichiya-san, you'll do Juvia this little favor and let them with her?"

Ichiya looked them all over, as if judging their appearance before shrugging. "I suppose I can't say no to these particular people and you, considering it's been months since the last time you've been here, Juvia…"

"And Juvia will make it up to Christina. You know she will," Juvia winked and Ichiya chuckled confidently.

"Then I'll allow it. But they can't come with you to the back," Ichiya stated strongly. Looking to the group, the man pointed finger guns to them and tilt his head. "Keep at the bar in the back will you? You'll have a good view of the whole establishment, but I doubt Master Bob will want you wandering around and getting in people's way. We only have VIPs in here tonight."

"VIPs?" Gray raised a brow and Ichiya posed with legit glitter around him.

"Our most valued customers have the whole place to them one night a week, and so they choose tonight to be it," the man explained. "We take their presence like they're royalty and I would hate to have that ruined by letting in outsiders on their private night shows; Gajeel-kun never made a fuss, but he was never really a people-person."

"Thank you, Ichiya-san!" Juvia smiled as Ichiya nodded and held her hand, placing a delicate, quick kiss on her knuckles. "Juvia will make sure to make it up to Blue Pegasus in all tonight." She followed Ichiya as he guided her by the hand like a true gentleman and let her slip through the thick, heavy curtain that seemed to shield low lights and echoing music.

Ichiya went back to his pedestal and ushered a hand through the velvet curtain behind him to the rest of the party. "Enjoy your time here in Christina, everyone. Have Master Bob take care of you at the bar, it would be his pleasure."

Natsu swung his arm casually around Lucy, who kindly thanked Ichiya as Erza quickly helped herself through the curtain to get as far away from the host, ignoring Gray trying to catch her attention and followed after them. Lucy let Natsu guide her past the Blue Pegasus man and hold the curtain open for her…

Low powered lights and some flashing lasers, a specific type of music that easily sent shivers up her spine, men seated at numerous spots around a catwalk decorate with chairs and poles. A band in the corner, hidden in the shadows, while the spotlight went straight to women on the stage, dressed in skin-tight costumes of a cat, a nurse and other different types of costumes. Large breasts or rounded rears grinding against poles and hovers against chairs, strippers beckoned to men at the tables and booths with seductive winks and smiles as they moved along with the music being played.

There were men dressed in waiter uniforms, carrying trays of champagne and plates of food around the quiet bunch as the women kept working flawlessly. A bar not too far from the curtain stood, colorful with the bottles and all types of size and shapes of glass, a heavyset man wearing a girlish top with fake wings attached to the back, and Juvia was chatting with him with a big smile, while he seemed more than happy to see Juvia.

Coming up to Gray, Lucy couldn't resist to clear her throat and grip Natsu's hand hanging on her shoulder tightly. "Uhm, so this...is a strip club, huh?"

"Apparently," Gray grunted out, unimpressed. "Doesn't make it any better that we had to go to Blue Pegasus for help."

"The farther away from Ichiya, the better," Erza snapped as she grabbed both Natsu and Gray's sleeves, pulling them along when the bartender and Juvia noticed them. The man waved them over, a happy grin on his face.

Getting closer to the bar, Lucy noticed that the man wore bright red lipstick and pink blush on his cheeks. He was sweaty from the lights and the slight heat within the club, yet there wasn't any close proximity of bodies and aroused patrons…

Rather, when Lucy looked around the club over Natsu's arm, the guests seemed to be very calm and relaxed!

"Hello, darlings," the bartender cooed in a rather feminine tone, wiggling his fingers to the approaching four before taking Juvia's hand. Lucy noticed that the man had a blue colored tattoo of a symbol on his right arm. "Juvia-chan was just telling me that she would be having new escorts this time, unlike Gajeel-kun…

"And, I must say, Juvia-chan picked out cuter boys to bring over!" the man smiled and winked to Natsu and Gray, who both flinched like Erza did upon seeing Ichiya. "Juvia-chan, you have such good taste in men! Not that your brother doesn't have something nice of him, but he isn't much of my type…"

"Guys, this is Blue Pegasus' leader, Bob-sensei," Juvia introduced politely. "Bob-sensei, these are the S-Class racers from Fairy Tail. I'm sure Master Makarov has told you about them, right? Erza-san, Natsu-san or Gray-sama?"

"Oh, of course!" Bob giggled and wiggled his hips. He reached over the counter and grasped Erza's hand, shaking it. "And Miss Titania, I simply love your dress of the evening. It goes perfectly for tonight's weather and my horoscope! Seeing red and purple together means that I will have a good income tonight!"

Erza blinked but carefully accepted the compliment. "Thank you, Master Bob. It's nice to finally meet another friend of our own master and a friend of Fairy Tail. We deeply appreciate you helping us with our race proposal."

"Race proposal..?" Bob tilt his head and Juvia cleared her throat.

"No, Bob-sensei is not helping with our goal," Juvia explained when Bob appeared to be confused more than before, prompting her to pat his shoulder. "Bob-sensei is one of Juvia's friends who can help her get to the one she needs to see."

"Oh, I see now. It's one of your special jobs you're doing," Bob grinned and fiddled with the ringed necklace he wore. "I was wondering when you were going to be coming back to me, Juvia-chan. I certainly have been needing more help around here."

"Bob, you make it sound like we don't do anything for you!" a woman whined and the group jumped at the appearance of a blonde woman in a rather normal waitress outfit tackled Juvia from behind. The blue haired woman didn't seem to mind it, especially when she snuggled her damp cheek against Juvia's temple. "How could you be so mean to us, huh?"

Glancing over, the blonde waitress instantly noticed Erza and smirked naughtily. "Erza Fernandez, eh? Is Mira-chan with you?"

"Hello, Jenny," Erza nodded in greeting to her, returning the look as well. "No, I'm afraid Mira had other things to take care of. You should just come to the races more, if you miss her so much."

Jenny stuck out her tongue. "I never have the right outfit, and I wouldn't want to get dirty." Seeing the younger woman squishing herself between Natsu and Gray, the woman's face brightened with stars. "Well, hello there, cutie. Haven't seen you before, have I?"

"Jenny-san, this is Lucy-chan. She is Natsu-san's girlfriend and his racing partner," Juvia introduced and Lucy's face went to a deeper shade of red when her friend mentioned her relationship status with more tone.

"Oh, okay!" Jenny smiled. "Then, we'll make sure that none of our guests try to come up to you, alright? You're safe around here, and you're dressed the part."

"Uhm…" Lucy tried to find a way to respond, but Jenny looped her arms under Juvia's and grasped her breasts.

"Ju-vi-a-chan! C'mon, we don't have much time before the girl's next performance ends," the blonde whined to the blue haired woman. "He's at the table and waiting to be served, so hurry up to your uniform and get ready."

"Yes, Juvia knows," the racer rolled her eyes and looked to the Fairy Tail members. "Juvia will take care of everything else, so please relax with Bob-sensei and Jenny will also serve you something to eat."

"You don't want us to go with you?" Gray raised a brow.

"No boys in the ladies room!" Bob snapped suddenly and Gray cowered to the other side of Natsu.

"Don't worry, Juvia has done this before and we always help take care of her, if she ever needs any extra help from us," Jenny posed cutely. Jenny ushered Juvia to go down further to the bar, where a Staff Only door stood at the other end, tapping her butt along the way.

Once Juvia went through the door, Jenny and Bob looked to the four. "While you wait, please take a seat right here. There's a fan and it's closest to the kitchen and Bob," Jenny instructed as she completely changed her behavior to a more professional waitress. "And, please feel free to enjoy watching our ladies perform here at Christina!"




"And that's how Makarov made my third thirtieth birthday party so memorable," Bob swooned as he placed a fruity martini in front of Erza and two bottles of beers for the young men. Lucy was still working on her first drink as she was still trying to take in the new surroundings. Having never been to a strip club before, she was a tad bit uncomfortable seeing strippers approach some corners and attend their guests, but she was thankful that Jenny would instantly steer any of the girls away if they came too close to their table.

It seemed that everyone knew the difference between who worked here, and who didn't; none of the men who were walking half-drunk and rolls of dollars in their hands tried to come and pester them. Possibly by the work of their appearance, Lucy did notice a good portion of the men and women who came to have a good time were dressed similar to them - nice shirts, dresses and hair all done nicely. The staff (minus Bob, who manages behind the bar at all times making drinks without fault) wore obvious waiters and waitress uniforms, and the band wore stylized suits similar to Ichiya's. The strippers...well, they dressed their part.

"I always knew Master Makarov had that inflatable duck for a reason," Erza chuckled. "I only wish I had pictures to see."

"Oh, I'll find them next time and organize a get-together," Bob waved his hand, noticing Jenny coming back with a tray of appetizers for them. "It's been a while since the last time I've been Makarov anyway, I should really fix up my bike… Oh, I miss the races."

"So, who exactly is Juvia suppose to get ahold of, if it's not you?" Natsu asked casually, rolling his head back to look at Bob, who blushed at the gesture and held his cheek.

"Well, if you must know," Bob wiggled his hips again and Jenny cleared her way to serve the plates. "If you promise not to tell Makarov - I would hate to see that man get jealous of me having more attention from such a stud! Being that I prefer to have some neutral ground outside of the streets, I always seem to have the big boys coming in and helping themselves to all the drinks I make with love!"

Kneeling down to their level between Lucy and Natsu, Bob pointed with his finger to the near front of the other side of the club, where the extend of the catwalk had a large round table a bit beneath its level. There, a man had his back turned to the group and had a couple guards on each side of him standing. "That man right there is Bora," Bob whispered with a cheeky grin.

"Wait, wait, wait," Gray stopped himself from taking a swig of his beer. "Bora...one of the biggest drug lords in the west? The son of the gang leader of Titan Nose?"

"That's him, alright!" Bob giggled. "He travels a lot outside of working for his uncle. He's been keeping low on the public right now, since one of his uncle's shipments got caught somewhere at the east coast earlier this year."

Lucy remembered hearing about Titan Nose on the news, back when she lived at home. Bora's uncle is a big criminal wanted for a massive bounty, and he was no less cheaper than his old man uncle; drug rings and a legit underground base stretching from across the ocean, the family was big news. Now that she thought about it, Lucy had vague memories of Gildarts and Macao chatting about hitting a drug shipment under that gang's name.

"Juvia is going to be getting money from him?" Gray seethed as Natsu hummed in interest.

"Not a bad move, if ya ask me," Natsu shrugged beside Lucy and Bob chuckled. "Bora's big on bucks."

"She can't approach him, no one has ever been able to approach anyone from the Titan's Nose's family in years," Gray explained as they watched a passing waitress carry a round of assorted drinks. Bora, unmoving from his seated position, snapped his fingers and one of his guards picked a drink off the tray and served it to him. The waitress made a move to great a bigger space. "Hell, not even any of the girls have gone up to one of his guards to give him a dance, how will Juvia do it?"

"I figured it would be a simple waitress-slip-a-note, or something like in the movies," Lucy admitted and Jenny giggled.

"You have a good imagination of the possibilities," Jenny complimented. "But, you're also right. It's hard to get within a ten-foot radius of that man, but he's one of Bob's best customers."

The music let up and the lights died down on the stage, the dancers and strippers on the ground excused themselves properly with a deep bow and accepting the applause from the crowds before leaving. The drumset man tapped the mic from the bandstand and cleared his throat.

"Gentlemen and beautiful ladies, the band will be taking a little break," the man said in a soothing voice. "We will be right back shortly, but please enjoy our special performance from our best ladies in the house tonight."

Another member of the band stepped to the catwalk and placed a sturdy-looking chair at the start of the line, a few feet away from the single pole of the catwalk. The staff used the darkness to slip away and empty the stages, and the audible noise of the stereo and loudspeakers prepping for the track.

"I suppose we will need to put our trust in Juvia, isn't that correct?" Erza glanced to the two standing forms, who smiled knowingly to each other. "Where is Juvia anyway?"

"Just give her a minute, darlings," Bob winked and pointed to the stage as three shadows obviously defining women in tall heels strolled in unit to the base of the stage.

Blinking in confusion, the three young adults looked to the stage as one of the band members clicked the machine, and a thumping sensation radiated off the ground and tickled the skin began occurring. Lucy found herself curious of the way the two outer dancers seem to slowly begin their routine as the spotlights over them began to glow, showing their identities.

Both women were dressed in a white costume, very little material and left nearly nothing to the imagination as they attempted to resemble themselves as angels, Lucy guessed. White stockings and white corsets glowed from the light as the ladies made their way to the poles closest to them on the sides of the stage, seductively twirling and stretching their legs high in the air as they spun.

Once the music began bursting into the tempo, the two women worked alongside the music, flipping and kicking with power. The middle shadow slowly began to raise her hands from her sides, until the big bang of the tune hit them with a sudden explosion of light, nearly blinding everyone as the image cleared…

And stood Juvia, her body language and expression confident and dominating, posed like an entering queen of hell. Dressed in a tight, black leather corset top that exposed her cleavage, belly and curves all too well, she sported a matching set of leathered booty shorts and fishnet stockings; her blue hair removed from the cute, innocent ballet bun and replaced with sexy waves and curls that fell over her shoulders, all tall and proud.

It was when her hips thrusted to the beat with a stunning smile that Lucy thought Gray was going to choke.

Of course, Erza's death grip on his shoulder had kept him in his spot, but it didn't stop him from squirming. Lucy noticed he looked to be biting back screaming, his eyes wide and brows twitching, he looked ready to explode.

Looking back to the stage, Lucy instantly became entranced by how Juvia began to move her hips and let her hands run over her own body. Cheers instantly began to rise out of the crowd when she twisted her hip to one side, and money began flying towards her, as the same happened when she moved to the other side.

Gray was about to yell when Erza slapped a hand over his mouth and held him there, even going as far to have a choker hold on him.

"We're actually really happy that Juvia-chan came over tonight," Jenny smiled in relief and hugged the empty tray to her chest. "Since I pulled a muscle in my leg, I'm not able to perform with Riko and Karen for the next few days while I heal."

Juvia spun in her heels before making a quick dash towards the chair, the men chanting cheers as she mounted the chair and leapt off towards the pole. Catching herself in time, Juvia spun her whole body around before wrapping her legs around it, letting go and performing a backbend as she kept rotating to a halt; her arms stretching out before pulling in to ruffle her hair. Opening her eyes, a wicked smile grew on her face as she pointed to a specific table down the catwalk upside down.

Pointing directly to Bora.

"It is nice to have Juvia-chan, especially when Bora is here," Bob also said with a delighted sigh. "Her performance with him here makes me so happy. I taught her well!"

"YOU?" Everyone at the table stared in complete shock and horror to the gang leader, who nodded with stars emitting from him. Jenny waved a hand to try and settle them down under the blaring music.

"Master Bob taught all of the girls here how to properly pole dance, and other dances as well," Jenny winked. "He's been in this business for so long, yet he can still kick it like a college girl."

"Oh, you're too much, Jenny darling!" Bob cooed and hugged the woman. "You make me blush!"

Everyone watched as Juvia flipped off the pole backwards, doing a couple backflips to the beat of the music into the splits before getting back on her feet gracefully. Money was flying through the air as Karen and Riko performed their routine and Juvia danced her way to the table, walking on top of the tabletop and expertly missing Bob's dishware and glasses.

"It looks like she's done this before," Natsu pointed out casually and Gray fumed with pure rage. Lucy glanced his way with a frown as how normal he sounded, as if nothing was wrong about the statement and he looked bored…

One of Juvia's heeled foot pressed against the top ledge of Bora's chair, none of the guards came to stop her or behaved with alertness as she tipped it back. With Bora's back still turned to them, he appeared to be calm with balancing himself before Juvia stomped on the edge of his seat and straddled him on her knee.

It was noticeable of how Bora's hands slowly raised up to touch her hips, and Gray wanted to tackle the man until Juvia grabbed his wrists and pushed them away. She shook her head playfully at Bora and continued on with the lap dance, as he obeyed to keep his hands at his sides. After a few flips of her hair and shaking her chest, she ran her hands up and down Bora's torso and whispered something into his ear. Dancing her way back onto her feet, Juvia landed perfectly back onto the table and to the catwalk as the other two women seem to follow her lead.

Reaching to the bottom hems of her leather shorts, Juvia waited until the other two reached for their own to rip hers off. She wore a black lace underwear while the other two wore white, and then the two began to seductively unzip their corsets for the crowd as Juvia threw the remains of her leather shorts to the crowd and the men practically screamed in joy as they fought over it.

The song was about to end as Juvia returned to the two ladies, who instantly grabbed onto her body and pressed themselves against her as she threw her hands up in the air. The girls explored Juvia from her curves to her ass, from her toned belly to her ample breasts, rousing the crowd to cheer louder than anything the four heard ever since coming into the club.

The difference between Juvia's outfit and the other two was that the "angels" had obvious bra straps underneath the corsets, crossing their shoulders and clipping the small wings to their backs. Juvia didn't wear wings or had straps underneath her leather corset, signifying that she wasn't wearing anything underneath like the laced spankies…

Karen grabbed one side of the corset and Riko took ahold of the other, and both Gray, Lucy and Erza's eyes widened while Bob nodded with pride.

The grand finale of the routine was of Juvia getting her leather corset ripped in the front, yet the final appearance of her newly exposed skin to the crowd was censored by the sudden shut off of the lights, blackening the three dancers as the weak string flew all around. The crowd screamed in applause, claps, whistles and cheers as more and more money was being thrown onto the stage. The shadows of Juvia, Riko and Karen took a deep bow as the band members climbed onto the dancing stage to collect the cash as quickly as possible. One of the stage members from the back came up and appeared to have brought Juvia something to cover herself as the girls made their way off the stage.

Bora, however, didn't cheer or shout, much less throwing cash onto the stage as he took his drink and swallowed the remaining liquid. Putting the glass down, Bora snapped his fingers as the lights came back on for the club and one of his guards came to his side.

The Fairy Tail members watched carefully as Bora seemed to say something as his guard nodded. The suited man made his way over to the bar and side table, where Bob waited patiently for the guard to come over.

The creepy-looking man eyed the table for a moment, but paid no attention to the raging Gray being held down by Erza. "Sir, Bora-sama would like to reserve time for the blue haired dancer that was just up there," the man told Bob, who perked with a giggle and held his cheeks. "He would like a private room along with the most expensive bottle you have on reserve, and anything else he may request during the time of his stay in the room."

"Of course," Bob cooed sweetly as he reached into the cleavage of his top, pulling out a key with a room number already on the tag. It looked as if Bob was already prepared for this as soon as Juvia came in.

Holding out the key to the guard, Bob bowed his head. "Juvia-chan will already be waiting for Bora-sama, whenever he's ready. He already knows how it all works around here."

The guard nodded and took the key, leaving to return to Bora's table as the waitress and gang leader looked to the new guests. "The bottle is already in Juvia's room, so I will let Jenny take care of you for the rest of your stay. It will take Bora-sama a few minutes to make it to the room, so please be careful on your way!"


Jenny held the door open to a small room that resembled a type of conference office, where Juvia was already sitting on the table. She had on the light sweatshirt again and kept her hair down. Her skin was a bit damp and glowed with little sweat, yet her smile was bright with energy as she waved to her friends.

"Juvia hopes that you were treated well," she said as she picked up a water bottle and screwed the cap off.

"We were. Bob and Jenny were very sweet to us the whole time," Erza smiled and Natsu grinned and patted his belly with a victorious chuckle.

"I'll be outside until Bora arrives," Jenny briefly said before closing the door, after everyone entered the room.

"Juvia-chan, I never knew you could..!" Lucy peeped as she hurried over to the blue haired racer and looked her over. She still had her fishnets on and her hair was a mess, but she didn't look too worn out. "Uh, but you know! Are you feeling okay?"

"Yes, Juvia feels just fine, thank you," she answered with a sweet smile. "Don't worry about Juvia, Lucy-chan, she is what some say a professional."

"Ain't that surprising," Gray grumbled under his breath, but everyone could hear. Erza smacked his head rather harshly and he winced.

Juvia, however, seemed to have ignored him and kept smiling to Lucy. "Juvia would request that you take a seat before Bora-kun arrives, since his guards would most likely want to stand instead of sit."

"Is it okay for us to be in here anyway? Not like I want details of how you and that Bora guy chat, but I wouldn't want us to be a bother." Natsu boredly scratched his cheek, also ignoring how Gray's face became red with rage.

"It will be fine. Bora-kun actually appreciates company of Juvia's."

"Oh, does he now?" Gray drawled and Erza whacked him again. The redheaded woman grabbed him by the scalp and shoved him into a seat farthest away from the other end of the table, where Juvia was.

"One word out of you one more time, and I will have to stain my husband's nice shirt. Don't push it, Gray, because it's not the time," Erza growled deeply, her cheeks a bit tinted from her few drinks but she was still table. "Don't speak unless you're spoken to, got it?"

Natsu snickered when Gray instantly snapped his mouth shut and nodded, knowing that if he answered verbally to, even the slightest bit buzzed Erza, he would surely suffer. Lucy allowed her boyfriend to take her hand and lead her to the side of the table near the wall, over in the corner next to Gray. Erza slumped into the opposite seat of the dark haired man and Juvia smiled.

Without warning, the door opened and a tall man dressed in expensive clothing and stylized dark hair strolled in like he owned the place, similar to Juvia's performance. He had a tattoo of an 'X' above his brow and a million dollar face that told people he was a big deal; even with the four guards who accompanied him into the room and even more suited men outside speaking with Jenny.

Once the last guard closed the door, blocking the outside world, the man's professional demeanor suddenly changed when his sights zeroed in on the blue haired woman.

"Juvia-chan!" Bora gasped in delight as he held his arms out to her. Juvia hopped off the table when Bora scurried over and allowed him to pick her up and twirl her around. The man hugged Juvia tightly, like there wasn't anyone else present in the room. Cuddling his cheek against Juvia's, Bora whined like a lost puppy and pouted. "My darling Juvia-chan, how could you make me wait for you for so long, and without a word!"

"Juvia has missed Bora-kun, too," she giggled and pat his back when he snuggled his face into her neck. Gray's brow twitched and a deep rumble of a growl tickled his throat, making the two stop their playful greeting.

Bora tilt his head at the four guests sitting at the end of the table. "Oh? Juvia-chan, where's your brother, huh? I figured he would've wanted the bottle I bought for us…"

"Bora-kun, these are Juvia's close friends. They are the members of a gang Nii-chan and Juvia are friends with," Juvia explained. "They're racers, like Nii-chan and I; That is Natsu-san and Lucy-chan, and they are partners," she explained as she gestured to the couple. Then, pointing to Gray and Erza respectively. "Then, there is Gray-sama and Erza-san!"

"Pleased to make an acquaintance of friends of my darling Juvia-chan," Bora saluted, still haven't put Juvia down to her feet. Instead, he looped his other arm underneath her legs and proceeded to carry her to the other end opposite of the four, taking a seat with Juvia in his lap and kicking his heels up. "Although, I would have probably prefered to have Juvia-chan alone. But I don't deny anyone who escorts Juvia-chan to me, right?"

Natsu shrugged. "I don't know 'bout that, but can we order some entrees in here? I tried the sample platter they have, and I know that those pigs in a blanket is kickass."

"Hah!" Bora bellowed a laugh. "I like them already! Oi, get us some blankets, will ya?" he instructed one of the guards, who nodded and proceeded to crack the door open to summon Jenny's attention.

Erza politely bowed her head to Bora. "I will admit, if it's not too much to say, Master Bora, that I've never knew Juvia was...close to someone of your title."

"Please, just call me Bora. Master sounds too kinky for people I've just met," he winked and held a hand to Juvia's hip. "And don't be too surprised about my darling. Juvia-chan is my most favorite girl in this whole world!"

Noticing Lucy and Gray stare at him, Bora blinked. "What's with the face, huh? What's with droopy eyes other there?" Tilting his head curiously, Bora smirked more naughtily to the blonde, who peeped. "And you…"

"Bora-kun," Juvia whined and grabbed the man's chin, forcing him to look her way. "Don't bother Lucy-chan like that, she doesn't like that! Save your attention for Juvia!"

The man chuckled and nuzzled her, making Gray seeth. "I'm sorry, Juvia-chan. How rude of me to try and flirt with another, especially after you performed for me!

"Speaking of, what is it that you need from me this time?" he asked and the Fairy Tail members blinked.

"Wait, what?" Natsu gawked and Bora smirked.

"As I have said, you should be too surprised about me and Juvia-chan's relationship, remember?" Bora wagged his finger. "If you're here with Juvia-chan, I can assume that you're here to ask something from me.

"You see, Juvia-chan and I have a deal," he explained and tickled under Juvia's chin playfully. "Juvia-chan comes to Christina whenever I am in town when she needs something from me; money, people, parts for cars or jobs with Jose, you name it. Juvia-chan performs for me and I pay her back with whatever she desires!"

"So, that's how it works?" Lucy asked.

"Dear, I am not an easy man to get to," Bora shrugged. "But I make the exception for Juvia-chan, since we have a history together back in the day. She's the only one who is ever allowed to give me a lapdance outside of my own home and ask for whatever she desires. No questions asked from me, especially when she gave me such a lovely service of her dancing."

The man hugged Juvia and rest his cheek against the top of her breasts. "She's my favorite, anyway. I can never say no to this beautiful lady."

"And so you'll help!" Natsu grinned and Bora nodded.

"Whatever my girl wants, she gets."

"That's good to hear, because Juvia knows what she wants this time!" Juvia announced cutely. "Bora-kun, Juvia wants you to organize and fund a race for me and my friends."

Bora blinked. "A race..? Juvia-chan, you know I don't do races as much as you and your brother do."

"Oh, no, this isn't for fun," Juvia shook her head. "You see, Juvia and her friends need to get a group of specific people from a gang who did something awfully rude to Juvia and Nii-chan."

It was when Bora's playfulness changed again to something less sweet and more what his uncle's name lives up to. Juvia lifted her left leg up and Bora held it under her ankle, letting her point to the specific pink skin on her thigh.

"Juvia was targeted by a gang and hurt pretty badly, and since then Juvia and Nii-chan can't go enjoy ourselves in the open without the worry of getting killed," she explained simply, letting Bora inspect through the nets and grow more irritated. "Juvia's friends saved her life and Nii-chan's, too, but we want to get ahold of the people who did this."

Bora's eyes hardened and his voice sounded like venom. "Someone tried to kill you?"

"They are difficult to get ahold of outside of races, that's why Juvia wants Bora-kun to fund a race and make sure that they win in your favor. Juvia wants Bora-kun to catch these bad guys for her."

"You want me to skin them alive and let them see what their intestines look like?" Bora growled and Juvia shook her head.

"No, that's what Juvia's friends want to do," Juvia smiled sweetly when he cursed under his breath at the missed opportunity. "They also have a bone to pick with them, besides defending Juvia's honor, of course. We just need someone to get them for us and...hold them until we see fit for them to be released."

Bora looked to the Fairy Tail members with a serious glare. "You have been taking care of my Juvia-chan when she was almost killed?"

"She has been protected by us since Gajeel brought her over after she was attacked," Erza said in response just as sternly. "Juvia is our friend and we want to return the favor those assholes did to them."

"I suppose you are from a separate gang of Phantom Lord." They nodded and Bora rubbed his chin in thought. He closed his eyes with a conclusion smirk. "My alliances are only with Juvia-chan, but I will make the favor doable in thanks for helping them out. I'll make the arrangements and require contact with your boss."

"We can do that!" Natsu answered with a gleeful smile. Lucy and Erza sighed in relief while Gray crossed his arms.

Juvia grinned brightly and hugged Bora, leaning all her weight on him. "You're the best, Bora-kun!"

The door opened and Jenny entered with the tray of food, watched carefully by the guards who took the tray from her and Bora held his hand up before they could tell her to leave. "Bring us everything that's the best seller. Drinks and food alike, will you? And tell Bob I want another couple bottles of the expensive stuff from the big cities of Europe. I'm going to be dining with some new friends tonight."





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