That day has come. The day of his departure. She watched him packing last night. He has to go, that much she knows. What she doesn't know is WHY he has to do that. All she wants is to go with him. But he wouldn't like it, that's the second thing she knows for sure.

He wakes up early, earlier than her, and watches her sleeping. He knows he won't do that her asleep next morning. That she will have to sleep in an empty bed. He doesn't want to leave her, he loves her too much. But he has to. For his country. And for her safety.

They eat a quiet breakfast. She made pancakes. She knows he loves them, although he has never said it. He is wearing his uniform, and under any other circumstances, she would notice how handsome he looks in it. But those aren't "any other circumstances". They leavet their flat in silence. He drives. She watches.

When she sees a plane that's going to take him she feels her eyes water. She has been quiet the whole morning and he can't take it any longer, but can't speak either. So he just hugs her and kisses her hair. They both know that the moment they pull away he will have to convert to Major Taylor. But he wants to be Mac for a little bit longer and she wants him to be hers for a little bit longer. So she raises her head and kisses his lips.

A few second later he igs her for the last time and goes to take his bag from the car. She gives him a weak smile as he walks to join other officers. She stays a while after the plane takes off. That very moment when she losts the sight of the plane her phone rings. You don't have time for that, Bonasera, NYC needs someone to catch the killer.