So I had came upon a crossover pic of luffy,ichigo,naruto,and goku. So I was like: wouldn't it be nice if goku was like a daddy to the young ones? So I'm doing it! ^-^


"Daaaaaddd." a little sort of scratchy voice called. Goku had just layed down a knife he was using to cut some vegetables. Very unlike him,huh?

"Yes,Naruto?" Goku bent down to get into eye contact with the young boy. "When will I get my own anime series?" Goku sighed as he picked up the boy. "You'll get one once I decide a time that I'm ready to give you and your brother's up." Naruto gave him a large grin. "Dad,who will be the most powerful protagonist in anime?" Goku let out a chuckle. "That's between your fans and how many people like you." Naruto sighed as he hopped down from his father's arms. "You'll be wonderful,I'm sure of it." just then Goku and Naruto turn their head to the door way. Well,more like turned their heads to a certain noise. Ichigo, Goku's oldest was tugging on the rims of the kitchen's door,holding on for dear life as a snake like arm wrapped around his waist,puffing up his black kimono at the waist.

Goku ran to grab his son and looked up as he tugged on him. He let out a deep sigh as he saw

Luffy,his 3rd youngest tugging as well in the opposite direction. "Luffy,let go son." luffy shook his head as he tugged even harder now. "Luffy!" the boy jumped as he watched his father go Super Sayan. He quickly retracted his arm,looking as if he was afraid it would get chopped up.

Ichigo fell into his father's arms. He quickly sat up and rubbed his sore waist. Goku carefully opened ichigo's kimono to see a light brim of purple and red. He sighed as he got off his knees.

"Luffy.." The older man called. Luffy peaked his head out a bit, looking at his father who was still in super Sayan mode. Goku took note of his son's fear and immediately shut it off.

Once he saw his father's hair return to its original style and color, he walked in hanging his head down. He was too scared to look at his father full on in the eyes.

"Luffy,did you know what you did to your brother?" The boy watched as his father opened ichigo's kimono wide enough to where he can see the circular bruise he caused.

Luffy immediately burst into angry little tears,he rushed to hug his brother. He was careful enough to avoid hugging his waist, by insted,hugging his leg.

"I sowwy big broder,I sowwy I don't mean it, i sowwy I wob you!" ichigo picked up the boy and hugged him tightly. "it's ok. I forgive you." the 13 year old tilted back his younger brother's straw hat and rubbed cheeks with him.

Goku smiled lovingly. Even though he was intrusted with the pre-lives of the young animes he loved them as if they were his own Gohan and Gotan.

Naruto joined in on the hug smiling at the raven and orangette.

Evn though they will be rivals when the get older,he knows that they will always have special connections through the hearts of their endearing fans.

So that's it. Tell me what protagonist you think is best. ^-^