Blue Light
Final Fantasy 9 Fic

Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fantasy 9 or the characters in it, got it? Good. Ahem. Enjoy the fic!

Since my previous attempt at a pre-FF9 fic kinda went kaput, I am trying my hand at it once again, only this time focusing more on Garland's Angels of Death.

On the cold, uninviting surface of a sleeping world, a lone figure made its way across the landscape like a shadow. His footfalls echoed off the walls of the small, makeshift buildings as he neared. He entered one such building, empty except for a large crystal emitting the purest azure light from its depths. The dark figure narrowed his eyes at this and continuted down a crystalline set of stairs, purpose and determination eminating from the usually cold pair of eyes. As the black-garbed and grey-bearded man reached his destination, he immediately examined a large glass tube fixed on the wall. Inside, light played on a small figure lay curled in a fetal postition, suspended in some sort of clear liquid, fidgeting a bit in its sleep. The man now turned his attention to a small screen below, and examined the data.

Heartrate: Normal
Vital Signs: Normal
Neural Networking: 95%
Neural Hardcoding: 75%
Elapsed Time: 6120.38 hours

The man snorted at this. Time? How could time exist in such a place as this? He dismissed this thought as a new one entered his mind. It was almost complete. All of his hard work was about to come to fruition. He quickly reached into his pocket for a small wine-colored notebook and writing instrument and began to scribble quickly.

"'Angel Project' is going as scheduled. Genome should be ready within weeks. Neural network almost complete. No sign yet of deformity or weakness resulting from deliberate usage of recessive physical traits."

He closed the book and slipped both it and the writing instrument back into his pocket. He adjusted a few settings on the apparatus below the tube and the light dimmed, leaving the figure to float in the darkness. He made his way quietly up the stairs and back into the Crystal Room, which was now occupied by a small group of his creations. He paused, and they looked up at him with emotionless, empty blue eyes.

He left them then, with a swish of his ebon cape, to gaze at the blue light. For them, nothing else existed, they lived for the blue light which held their minds captive, their souls dormant. It was even difficult for them to pull themselves away, despite their discomfort, for they, beings of the red planet Terra, were not meant to bask in pure blue light. But it made them so much easier to manage.

The portal to Pandemonium was at his feet. But the man hesitated, and turned to look at the ruins of his proud people. Terra's brilliant red light was replaced by a dead blue/grey, the flora stood as tall twisted monoliths against this pathetic backdrop. Terra's fauna on the other hand existed as phantoms, shadows of their former selves. They merely existed, time could touch no thing on this planet. Not the plants, the animals, himself, or his Genomes. Well, almost nothing...

At that, Garland turned and entered the portal. As the light enveloped him, an echo of an ancient decree could be heard:

"Time will be ours once again."

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