Candy Candy manga is written by Kyoko Mizuki, Yumiko Igarashi



Quoted directly from Candy Candy manga, chapter 6, page 95

Archie (thinking): "Candy, I am still in..."

Annie (thinking): "Archie..."




More than two years after the manga ended...

One Friday afternoon, Candy and her closed friend were chatting on the way from their class. She told Candy about her first night sleeping with her boyfriend.

"How was it?" asked Candy curiously.

"It's indescribable, you need to do it yourself to believe it," she answered giggling. "What about you, Candy?"

"I don't want a boyfriend. I want to study and go to medical school," answered Candy firmly.

Terry, Albert, Bob, whoever, ... What a waste of time! I wasted all of my teenager years crying and thinking about useless things. Boyfriend means troubles, Candy thought resolutely to herself.

They said good bye and went home separately. Candy accelerated her pace to come home quicker. Annie came to join her in Pony's home today. Candy hadn't been back to Chicago for years now that she went back to college, busy studying to be a medical doctor. She paid her tuition by herself using her savings when she worked as a nurse. For the weekend or holidays Candy stayed in Pony's home and in the dormitory otherwise.


Candy heard someone calling her from the Pony's hill. She looked up and saw her eternal best friend standing on the hill. Hurriedly she ran to her.

"Annie!" shouted Candy while running.

They ran to each other and hugged each other merrily. After some shouting, laughter, and shedding happy tears, they sat together to share their stories. To Candy's surprise, Annie told her that she had left Archie.

"Archie loves you, Candy, always. Go for him. Don't worry about me, I am nineteen now, I am not a little girl anymore."

"I love him too, but as a brother. I don't know why, but that's the way it is," said Candy.

"Archie and I are done! Completely. After years of pretending, we started to have enough of it. He started to hate me, too. He thinks I am a barrier for him not to be with you. No, I'm not sad. It's a fact. Even if you married him tonight or right now, I won't feel nothing but happiness for you," said Annie.

Annie finally realized that her hope to change him was impossible. Behind her, Archie started to go to brothel or meeting escort*. She's tired of having to pretend that she didn't know it. Now a mature woman, she understood it's not Candy's fault. She knew how much Candy had been encouraging Archie to love her. She didn't get jealous of Candy, she loved her still and even decided to join her in Pony's home.

Candy hugged her. " Thanks Annie. But, all I care about now is to go to medical school."

They smiled, treasured their friendship more than anything.

"How are your parents?" asked Candy.

"They don't like me working in Pony's home. They're hoping I have a more prestigious job that's more appropriate for an Ardlay. But, I don't care."

Candy looked at who used to be the shy Annie in the past. She seemed to change. She's a strong woman now, she spoke with confidence and without any shyness whatsoever.

"I told them, I love them. But it's my life, it's my choice. I am not a little girl anymore," said Annie. "They need to learn to accept this, Candy. After a while I am sure they'll be fine."

Candy smiled and hugged her.

"Welcome home, Annie. Me and you, just like before."

Annie nodded and smiled.

Ms. Pony and Sr. Lane were happy that Annie came to give them the much needed extra help. They got older and Ms. Pony, especially, had been sickly. Gradually, Annie did more and more management work for the orphanage. Ms. Pony and Sr. Lane were so proud of the responsible Annie. Her dedication, decision making and management personality were superb additions for the orphanage.

One year later...

One day, Ms. Pony fell gravely ill. She's been sickly, but this time was really serious. The condition worsened everyday. After a few weeks, she didn't get any better. The doctor came again and gave the bombshell news.

"I am just a small country doctor who handle ordinary diseases. To be honest with you, I can't do this."

He asked them to move her to a hospital.

They then moved Ms. Pony to a nearby hospital. After a while, the orphanage ran out of money to pay for her medical bill. Candy used all her tuition savings to pay for Ms. Pony's medical care. Day after day, there's no improvement. Candy who stayed in a dorm soon gave up her room to pay for Ms. Pony's medical bill. She stayed in Pony's home to cut cost and made a long commute to school everyday. Annie never worked, but she had some savings. She, too, gave that all to Ms. Pony. But her condition stayed downhill. The hospital said she needed to be moved to yet a better hospital in Chicago. She needed a special care and better specialist to take care of her illness.

In desperation, they took Ms. Pony back home.

Back in her bed, tearfully, Ms. Pony said, "Let me stop being a burden to all of you."

Sr. Lane, Annie, and Candy comforted her. "You'll get well soon. We'll move you to a world class hospital in Chicago."

Ms. Pony knew how hard they tried to make her well.

"How will we afford it?" she asked tormentedly.

Everyone was silent since that precisely the problem that needed to be solved. Seeing their faces, she understood. Her heart ached seeing how much the two young girls were willing to sacrifice for her.

Ms. Pony shook her head and said tearfully, "I don't want to. Dears, just let me go."

Sr. Lane secretly went outside the room to cry.

Ms. Pony's condition worsened quickly after that, she even refused to eat. Candy and Annie tried all they could to persuade her to eat. They even cooked special food and fed her patiently.

Ms. Pony looked at them and said, "When both of you were little, you made me promise to come to your wedding. I did, but now..."

Ms. Pony's voice broke. Candy's heart stopped beating, she stole a look at mature Annie who looked strong and stayed calm. How could she manage to do it?

"Honestly, probably I won't be able to attend," Ms. Pony continued with tears streaming down her face. "I am sure you two will look beautiful. The most beautiful brides ever. I want you to know that even if I can't attend in person, my spirit will look onto you with love."

Ms. Pony cried. Annie hugged her and tried to comfort her. Candy didn't know how Annie found the strength to do all those, because for sure she couldn't hold herself anymore. She went outside to cry tearfully.

Even thought Annie didn't show her tears, deep inside she was equally worried stricken. Like Candy, she loved Ms. Pony so much and always regarded her and Ms. Lane as her mothers. Seeing her desperation smashed her hearts into pieces.

That night, Candy and Annie cried together hopelessly. They knew that they needed to get some financial support quickly or Ms. Pony wouldn't be able to make it. Candy had written letters to Albert many times but she never got his reply. Annie who was having a fight with her parents didn't feel right to go back to them just to ask for money. They hated her working in Pony's home, and now she'd contact them for help on the thing they hated. That wouldn't work.

"Albert never replies. What to do?" asked Candy, sobbing.

"You could ask Archie," said Annie who calmed down quicker than Candy.

Candy shook her heard.

She had never been in touch with Archie for years, besides there's a love triangle complication with Annie. She wanted money but she'd not do it at the expense of Annie.

"What about Neal?" asked Annie. "He's rich now, Candy. His company is doing extremely well. He doesn't need to ask money from his parents anymore, he has his own."

Candy almost thew up thinking about him. The guy who always wanted to kiss and hug her, he was so obnoxious.

"I rudely told him that I didn't need his money in the past." She furrowed. "I also humiliated him in front of everyone when I rejected his engagement proposal. I doubt he wants to have anything to do with me anymore," said Candy, then added, "What if you ask Neal?"

"It's hard, Candy, he's Archie's best friend now," replied Annie back. With the same argument, Archie's brother, Stear was ruled out from the picture.


With money issue lingering in her head, Candy walked back home from school. Suddenly someone approached her and asked

"Ms., do you want to be an escort. Here's our number," he said and gave her a flier.

At the bus, Candy was reading the flier. She also remembered what her friends told her about this occupation. It's a lucrative business. It paid well.

I can sell my virginity and demanded lots of money, thought Candy reading the flier. I should tell Annie this.

As soon as she arrived home, she told her idea to Annie.

Annie looked at her in disbelief. "No, that's so dangerous, Candy! In addition, what if you got a fat rough man who beat you up? You wouldn't be able to fight back. He can crush you. No, no, definitely not the solution!"

"Relaxed it's only one night, utmost eight hours. If it didn't look right, I'd run away and we ask for aunt Elroy's or your parents' money."

"What if people know what you do to earn the money? They'll look down on you."

"Man can do it with pride, why can't we ?" asked Candy back. "I heard some of my friends do it. They pay for their tuition by being an escort."

"Candy...," said Annie trying to protest.

"I study man's anatomy in class every day. Time to experience the real one. Don't worry! Just don't tell anyone about this, I am sure it'll be fine!" said Candy.

Candy submitted her name to the most prestigious escort company in Chicago. She demanded a large sum of money. The company looked at her beautiful face and happily accepted her.


Meanwhile Archie and Neal's relationship got closer. Stear was busy with Patty preparing for their wedding. It's not fun anymore to talk about women with him. Archie felt identified to Neal from his broken heart from Candy. They spent a lot of time together especially talking about women. However, Archie never told Neal that he broke up from Annie because of Candy. Neal never told Archie either that Candy was still the love of his life. Other than the off limit topic about Candy, both had been hanging out together as the best of friends. Both are famous bachelors now. Their playboy status in Chicago high society was well known. With their look and wallet, they could pick any woman they want. Girls literately knelled down waiting to be summoned by them. No one knew that both were actually yearning for the same woman, Candy. To fulfill their longing for her, they vented off their desire to these beauties to satisfy their personal pride, to prove that they too could make women fall for them.

Privately, they boasted about their conquered hookers a lot.

"What kind of girl will you be seeing tonight, Leagan?" asked Archie.

"A virgin maiden," answered Neal with a grin. "A rare one, I paid thirty times the amount of the regular beauty I use to have."

Both laughed. The cheered to one another with exotic wine in the exquisite crystal goblets in their hands.

Neal didn't specify to Archie what he meant by rare. He actually had specified Candy's look to get a replica of her to all prestigious escort companies in Chicago. He specified in details the look of Candy. Her hair color, eyes, age,... everything. He grinned to Archie, but inside his heart was crying. After all these years, he's still longing for Candy. There's only her in his heart, stubbornly stayed unchanged. While having sex with all these women, it's her name that he called out and her face that he's imagining.

As soon as the escort company studied Candy's application form, they were ecstatic. Her look was a perfect match to Neal's order. Right away they contacted Neal and scheduled the time for the two to meet. Neal was so ecstatic. He couldn't wait to meet Candy's replica. If he couldn't get the real one, he'd settle for one that looked like her and married her to silence his parents who had been nagging him to settle down and get married.


On the appointed time, Candy came to the most expensive hotel in Chicago downtown. The special agent ensured all were prepared meticulously for their most expensive client. They arranged the room, her dress, her lingerie, the lightning, Mozart string quartet in the background, etc... as he liked it. The agent told Candy to sit in the sofa in a specified position and stature, then he left. Candy nervously anticipated her client and at the same time started to worry with what she's going into. At 7 o'clock sharp, she heard someone opening the door. She was so nervous eagerly looked at the door. Swearing if he looked as bad as she and Annie had anticipated she'd dash out of the room and ran away to go home.

Among the dim of light, she saw a slender clean cut young man entered. That's not too bad, she thought. At least I get a good looking young playboy. She saw him moving closer to her.

He's dashing, Candy thought.

He examined her briefly, loosening his tie, and was about to sit next to her. As soon he moved closer to her, Candy suddenly felt terrified. She looked down at the floor, trembling in fear anticipating his next move.

My gosh, she's beautiful. I am so lucky. He moved closer to examine her.

"Do you like Mozart?" He started a conversation.

He was about to sit next to her when suddenly he noticed that she's so much like...,

"You look... just like...," he stammered.

At this point he thought the resemblance was strikingly too close. It's impossible.

Hearing his familiar way of talking startled her too. Instantly, she lifted her face to look at his face.

He looked so familiar, I think I saw him before just not as tall and his voice wasn't that deep, she thought.

He examined her full face closely to make sure he saw it right. He quickly jumped to the wall to turned on the big lights and... my goodness... The blonde hair, the large green eyes, the pinkish marble skin, she's no other than...

"Candy?" he asked.

"Neal!" said Candy. She jumped up right away, hit by a wave of embarrassment.

"What are you doing here?" asked Neal

Candy double check the hotel room with him and she couldn't believe it.

"Oh... my... gosh, you are my client!" she said. She stared at him with eyes and mouth opened so wide that they're impossible to get any bigger.

"I am your... what?" asked Neal astounded.

Instantaneously she thought, Oh no! Now he knows that I'm a virgin. How embarrassing!

While he thought, My girl is still a maiden! I got jealous to William and Terry for nothing. He chuckled in his heart.

-To be continued -

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*Escort (from A person, often a prostitute, who is hired to spend time with another as a companion.