"Korttork," Dry Bowser groaned as he realized he was starring in another stupid fanfiction again.

"That's right! It's a fanfic starring me!" Shulk proudly exclaimed as he stripped off his clothes, revealing his underwear.

"Why? Don't we already have a hundred fanfics about you?" Dunban asked, being rather annoyed.

"Well, yes, but..." Shulk trailed off as he then grabbed Dunban and passionately kissed him.

Captain Falcon walked in, wearing nothing but a speedo. He noticed Shulk kissing Dunban, with Dunban trying to pull away, while Dry Bowser was cleaning the walls.

"What the Falcon...?" Captain Falcon cursed as he squinted, not believing this shit.

Lady Palutena farted as she graced everyone with her gassy presence, only to gasp and fart at the sight of Shulk kissing Dunban. "Oh my stars! I mean, my goodness! Shulk is gay!"

"It was quite obvious," Ike stated as he was eating a bucket of fried chicken on the ceiling, having no place to eat his chicken.

It should be obvious that all of this was taking place in Shulk's room, by the way.

"Shulk! Stop kissing me!" Dunban exclaimed as he kicked Shulk in the balls, then grabbed the Monado and stuffed it up Shulk's ass, running off as fast as he could.

"Oh! I'm really feeling this..." Shulk groaned as he held his privates in pain, falling to the ground. "I'll really feel this all night..."

Palutena farted a brassy deep pitched tuba toot as she left The Room, while Captain Falcon went to do more Falcon stuff, Ike continuing to eat chicken on the ceiling, and Dry Bowser continuing to do one of the many random jobs he found himself in.

All of this would be explained... cuz Shulk can see the future, Marty. Great Scott!