"Wait, who are you?" Shulk asked himself at the Guar Plains, with it plain boring.

"I could say the same thing for you, big guy!" The other Shulk exclaimed.

Dunban and Rayquaza exchanged glances with each other as the evening started to transcend into the night, with Metal Face laughing as he suddenly appeared.

"Well, looky here, two Shulks, and one... is wearing underwear?" Metal Face stopped as he was genuinely confused.

"Yeah, and I'm really feeling it!" Exclaimed the Shulk in his underwear, the one clearly from Smash Bros as he used the Smash Bros exploit of jumping through the air and then slashed Metal Face's metallic face several times, proceeding to hump his face as he was really feeling it, all right.

"...what the fuck is even going on anymore?" Dunban commented in disgust as the Shulk in regular clothing from Xenoblade began pulling his own clothes off, much to his dismay.

"Who cares, the readers get something funny," Rayquaza stated as he was now dressed up like Shulk, because he felt it was Shulk time. After all, being a legendary dragon Pokemon, he had a good rhythm going.