Harry sat in the kitchen of number four privet drive crying. He couldn't believe that Sirius was dead and although he knew it wasn't actually his fault but Voldermort's he still felt very bad about the whole ordeal. He was very shocked when a letter from Gringotts appeared in his hands from no where. Turning it around he noticed the official Gringotts seal and was highly confused. What in the hell did they want now? I mean hadn't he already lost enough without having to deal with the bank as well. He opened it intrigued as it most certainly looked official his anger with the intrusion dissipating slightly.

Dear Mr Harry James Potter, We here at the bank wish first of all to express our deepest condolences on the death of Lord Sirius Orion Black. We are writing to inform you of many different discrepancies we found with your main Potter accounts and the Potter trust vault. It has come to our attention that several amounts of money we know you could not have taken out have been removed from the main Potter vaults. Every month statements of your accounts have been sent to you and we knew something was up when we sent you a statement a few days ago about these transactions and you never replied or called in to sort it out with us. Upon checking it out we discovered that in fact the mail had left in your direction but halfway there did not reach you and diverted somewhere else. We then sent out another one with an invisible untraceable goblin tracker and what we discovered was disgusting. Yes the mail had left for you but half way through the journey was delivered to Professor Albus Percival wulfric Brian Dumbledore. We concluded that as he has tampered with your mail what else has he done. We are extremely sorry to report he is not to be trusted. We have charmed this letter to look like a normal friendly letter from Miss Hermione Jean Granger so he will suspect nothing.

Upon further investigation we saw that he never showed you your parents will at age eleven or sent you to live with Amelia Bones as was the wish of your dead parents. He ignored their will entirely illegally making himself your magical guardian which he is not. Every year your parents had your trust vault automatically reset to ten thousand galleons each January first. It was to do that every year until you turned seventeen and could then take control of the main Potter Vaults becoming Lord Potter. Each year you would spend roughly two thousand galleons on supplies for school, Hogsmeade or quidditch things. This left eight thousand galleons for the taking. Professor Dumbledore took three hundred thousand a year from the main potter vaults. He placed the amount into three separate accounts labelled The Light Side funds, Hogwarts Funding and of course his own family account. This unfortunately is not the end of it either. We are aware that he told both Ginerva Molly Weasley and Ronald Billius Weasley that they could withdraw any amount of money under ten thousand galleons a year for themselves. We have learned that he told them you said they could have it and didn't want to be worried about it in the future. They were then told that even if you did not in fact say this that they were due it for their family being poor. Every year they withdrew five thousand galleons without your permission for their own use absolutely.

Dumbledore himself illegally withdrew in the sixteen years you had been alive 4,000,800 (four million eight hundred galleons) and in that time frame Mrs Molly Anne Weasley withdrew the same amount as him. We here at the bank take transgressions like this very seriously so we quickly and quietly tested Mr's Arthur, Frederick, George, Percival, William and Charles Weasley. We used Goblin truth methods and erased the investigations from their minds after we were finished. We learned that all of them bar Percival were innocent and had no idea of what was going on with their mother and two youngest siblings. Arthur and the rest were distraught at the news. Suffice to say Arthur has now arranged his money from working to go into his own vault and only ten percent of it to go to the main family vault. Basically he will remember feeling the need to make such a choice and will never change his mind and this way Molly will never know of it until a later date. Molly's accounts have been frozen and your money returned to your own vaults where only you may access it from now on.

We need to know what you wish to do with Ginerva and Ronald's accounts. We mentioned earlier that Percival is not to be trusted. He did not have any hand in taking your money knowing nothing about it but has often thought about doing it to make himself look better. He was planning on stealing from you in a few months so we had no choice but to remove the thought making him feel like stealing from you from his smart mind. Now he no longer feels like this but I still do not recommend trusting him as he could regain the thought again on his own. Now that we know Dumbledore has been stealing from you we can't help but wonder what else he has done to you and those you know physically. We ask that you please choose three friends you trust to come in for complete complimentary medicals as compensation for everything that has gone on here. During the medical you will be assessed for any health complications/ spells placed on you and we will offer you and your friends free training in Goblin and untraceable magic as well as the opportunity to learn all about each of your heritages. Please note that we want you to come in as soon as you can to stop Dumbledore from further meddling with your late godfathers will. Please write the names of your three friends on this parchment and once you have done so it will automatically transport to my office. Yours Sincerely, Ragnook Gringotts President, Gringotts Bank London.

Harry was dumbfounded as he sat there crying with the shock. Ron was meant to be his friend how could he betray him like this. And as far as Dumbledore went he had already lied too much to have any respect left with Harry. He picked up a nearby pen hoping he could use it on the parchment delighted to discover he could. He couldn't be bothered trying to fish out his quills from his chaotic trunk for school. He instantly put down the names of Hermione Jean Granger, Luna Marie Lovegood and Neville John Longbottom. As soon as he had finished he felt the familiar tug from his belly button and landed in a heap on the office floor of Ragnook. "Hello Mr Ragnook Sir. I am sorry about my entrance I really must learn to portkey better!" he said blushing when Ragnook stood up from behind his desk. "Mr Potter I am most ashamed no one has ever taught you how they work. Every child is meant to know this when or soon after they turn eleven. If you don't mind I would like to use a goblin type of Legillemency on you to see what your childhood was like. I am going to need to do this quickly in order to ascertain what type of help you will need" said Ragnook seriously but kindly. "You may proceed but for gods sake please be more gentle then professor Snape!" said Harry shocked when the goblin looked up at him with rage on his face.

"Professor Severus Snape is most certainly not a legillimens master so whoever told you that was a liar. No doubt the work of Dumbledore!" he snarled and gently entered Harry's head while the three other teens arrived. He was so gently in fact Harry barely noticed him at all. He emerged when the three teens arrived having had everything already explained to them via the staff members sent to retrieve them who had given them a copy of Harry's letter to read while explaining everything they didn't understand. Each of them was furious. "Harry I have seen all I need to see. I will retrieve first my optometrist to look at the eyes of all of you." No sooner had he said that then a tall woman came in with a wand and a set of equipment. "Ok we'll start with Neville Longbottom you can stand over there please. Now open both your eyes and look directly at the scanner. It will tell me if any spells or anything has been used to cause your eyes any trouble." she scanned his eyes finally scowling.

"Ok it would appear that a spell has been used to make your sight blurry slightly when in the class of potions and or around Professor Severus Snape anywhere. It was placed there by Dumbledore. I will now remove it from you and heal any underlying problems you have." She conjured a 3D representation of Snape programmed to hurl his usual insults at Neville and then mended his sight perfectly giving him twenty twenty vision. "Well I have healed your eyes entirely but during my scan found many different spells on you all placed there by Dumbledore such as spells to inhibit you growing in height or confidence and spells to make you always suspicious of Harry and continuously nervous and clumsy. Suffice to say you would have been an accident prone bumbling idiot with these spells on you. When I am done here I will take you all down to the time delayed medical labs here. Harry Potter you can go next." she said leaving a stunned Neville to sit down while Harry approached her. She scanned Harry's glasses and his eyes scowling deeply.

"I swear to god if I could murder Albus and get away with it I would. He has placed various tracking charms on your glasses and insisted that the wrong prescription be purchased for you in order to further damage your sight. Your father had glasses yes but you do in fact not need them at all. In fact I am going to fit your glasses with normal glass that will appear as anything but should anyone else ever try to wear them. Your sight will be twenty twenty but you will still always wear the glasses. This can in fact be of great use especially if no one truly believes you can see without them on!" she said smiling brightly. To say Harry was shocked would have been an understatement. She waved her wand over his eyes and glasses and before he knew it he could see perfectly well without them. He was elated to say the least. Luna went next and was horrified to find various spells on her eyes in particular which made her spout out constant nonsense. No wonder everyone called her Loony! Once her eyes were fixed she still had a fairy like quality to her but actually spoke sense for once. Hermione had various spells on her eyes making her obsessed with studying, reading, complaining to others all the time about these things and never having fun for the need to want to do well. Once these were removed she broke down crying.

Everyone knew her as the bookworm how in the hell would they look at her now. She still loved and totally adored books but would no longer nag everyone about studying or spend too much time studying herself. She would now be able to have fun all the time as well as reading which she loved to do anyway. It would seem the spells had been making her a complete control freak. Next they went downstairs into a hospital lab. The lab was under a time spell meaning that every day spent inside the lab was five minutes in ordinary time. Each person stood in a line while four goblin medics waved their hands over each person diagnosing them quickly.

"Ok each of you has been hit with various spells and potions inhibiting your body to physically grow and change past that of a second year student. You are all severely malnourished but it appears that Albus wanted each of you to appear fine in appearance to each other and yourselves. You will require one quick flush out potion that will clear your system of these spells and potions after which you will need to sleep it off. I can also see that Hermione you have been fed various love potions of varying strengths by Mr Ronald Billius Weasley making you totally in love, devoted and loyal to only him and to hate one Viktor Krum. Neville and Luna you two have been fed potions to make it impossible for you to love or have any feelings for either Harry, Hermione, Mr Ronald Billius Weasley or Miss Ginerva Molly Weasley. The same Miss Weasley has been feeding Harry love potions of varying strengths. Also Dumbledore has placed spells on each of you blocking your magical core by 80% and blocking all natural abilities by 100%. Here you go now lie down and drink this flushing potion and we'll deal with the rest of the problems later on" she said kindly.

Each of them drank the absolutely disgusting potion falling asleep for a week. It would seem the potions had been stronger then any of the medical staff had truly realised. Once everyone had woken up they were each individually given potions to block out any further contaminations of the potion or spell variety to protect against all spells bar the Avada Kedavra spell. Harry was the first person to check his appearance in the full length mirror which had been conjured and was shocked at what he saw. He was now at least six ft even in height and had shaggy dark hair and muscles. He was amazed at how totally different he looked. "As you can see Harry you look totally different but I've charmed you so that everyone will think you've had a natural growth spurt this year over the summer holidays including Dumbledore who will not at all be suspicious of it." He was very thankful for her help and delighted no one would pay too much attention to it. Neville went next and could see that he too had grown to six ft one, had shaggy hair himself and a little more muscle then Harry did. When Hermione saw Neville she gulped feeling a flutter in her stomach but as though she should really be loving Ron and it was tearing her apart. She looked at herself to see she too had grown to a tall height of five ft eleven inches and her body was now an hourglass shape while her hair fell in soft tamed ringlets. She was most pleased. Unfortunately for her though at the moment she was thinking of how much more Ron would love her like this.

Luna went last to see she was five ft ten herself and had maintained her usual hourglass shape just with a slightly bigger chest and hair that now hung in brunette waves instead of her usual blonde mess. She looked very different with the hair colour change but loved it. Next they were given potions to rid themselves permanently of all love spells and enchantments. Hermione blushed when she was finished as she realised she was never in love with Ron but someone else. Everyone now felt more relaxed and it was decided to do the inheritance tests before the power cores and abilities were reverted back to what they should have been. Hermione's test results came first and were laid on a table where all of them were now reading it together.

Name of child: Hermione Jean Granger.

Status of said child: half blood.

Mother of child: Ivy Elizabeth Granger nee Carrington (has had magic

bound by old headmaster Dumbledore for secret and unknown reasons. He is not aware she is now a Granger). Get Ragnook to draw up the appropriate papers for the new Hermione Jean Granger – Carrington.

Father of child:John William Granger.

Heirs to vaults if any: Lady to the vaults of: Carrington, Warren and true

Heir of Salazar Slytherin.

Natural talents if any: Controls the element of water 100% block by A.

Dumbledore Metamorph 100% (inherited from mother) block by A.


Businesses and or properties if any per family:

Slytherin: Businesses:

100% ownership Borgin and Burkes.

100% ownership Mr Mulpeppers Apothecary (named after Slytherin's favourite uncle).

100% ownership The White Wyvern (pub).

25% ownership Ministry Of Magic Building.

Slytherin Properties:

Slytherin Castle, Scotland.

lieu verte, Lake District

palacio de plata, Malaga, Spain

Warrens businesses:

100% ownership McHavelock's Wizarding Headgear.

100% ownership Scrivenshafts Quill Shop.

Warrens Properties:

Warrens Manor, Kent.

Warrens Cottage, Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Carrington Businesses:

100% ownership Daily Profit.

100% ownership Spintwitches.

Carrington Properties:

Carrington Manor, Norwhich.

Carrington Place, Vine Street, Bruges, Belgium.

Number 85 Warrington Avenue, Kennington, London

Broad Oak Apartment Complex, Mitcham, London.

Everyone looked at it in shock. "But how can I be the true heir of Slytherin. I'm not cruel, cunning, dark or even evil! And I don't even know how to run a business god damn it" she wailed crying. "Miss Granger I have here with me Salazar Slytherin's portrait so he can speak with you a moment. You should all hear what he has to say!" said the medic producing the portrait on a stand in front of them all.

Salazar looked young and very handsome in the portrait. "Arise Hermione Granger heir of Slytherin, Lady to the most ancient and noble house of Warrens and finally heir to the most ancient and noble throne of Carrington. Don't worry about that last bit as Ragnook will explain it all to you at a different time. I can completely understand where your concerns come from. Everyone has had a distorted view of Slytherin due to that half blood arrogant prick Tom Riddle and to be honest Lucious Malfoy and his ugly son have not done it much justice either. Slytherin House was originally created to house people who had the best and strongest magical cores. Blood status means nothing really because you could easily be the richest of purebloods but have an extremely weak magical core. Someone spread around a rumour somewhere along the line that purebloods were the best which is total codswallop if you ask me. It doesn't matter what blood type you have as long as you have a strong magical core you can be in my house. I am very saddened that the wonderful house of my best friend and wife Helga Hufflepuff does not get on well with my house.

We are the kings and queens of being cunning, brave and smart it's just that other houses have a bit more of it in them then mine does. Don't ever underestimate the house of Hufflepuff as she was once one of the greatest war heroes alive. Now for some fact and fictional things said about my house." he paused here so she could effectively wipe her eyes and blow her nose before continuing.

"We are not all evil bad people and not everyone in my house can talk to snakes either as it's quite rare. I could do it and so can Mr Potter here whom I have the most respect for in your time. You have seen many atrocities at the hands of that impotent fool Riddle and that old sack of cow dung Dumbledore. No longer will I stand by and idly watch a half blood liar say he is my heir when my heir is the smartest and strongest female witch of the generation although she will never match up to the skills of strategy in battle or organisation quite like Rowena Ravenclaw's heir. With your ability in elemental magic combined with that of a metamorph you will be a serious force to be reckoned with. I am so proud of you my child and always follow your heart young one. Never be afraid to show affection or emotions which is something that is seriously wrong with the people of my house of today. I have left you a special gift in my vault that works quite well with the gifts of the other heirs. Enjoy it and keep it with you for all of your life. Don't be fooled by how it looks either as it has been charmed to look that way to all and any unfriendly or simply curious eyes including those of Alastair Moody."

"The Goblins will explain how it works when the time to view it comes. I leave you now with an ability to know the workings of every potion ever created and how to create flawless potions each and every time. It should give that idiot Snape something to think about. Please teach the others all that you know. By the way next time you read a book you are in for a treat. Put it this way Luna here will be able to tell you a spell which will enable you to do everything you wish in moments. You will all have to now snap your wands and take a wand of a founder to use. Just because you, Hermione are my heir does not mean you will be destined to my wand as my wand will call out to whoever it is destined to have. Harry Potter here will know that his own current wand cannot kill Riddle as both their wands have the same core so getting rid of it will be helpful. Also I have charmed the wands so they will look to everyone else as your old wands did including Riddle and Dumbledore. See you later my child and now I will go to my other portrait of which I have many in various places and see you later on!" he said leaving the portrait and four stunned teens behind. It was the turn of Neville to go next as his inheritance parchment was placed on the table for everyone to look at.

Name of child: Neville John Longbottom.

Status of said child: Pureblood.

Mother of child: Alice Marie Longbottom nee Draven

Father of child: Frank John Longbottom.

Heirs to vaults if any: Lord to the vaults of: Draven, Williams and true

Heir of Helga Hufflepuff.

Natural talents if any: Controls the element of earth 100% block by A.

Dumbledore. Natural occlumens ability 100% (inherited from mother) block by A.


Businesses and or properties if any per family:

Hufflepuff Businesses:

100% ownership Tomes and Scrolls.

100% ownership Dogweed and Deathcap.

100% ownership slug & Jiggers Apothecary.

25% ownership Ministry of Magic Building.

Hufflepuff Properties:

Hufflepuff Castle, Yorkshire.

Helga's Fortress, Maine, USA.

Numbers 1- 28 Pilchard Place, Todhoe, Durham.

Draven businesses:

100% ownership Wizarding Wireless Networks Headquarters .

100% ownership Pilliwinkles Playthings .

Draven Properties:

Flat number 50, Horizont Alley, London.

Draven House and Gardens, Hertfordshire.

Williams Businesses:

100% ownership FlimFlam's Lanterns .

100% ownership The Fountain of Fair Fortune (pub).

Williams Properties:

Flats 1- 30 The Fountain of Fair Fortune.

Flat 35 (above) FlimFlam's Lanterns.

Number 56, Hawthorn Row, Lancashire.

William Villa, Marseilles, France.

"We have received intelligence from your scans earlier on that although Dumbledore blocked your magical core and abilities he just did it all in one go without even checking to see if you'd had any abilities. Having said that he will have no clue what abilities if any, any of you have now." Neville was most surprised to be the heir of Hufflepuff and with the ability to control the element of earth. He would look forward to using it and learning how to use it later on. The goblins would hopefully teach him how to use it without having it traced back to him. He really did love plant life and I suppose he should have seen it coming but it was still such a shock to him. The goblin medic clicked her fingers and a portrait of Helga Hufflepuff was on the easel looking out at all of them. She was much younger and less rotund looking. Her hair was long and golden red in colour and she wore fine golden and black robes.

"Neville heir of Hufflepuff, Lord of Williams and Draven arise. I am so proud you are my heir and annoyed that Dumbledore made you so clumsy and incompetent all those years and with no ability to stop it myself. I would have stopped him if I could. It's ironic that he made you hate the house of my husband and be afraid to the point of near insanity of the head of house who is an incompetent fool and is far too confident in his own abilities which are not outstanding. Yes he is an excellent potions master but he fails to grasp the concept of how his potions work with my plants. He is abusive and careless with the plants and each potion he makes works but not to their full potential that they could. He is in for a shock next time you enter his classroom for your potions will rival even his and probably be better then his along with that of Hermione Granger the half blood heir of Slytherin and may she have my utmost respect and praise. For such a wonderfully smart girl even you have grasped the idea that some plants are sentient beings and that all plants deserve proper care and love. Go easy on Neville dear I know how you feel and I felt it too. He's a very striking man and I can safely say with these spells gone Ronald Billius Weasley can no longer control your affections for Mr Longbottom here. I know you loved him before Dumbledore acted in second year at the start with those love potions. It's ok Neville I know you love her too. We must never be afraid or ashamed of emotions at all as this is where true weakness lies."

"Harry Potter dear child you often have the weight of the world on your shoulders but I will say something to you now which will come as a bit of a shock. I am the inventor of the Legillimens and Occlumens charms. When Dumbledore has been looking into your mind all this time he is not aware part of my essence has been looking there too. I have seen and spent much time analysing your scar and have determined that it is a horcrux or for want of a better phrase a piece of Riddle's soul. I have visited all my possible portraits and have had all bar two remaining horcruxes destroyed for me by loyal people and house elves I knew I could trust implicitly. The only two left are your scar and his pet snake Nagini and Hermione Granger will have the knowledge to kill him so we only need to worry about you right now. You will need to lie down on the bed while someone cuts open your scar pouring basilisk venom inside. Trust me on this as it is how we have destroyed the others. I have asked people where I live to find these items and pour Basilisk venom on them. They have for their own safety not been informed why just that I need to purify them of dark magic. If they knew it had anything to do with Riddle they would not act you understand and they have taken measures so it will appear as though I am the one who has done it. I understand you will need time when it comes to defeating Riddle and me having done this will give you at least a few months while he tries to figure out how a dead person who died hundreds of years ago destroyed his soul items. He will naturally never figure it out which will start to diminish his sanity."

"Luna Lovegood you are the one powerful force for goodness which cannot be undone. You will strive to calm and mentor those of the true light side and show them how to move on after grieving or how to move away from wrecked homes and such. You have a responsibility as a sort of counsellor for those in your own vicinity only. Neville I impart upon you the knowledge of all plant life, how the different plants work, how to use them in potions more accurately then most in your school and finally how to control them magically in war. It will aid you when you most need it. In my vault you will find the same gift Salazar left for Hermione. Note when you use it, it will appear normal to all and will be decorated inside anyway you personally would have chosen to decorate it. We have also invested in some muggle technology which Harry or indeed Hermione can explain to both you and Luna. Look after yourself young one and remember wherever you go one of my portraits goes so I am always at hand to advise you on anything you need help with!" she said smiling at him as her portrait disappeared from view.

He approached Hermione with such confidence it blew even him away. "Is what she said about your feelings true because what she said about mine is!" he said smiling brightly as joy radiated all over his face. "Yes it was. I'm so sorry Neville. Had I known what Dumbledore was doing to me coupled with what Ron was doing I could have been with you sooner. Please forgive me I feel so weak now!" she said a tear escaping her eyes. "Hey love don't worry as he fooled us all. It is not your fault now nor will it ever be your fault. As long as you agree to be with me always by my side that's all I ask. Will you accept this ring as a promise of eternal love and a promise that we will one day in the future marry" he said seriously now holding her hand and producing a ring from god knows where. Harry looked on in awe. Where was Neville? Obviously he was right here but he'd always been so nervous he really looked forward to Neville showing Snape a thing or two in potions when they returned to school. "Yes I will! I... I can't believe you did that! I love you Neville" she squealed kissing Neville deeply before blushing and looking around at the others while holding his hand with her own a three stone sapphire diamond ring on her engagement finger. The ring was sterling silver with a main sapphire diamond with two smaller normal diamonds one at either side of the sapphire diamond. It looked stunning and she couldn't stop staring at it in awe.

They waited while Harry went over to lie down on the bed when a large vial of Basilisk Venom was captured. His skull was spelled so that it was numb like a muggle anaesthetic. His scar was then cut open making him scream out in agony much to the worry of everyone in the room. The Basilisk Venom was neatly funnelled into the open wound. He screamed even louder as a bleak thick black screaming substance that looked like Voldermort shrieking emerged. He was then magically cleaned with healing phoenix tears and had his wound expertly resealed. He was surprised to see that he could upon command still see what Voldermort was seeing and or planning but knew that he would no longer have any more nightmares something that made him smile. Between his miniature surgery and healing an hour had passed. To make it more perfect he still had his scar but it wasn't infected with dark magic any more. Next Luna's inheritance page appeared on the desk before them all where they all looked curiously at it reading it in detail.

Name of child: Luna Marie Lovegood.

Status of said child: Pureblood mix.

Mother of child: Deanna Marie Lovegood nee Rivers

Father of child: Xenophyillius Everett Lovegood.

Heirs to vaults if any: Lady to the vaults of: Rivers, Maxwell and true

Heir of Rowena Ravenclaw.

Natural talents if any: Empath (emotion controlling, reading and intention reading) ability 100% block by A. Dumbledore. Natural reading, omnilingual and charms production ability 100% (inherited from founder) block by A. Dumbledore

Businesses and or properties if any per family:

Ravenclaw Businesses:

100% ownership Obscurus Books.

100% ownership The Hopping Pot (pub)

100% ownership Sugarplum's Sweet Shop

100% ownership Concordia Plunkett Music Instruments.

25% ownership The Ministry of Magic Building.

Ravenclaw Properties:

Ravenclaw Institute, Hampshire.

Rowena College of Magic, Galway, Ireland

Rowena Ravenclaw's Manor, Hull Island.

Rivers businesses:

100% ownership Shutterbuttons Photo Studio.

100% ownership Owl Post Office.

100% ownership Grunnings Drills, London and Surrey.

Rivers Properties:

Number 21 Hemmingway Lane, Bracknell.

Fillius Fountains, Cork, Ireland.

Maxwell Businesses:

100% ownership Globus Mundi Travel Agents .

100% ownership Stowe and Packers Magical Bags.

Maxwell Properties:

79 Hutherford Farm, (Next to the Library) Ottery St Catchpole.

The Den, (Next to the Burrow) Ottery St Catchpole.

Otters Library, Ottery St Catchpole (With Flat above).

Luna looked around in awe. She couldn't believe she was omnilingual and that Dumbledore had stopped her from learning of this ability. Just think of how many hours of fun and learning she had been prevented from having. Everyone knew that being omnilingual meant that you could read anything in any language at all ever invented and talk in any language out there. Owning all of these different businesses and properties was a hell of a rush. Once again the portrait of Rowena Ravenclaw appeared on the easel before them. She too looked much younger with brunette hair like Luna's was now. She looked delightfully happy but as thought she could kill you in an instant if she so chose. She saw all of their expectant faces looking at her and so she began talking.

"Luna Lovegood heir of Ravenclaw and Lady to the houses of Rivers and Maxwell arise. You are as beautiful as myself and I am proud of this fact. It is well known that I am one of the most striking looking founders. I am sure my husband Godric Gryffindor will agree. You have the powers to read in, converse in and understand any language that has ever been invented. You have the ability to pass this ability onto your friends just as Hermione has the ability to pass on her Metamorph abilities to just the three of you. The goblins will teach you the spells to transfer and share your abilities between the four of you. It is vital that you should all have these abilities in the upcoming war. And I might add that metamorph abilities are not just for changing appearance and voice to look and sound like another person of your choosing but can be used to fool Riddle into thinking that certain death eaters are revolting against him. Another great thing which they don't tell you these days is that anything you have done while appearing as someone else will be documented magically and everywhere as something that person has done and not you so you can in theory get away with much. The current fools in the ministry don't want people to know that in case you appear as someone like the Minister and kill someone else. I would personally suggest enlisting the help of Madame Hogwarts who is essentially the castle when in her sentient form but can be in the form of an all powerful women as well. She can keep Dumbledore locked in his own office for a while, while you impersonate him and state things in front of the whole school which cannot be denied by the real Dumbledore later because he will have said it in front of the entire school what fun. It is untraceable anyway so no one will know you are doing it. I imagine Harry you will have fun with this."

"Luna you are not just pureblood but you have an extremely rare blood type of mixed pureblood. You have actually pureblood mixed with the magical blood and powers of the fairies. Essentially you are half pureblood witch and half pureblood fairy. You will know soon enough when the time is right how to harness your fairy magic. Like those with elemental powers your fairy magic is just yours and cannot be shared like your other abilities with the others. I leave you now with all the knowledge of charms and the ability to recall a charm for a particular situation in seconds as well as the ability to act before anyone has even thought of the answers. Bless you my child and Neville chin up sweetheart for you are much more special then you know. Don't deny your feelings for Harry Luna as he would be the best match for you. Take care and I'll be inside the gift I left you in our vault" she said leaving. Everyone was astounded. Luna recalled most of the charms she knew as well as a barrage of many others she didn't know before now. She was amazed at the utter strength and ability to strategize and without much effort at all. They all waited for Harry's results. It appeared on the table moments later.

Name of child: Harry James Potter.

Status of said child: Halfblood.

Mother of child: Lillian Elizabeth Potter nee Evans

Father of child: James Charlus Potter.

Heirs to vaults if any: Lord to the vaults of: Potter, Black and true

Heir of Godric Gryffindor.

Natural talents if any: Natural healing ability 100% block by A. Dumbledore. Natural animagus ability 100% (inherited from father) block by A. Dumbledore

Businesses and or properties if any per family:

Gryffindor Businesses:

100% ownership Bowman E. Wright Blacksmith.

100% ownership The House Elf Placement Agency.

100% ownership The Drunk Druid (pub).

25% ownership The Ministry of Magic Building.

Gryffindor Properties:

Gryffindor Palace, Penzance, Cornwall.

Hawthorn House, Wales.

Minion Manor, Salut, Spain.

Potter businesses:

100% ownership Gladrags Wizard Wear .

100% ownership The Magic Neep.

Potter Properties:

Number 4 Privet Drive ( Wedding gift to Petunia and Vernon Dursley Potter name on deeds).

Potter Manor, Bath

Potter Cottage, Godrics Hollow.

Black Businesses:

100% ownership Ceridwens Cauldrons. .

100% ownership Cobb and Webbs.

Black Properties:

12 Grimmauld Place (being leased to Albus Dumbledore with automatic payments from the Dumbledore family vault unbeknownst to Dumbledore. He is not aware he is paying for it and believes he has been left it in Sirius Orion Blacks will).

Black Villa, Florence, Italy.

Number 21 Duff Lane, London.

Black Manor, York.

Harry was astounded. Not only had he all these properties and businesses but all those times he'd been beaten by his relatives or nearly killed by Voldermort he could have healed himself if he'd had this ability. What stung the most was that Dumbledore had carelessly removed the ability without knowing what it truly did at all. He had owned the house he grew up in and was still treated like crap there either way. Well they'd either smarten up or be out on the streets. At least Dumbledore was never aware of this fact as Vernon always spouted about how much he owned the house. Dumbledore hadn't even been aware Harry had the ability making Harry fume as a bottle in the corner with a pain relief potion in it exploded. "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to do that. I'll pay for another potion. I just can't believe Dumbledore would so casually remove this ability."

"Well he did so get over it and move on!" said the portrait of Godric Gryffindor which was now on the easel in front of them all. He was young with dark long hair and beautiful deep green eyes. "Harry your problem is that you care too much about others and spilled milk. Just be thankful that because of the Goblins here he can't ever do it to you again and move the hell on. Blunt as it sounds you must move on and stop thinking about others. I must tell you now of a rare ability I've saved for you my heir and I'm most proud of it. As Hermione here will be the official Slytherin master of potions I have given you the ability to produce potions at the drop of a hat with your hands in order that you might get that scarlet women Ginerva Molly Weasley back for her reckless love potion attempts. I'd suggest giving her the veela potion temporarily. It will make her like a veela attracting all kinds of men for a week before it wears off. Dumbledore the incompetent old fool will not understand what is wrong with her although he will notice it. As for potions class I'd suggest conjuring a perfect potion that isn't the one Snape asked for to mess with his head. He'll be so annoyed that you brewed a potion more excellent then he ever could even if it wasn't the potion he asked for. I'd like to try and see him sneer then. Trust me he'll find ways to try and punish you for this but ultimately will not be able to do so if you change it back to the right potion once he leaves and before bottling it. He will be dead confused and think he's loosing his mind. It's about time someone put the grease ball in his place".

"Another cool thing I can do is assign you the Sword of Gryffindor. It is now to be in writing that it is yours and became yours in second year when you pulled it out of the hat. No one will be able to conjure it no matter what they do and it will drive Dumbledore mad that he can't have it in his office where he likes the power he thinks it holds. He has been abusing his powers as headmaster for long enough. When you win this war which you will with or without his help you are to take over as Headmaster. All of us four founders are in agreeance that you should be the new Headmaster when Albus Dumbledore has left or been fired because of all his previous transgressions. Hermione you should be the new vice Headmistress and the head of Slytherin house once this war is finished. If Snape refuses to go that's tough you are the heir of Slytherin and he'll just have to go! We all agree that the new head of Gryffindor House should Minerva McGonagall prove disloyal and only in that instance should be Remus John Lupin. As for Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw Neville and Luna are to be the new Heads of House. You are to teach the subjects that were taught by the previous heads of house. The previous heads of house left are to teach another subject they are well versed in. Please Harry restore our castle to it's former glory. Professor Filious Flitwick would be best in teaching duelling as he is a master of it. He can then teach charms in relation to that subject whereas Luna can teach all other kinds of charms that are useful and needed for everyday life. Professor Pomona Sprout can teach healing using Herbology but you Neville will be the main teacher of Herbology. She will be teaching the medical aspects of becoming a healer or trained mediwitch with the help of Madame Poppy Pomfrey should she be revealed as totally loyal to the cause and not Dumbledore."

"Lastly Harry I leave you the same gift as the others in my or should I say your own vault now. Wear the rings with pride all of you and please all of you right now snap your wands. Don't worry everything will be alright if you trust me the goblin has gone to retrieve a box. Do it now!" said Godric rather forcefully. All looking very dubious they did as he asked feeling very nervous. The mentioned goblin returned with a box. "Now close your eyes Harry and place your hand over the box and pick out whichever wand gravitates most to you. After Harry has done this you can all go after him one by one with your eyes closed to choose a wand. These are the wands of the founders but will look like your old wands to everyone but you four and you never have to worry about them being confiscated. I'll talk to you later on Harry take care!" said Godric leaving. In the end Harry chose the wand of Slytherin while Hermione chose the wand of Hufflepuff. Neville chose the wand of Ravenclaw and Luna chose the wand of Gryffindor. They all set out to the different time spelled rooms to spend nine years which in reality would only mean three days normal time in training with the elves and goblins. They would be sure to return to Hogwarts as different people that's for sure.