Hey everyone so here it is the epilogue. It's always hardest when you must end the story and this was so very difficult to write as a chapter. I've so enjoyed writing this story and I'd like to thank each and every one of you who supported it as at times it wasn't easy with writers block etc. Love Moon x

"HEY! Give that back! That's not fair! Sara he has my stuff again why is he always in my things?" moaned Arianna from her bedroom where she was packing up her trunk. "Now Arianna we must all learn to share but you are right this is not Miles' book. Now Miles please give it back to your sister and go now and pack your own trunk. You will be leaving in the morning and we want you to be ready. Now I must attend to Isabella and Giacomo so you just behave yourself!" she admonished lightly moving into the next room. Miles looked annoyed as he threw the book at Arianna before packing himself. Their younger twin Siblings Isabella and Giacomo would be starting school tomorrow. They were both in their third year now and Arianna was happily dating Scorpius Malfoy- Potter the twin brother of her best friend Lyra Malfoy - Potter. Miles was content with any girl who would admire his good looks so wouldn't settle down with anyone.

They both climbed into bed falling asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow. They awoke in the morning to Sara calling them and drawing back the curtains. Isabella was very frightened at the breakfast table that morning. "But mum what if I'm not in Ravenclaw like you were?" she asked Hermione terrified. "Darling Bella it matters not which house you get into for me as any house in the whole of Hogwarts would be lucky to have you. I mean Anna and Miles are both in Hufflepuff so what's to say you won't be in another house yourself now no more worrying ok as that's not very nice to be doing before school" she said happily as her daughter seemed to perk up at that.

"I wonder which house Marianne and James Potter – Malfoy will be in? I bet their dad Harry wants them to be in Gryffindor like he was but then Draco wants them to be in Slytherin like he was. It would be so funny if they weren't in any of those houses!" said Giacomo laughing his head off as everyone present joined in. They all flooed the leaky cauldron and then Blaise and Neville each taking a child aparated to the platform with Hermione and the others following behind them. Isabella was holding Blaise's hand so tightly. "I'm really going to miss you Papa. I don't want to leave you!" she said crying as Blaise reached down to her level. "Bella my girl you have nothing to fear it's going to be alright you know. And your Papa will always miss his little princess but at least Uncle Harry and Papa Neville will be there when you arrive. Papa Neville will always love you and look out for you all the same and you couldn't get rid of me even if you tried. I'll be calling in to see Papa Neville all the time so I'll see you then too. I love you my girl and I'm so proud of you. Come on and let's go find Marianne and James so we can see them before you go alright?" he said soothing his now smiling daughter.

Hermione was so proud of Blaise as he'd handled that so well. Isabella had been so nervous about leaving her daddy behind that she had felt very sad but now thankfully felt alright again. Hermione giggled as Arianna darted past her and into the willing arms of Scorpius who was all windswept shaggy blonde hair and bright eyes like Luna's. They shared a passionate kiss as though they had not seen each other a few days ago. Hermione and Luna had insisted upon family time apart to just spend time with their families which Scorpius and Arianna had hated as it meant some time apart which they didn't go for at all. Neville was talking to Giacomo who was so nervous and excited that he almost forgot Dynamo his owl. "Jack come back here. Don't forget Dynamo and don't forget to write to your mother and Papa Blaise all the time. I'll always be with you my son but remember it's Professor Longbottom in my class ok? I'm so proud of you!" he said kissing his son's cheeks making him freak out in embarrassment and grab the owl before he turned to kiss Hermione's cheek and rushed on board the train.

Hermione was now the one crying slightly as Neville held her close. "I'm worried about Jack. I mean he's so sensitive and so small. Oh Nev please look after him and tell him he can come home any time he wants to as long as he lets you know first!" she said wiping her eye with a cloth. Giggling she turned to the side where Draco was panicking and hugging his now crying daughter Marianne who was telling him she'd miss him a lot. "Oh Daddy I'll miss you so much. Dad you're not worried about which house I'm in are you? Because I'm not but I don't want it to annoy you!" she said nervously making him laugh really loudly. "Now there's the Malfoy confidence I've been looking for. Sweetheart as long as you're happy I'll be happy! I love you Annie and you should know you'll always be welcome at home while at school but you must tell Daddy Harry before you come as we wouldn't want you to get in trouble because of it. There's the whistle now come on get on board and find a seat. Look there's Bella! See you soon sweetheart!" he said as she clung to him telling him he'd be alright before kissing his cheeks and climbing on board. Standing back the group of four adults watched as the kids all got settled in their various compartments.

Harry noticed all of the other parents sending some of their children away for the first time thinking this never gets easier. He knew they'd be fine of course as he'd be there to watch over them everyday but still he worried about his children. I mean what if someone bullied them? Would they tell him about it or would they be too afraid to do it? Luna appeared to be the only one in her family who was even calm. Everyone was nervous about leaving kids and how they'd do teaching this year but she knew everyone would fine. There were no more evil men or manipulative old codgers left and as Professor Flitwick always said his school was the safest and most fun centre for learning in Britain. Luna was still wearing her cloak with her hood up and a mild disguise in place. It would not do for people to see the current Minister for Magic out and about so casually. She'd be hounded for interviews and pictures otherwise and this was a time for her beloved children to be in the spotlight. As the tufts of smoke billowed higher and higher the train began pulling away slowly. She saw Marianne clinging to Isabella as they watched the magic spell going on around them in awe. Everyone laughed as some fireworks went off all over the train. That Fred Weasley was always letting off those pranks like his dad had in their day at school. It certainly brightened everyone's mornings and put the girls to rest. Kissing both of her husbands she left contently. They would all be fine from that point on and she knew it. It had not always been a bed of roses but this was their time to shine and she was certain they'd do it.