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"Ve~ Germany! Would you like some pasta? I just made some for you." Said a happy Italy. Germany was used to Italy's hyperness, but he noticed he wasn't as cheerful. He looked at Italy and noticed his eyes were red.

"Italy. May I ask you something?" Germany asked him with a look of concern. Italy looked surprised and soon wondered what Germany wanted.

"Ve~ Germany. Ask away!" Italy said with a bit of forced energy. Germany was silent for a moment, thinking of how to ask him.

"Italy? Are you ok?" Germany asked with a tone of care. Italy was shocked and dropped his act of happiness. "W-what do you mean?" He asked quickly faltering a bit. Germany just kept his caring gaze on Italy. "Have you been crying? It's ok to tell me. I'm your best friend." Germany said in a calm, soft tone.

Italy look at him with a look of complete shock. He then quickly composed himself and put on a fake smile. "Oh, Germany! You are being silly! Pookie was licking me again and you know how his tongue resembles sandpaper! Ve~" Italy said quickly. Germany had to admit, Italy was getting better at lying.

"Ok, Italy. Let's go have some of that pasta you made." Germany said with a soft tone.

~Le time skip~

Italy and Germany were eating pasta in Germany's kitchen. Japan was out taking care of some business with his boss. Germany was still thinking of a way to get Italy to tell him the truth. Italy on the other hand, was trying to act as happy as he could.

"Italy, this is sehr gut." Italy looked at Germany and blushed.

"Ve~ Germany! you really like it?" Italy was very happy that Germany liked his cooking. Italy then was staring at Germany and when Germany looked at him, he would turn his away and blush.

After the meal, Germany washed the dishes and Italy went to bed early. When Germany was done with the dishes, he went to check on Italy. He went to his room, only to see that the pasta-lover wasn't in their. He then went to Italy's room and saw him fast asleep. Germany walked up to Italy and stroked his head softly. Italy gave a soft ve~ and nuzzled Germany's hand. Germany blushed a bit, but it disappeared when he noticed Italy's eyes were red again.

Germany leaned down and gave Italy a comforting kiss on the forehead and noticed something under his pillow. He gently pulled it out and saw it was a journal. He opened it and started reading it. Germany's eyes soon widen at what he was reading. He looked at Italy and whispered, "Italy. Are you ok?"

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