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Prologue: Regret

Draco Lucius Malfoy was sitting in his study, The Daily Prophet falling from limp fingers, his silver blue gray eyes welled up with unshed tears. On the front page was a picture of a newly wedded Harry Potter and the youngest Weasley. He noticed that while the woman was smiling and waving, that Harry looked unhappy. The younger Lord Malfoy hated that he never made a move for Harry's affections. But then again, he was real asshole to Harry and his friends, of course, times and circumstances were different then but there was no excuse.

For years, ever since they first met, Draco had been smitten with the ravenette but his jealousy toward the youngest Weasley boy clouded his judgment and threw everything out of whack. But then again, as he thought about it, it benefitted the smaller boy. But through it all, Draco watched over Harry in some form. He even disapproved on his godfather's behavior towards Harry. When he had the chance, he confronted the older man and basically told him to grow the fuck up and that Harry was never and would never be his father, no more as Draco would never be like his own father. This woke the Potions Master up and since then, he had been more civil to the boy.

Every year, since the troll incident in first year, Draco worried about Harry. Which was why he followed him since. When he saw the Golden Trio go to the Gamesmaster house, and saw the baby dragon, Draco was fascinated and wanted the dragon as a pet. He hated getting Harry in trouble, but he wanted to protect him. Some protector I turned out to be. He scoffed. He hated leaving Harry behind when he saw the madman drinking unicorn blood that night in the Forbidden Forest. He was scared but he was also selfish that night.

When they dueled in second year Draco was angry and took it out at Harry, which was wrong of him. He was angry at the lame brained Professor who put his Harry in danger and he ached to hex the man into the next millennium. He was also embarrassed when the ravenette knocked him on his ass first shot. So, he summoned the snake. This revealed yet another secret about his beloved. Holy Merlin he's a Parselmouth too? Draco had to hide a creeping blush and suppress a shiver of pleasure. Damn, it turned me on! When the school thought Harry was the Heir of Slytherin, Draco had to bite back a laugh at how stupid they were. Harry was like the newly fallen snow, pure. When saw the fake Crabbe and Goyle he suspected it was Harry and the weasel. Clever little minx, but I'll play along. He thought with a smirk. He spoke to them, acting nonchalant and smirked when he saw the changes. He saw the scar and red hair, bit back a laugh when they bolted. He heard about the confrontation with his father and choked on his pumpkin juice when he heard that his father had landed on his ass due to his house elf for trying to attack Harry. He didn't have to ask which elf. He knew it had been Dobby. For it was Draco who had sent Dobby in the first place under strict orders to not reveal the name of his Master. He remembered how pissed his father looked when he saw him. In private, Draco laughed his ass off until his ribs hurt. It was priceless.

In their third year, he had to admit, he was a complete asshole. He knew of Sirius Black's escape and was on the search for Harry. He didn't piece it together straight away. When the Dementors went for Harry in the train, Draco felt his heart drop but he had to put up a front. He was relieved when Professor Lupin came to Harry's rescue. He knew that all it took was one kiss and Harry would be done for.

In the classroom, when being taught the spell Ridikulus, he had to compose himself when he saw the Boggart for Longbottom. It was absolutely hilarious. When it got to Harry, Draco was dying to push through the crowd and get to him but Lupin beat him to it. Again Draco was relieved when Harry recovered. The Qudditch Pitch almost blew his cover entirely. He witnessed Harry getting attacked by the Dementors and saw him plummet toward the ground. When he saw Dumbledore arrest the fall and saved Harry's life, Draco silently pledged his loyalty to the aged Headmaster at that moment.

When Harry flew on the Hippogryph, Buckbeak, he remembered the half giant named him, Draco watched with worry and amazement. Harry was fearless, despite all the dangerous shit he had to go through on an annual basis. Luckily my hair is white blond or I'd have some serious white hair from all this worrying! He saw two of the Golden Trio go off to Hogsmeade and Draco's heart went out as he saw Harry staying alone, ready to cry. He had no one and Draco was thankful for his own parents. They had to be aloof outdoors but indoors, it was a different story. He walked with Crabbe and Goyle, following the path of the lesser two of the Trio. Draco wanted to question them but instead, he teased them about shopping for their dream home. Then the snowballs hit, his hat was touched and his pants were down! Holy shit! These are some perverted ghosts! He held his pants and shrieked as he was dragged in the snow. Oh fuck, I hate snow up my ass! He was let go and he stumbled away. He even got punched! By a girl! He didn't dare tell his parents. When asked about his injury Draco shrugged and said that he hit a tree. His mother tsked at him but his father quirked an eyebrow. His father wasn't buying the tree story...

Draco was on edge in forth year and wanted to kick everyone's ass as Harry was once again put at risk. He even wanted to strangle the Hufflepuff pretty boy who kept stealing glances at his Harry. Draco was sorely tempted to throttle whomever put Harry's name into the Goblet. He felt claws pierce into his palms before realizing they were his. He dared a glance at his hands and gasped. His hands were scaled, a deep dark emerald green and silver with black, wicked claws. He calmed down and thanked Morgana that his hands were normal again. What the hell? He thought. With every event, he watched and relished in his beloved's victories. The dance was an absolute horror for Draco to bear so he remained in the Potions Room, brewing up a storm, leaving his godfather to puzzle it out. But when he saw Harry and the Hufflepuff touched the Cup and was teleported, Draco's heart sank. No! Only one of the two boys returned alive. In which Draco was thankful for.

Fifth, sixth and seventh were just a mess for Draco, as well as everyone else. He was torn. He loved his family and wanted them to be proud of him but the mission he was set out to do had him sick to his stomach. He was ordered to kill Dumbledore and he wasn't for it at all. He wanted to steal Harry away and run for the hills but he knew that Harry wouldn't go with him willingly for one, two it was not in his nature. He knew that his beloved would stick it out, even die if he had to. Draco wasn't for that and he wanted to demand that Harry cease the mission. That he needed him. That he loved him. Dumbledore was taken out by his godfather and Draco pieced together why. It wasn't murder, it was mercy. Dumbledore was dying and he asked Severus to set him free from the pain. Draco saw how much it hurt his godfather to execute his former teacher. Draco couldn't watch, turning his head away and closing his eyes.

The battle was hell and Draco fought harder than he ever had in his life. By the time the fighting ceased, he was exhausted and he barely had enough energy to walk out of there. Harry was not so lucky. In fact the younger boy was carried off the field because he was too exhausted to move. Voldemort was gone and everyone was free. After the school was repaired, everyone, Draco included, after being cleared of all charges, as well as his parents, returned to school to complete his last year. Harry had grown and looked absolutely gorgeous and Draco wanted to make his move but the girl weasel was basically hanging onto Harry. This pissed off the blond but he stepped aside. For a moment, his gaze locked with Harry's and Draco saw something there which he wasn't sure of yet.

After graduating, Draco took up an apprenticeship with the same Potions Master who trained his godfather and obtained his Mastery in both Potions and Healing in record time. As per contract, and his reluctance, he married Astoria Greengrass and had a son, Scorpius. He agreed to a divorce as long as he had his son. She agreed and was currently living happily with Blaize, while Draco and Scorpius remained in Malfoy Manor with Draco's parents.

"Draco?" His father asked, knocking on the door of his study. "We were all wondering...ah, I see you already know." Lucius Malfoy wasn't a fool to his son's fancy and knew that his son would need someone to talk to before he blew up. Draco clutched at the newspaper, shredding it with his claws. Lucius quirked an eyebrow and sat down.

"Father, why her?" He asked dangerously and Lucius sat straighter. He knew Draco was about to blow and his answer would either calm or enrage his son if he wasn't careful. "He looks so...unhapp...wait a moment..." He picked up his hawthorn wand and repaired the front page, looking closely at the picture, focusing mainly on Harry. In the picture, Harry was very unhappy and if he wasn't mistaken, the bride's hand was squeezing Harry's wrist so tightly that bruises would surely appear. "That bitch!" He snarled. He kept the picture in a folder and made notes. Lucius blinked as his son was a maelstrom of fury. He was quiet but damn so the Dark Lord look like a pixie. And that is no easy feat. Draco made his way to the library. Threw the doors open and searched through wordlessly, grabbing the books he wanted and parchment. Lucius was confused until Draco got his father's attention.

"Father, get an investigation started. Maple!" Draco called. A small house elf appeared and bowed.

"Master Draco be summoning Maple?"

"Yes Maple, I want you to look after Harry Potter and serve him as you serve me but report anything wrong straight to me only, is that clear?" Maple was Draco's second personal elf, his first having had been Dobby. However, when he went to school, Dobby served his father. Maple was Dobby's sister and she knew of Harry Potter from her brother. She was more than willing to have him as a second Master.

"Yes Master Draco, Maple is understanding." Draco handed her a letter with his personal seal, which would only open to Harry. Each Malfoy had a personal seal and the official seal. His grandfather Abraxas had a rearing stallion, his father had a snake Draco had a dragon. It also had the Malfoy crest with the dragon, wings opened proudly the elegant M under it and the crest in between the wings. The seal colors, dark emerald green and silver. Maple took it and put it away, bowing to her Master Draco before popping away. Draco turned to his father and both men sat down, no words needed. They went to work.

Maple, watch over him. Harry, my deepest regret is not protecting you then. I will not make the same mistake now. I hope that one day, you can forgive me...

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