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Engineer stooped within a wire ridden ventilation shaft at Gray Gravel Headquarters. He watched as a long, thin mechanical arm unwrapped itself from its folded position and hovered next to its master.

"What do you think we should do for this one mnh?" The master said, "A new name, new family, a new face, a new personality... Yes, yes. That will work best, take out that pesky craftiness and replace it with, oh, let's say...bumbling ignorance."

Engineer forced his eyes shut as the massive needle on the end of the arm moved in on his teammate. If it hadn't been for the man sitting bound and gagged in the chair before him, he'd probably be dead, and this time, he couldn't watch what he knew would happen next.

The former spy never even felt the four inch needle drive into his skull or the thin metal tentacles that it injected latch to segments of his brain. Through their invisible presence, the robotics went to work. Slowly, bits of Spy's memory fell away like chunks of a melting glacier. The woman he loved disappeared. His own mother and father became strangers. The years of training and skill he'd acquired were lost in seconds. People, places, names, experiences; all broke off and faded into oblivion. Even his own name was forgotten. Soon enough, he was nothing but an empty shell of a man who knew only the gray suited figure standing before him.

"Hello Andy," the gray man said, "I'm glad to see you're alright after your accident... Can you speak?"

Speak? Andy furrowed his brow, could he speak? Words seemed jumbled in his head; shifting character and composition so often he was surprised he could even think, let alone speak.

"Yeash," he finally replied.

The gray man smiled, "Very good. You must be very confused, concussions will, of course, do that to people. Other side affects you may be experiencing are headaches, disorientation, and memory loss. But don't let those scare you, all those will fade within a couple of days."

"Areh yeuh ayh dohckteur?"

The gray man gently clasped his hands, "Why yes, I am. You may call me Dr. Mann. Now, to help you repair any memories that might have been damaged, my assistant Deloris is going to give you a special therapeutic treatment."

Andy smiled lazily as the robot Deloris pulled up level with his face. He didn't know what therapeutic was, but the word did sound awful nice, especially coming from the honeyed voice of Dr. Mann.

"Just look right at me sir," Deloris said, "This won't hurt you at all, I promise."

Gazing into the robot's blue eyes, memories came slowly back to Andy. A small farm on the Kentucky plains, his mother and father long since lost to a twister, the hours spent mowing fields with a tractor on his family's farm, all these memories and more came flooding in to fill his vacant mind. Andy smiled blissfully, he'd had a pretty good life, and was eager to get back to his home.

Engineer watched as the last of his teammates was lead from the room by the former Mr. Bidwell.

The signature scowl returned to Gray Mann's face, "You're certain Mr. Conagher is dead?"

A mecha engineer flickered to life from the shadows, "We are certain. Would you like to see the footage again?"

Gray waved off the offer, "No, no. I simply needed...confirmation. Have we come any closer to unraveling the respawn enigma?"

The mecha engineer clicked several times, "No."

"Damned Conaghers. That family has been the bane of my existence for too long… Tell me, how is it their technology is always one step ahead of mine?"

"...multiple minds collaborating on a task tend to be more effective than one."

Gray Mann massaged his forehead, "Yes, I suppose so... Leave me."

Quickly, the various robots in the room left their master standing alone in a dim florescent light.

"I know you're still here Dell. No man of respawn dies so easily," Gray said, gently pushing the metallic arm and needle back into its holster, "Understand this; when I find you, I will make you wish you could die."

As quietly as he could, Engineer shimmied back through the ventilation shaft and ran.

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