Four Years Later

Fili's POV. I walked down the paths of the Shire heading towards Bell's and my home in the middle of winter after a trip to Bree for supplies.

After we arrived back in the Shire, the hobbits brought our things back to us and when they found out about Elli, they were able to get us a home near a forge where I could work and Bell could stay home and raise our daughter. It made Bell happy that I was close and came home when I wanted.

Elli was quite the handful but well behaved. We didn't keep the secret of my heritage from her and she knew of the adventure. She spoke dwarfish and the common tongue. Bell said she has me wrapped around her finger and I knew she was right. Her and Bell I would protect with my life.

I smile as I head towards my home. I nodded to some Hobbits that I knew. I knew Lobelia was trying to ruin our reputation around the Shire but our friends stood with us. Linda, Bell's best friend helped out if needed.

I walk up the path towards our house and saw the lights were on meaning my girls were up. I smiled and head to the door. I opened it as quietly as I could. I looked around and head to the parlor where I heard their voices. I peaked around and found them curled up together on the fur blanket. Elli's curly blonde hair laid spread out with the braids I proudly put in her hair spread out with the beads shinning in the firelight.

"So you helped Bard take down Smaug. You must have been brave." Elli said. I smile and step out for them to see me.

"And stubborn just like a dwarf at times." I said. Elli shot up and Bell turned.

"Daddy!" Elli yelled as she got up and ran to me. I scooped her up and tossed her into the air. Elli giggled and hugged me. Bell stood up and head towards us.

"You behaving for your mother?" I ask, kissing her check.

"Yes, but I missed you and mommy did also." Elli said. I look up at Bell and see bags under her eyes and knew mine were just as bad. We could hardly sleep without the other beside us. I reached for her and pulled her close. Bell laid her head against my shoulder.

"I'm glad your home safe." Bell said.

"I'm glad to be home." I said. She leans up and kisses me. I return it. Elli giggled and pulled on my mustache braid. I kissed her check.

Later that night. Bell's POV. I stood by the window as Fili put Elli to bed. I was wrapped in a blanket. I could finally get some sleep now that Fili was home. I closed my eyes as I heard familiar footsteps. Strong arms wrap around me and I leaned back into his chest.

"She's finally asleep." Fili said. I turn in his arms and pull him close. He held me close.

"I got you all to myself now." I said. Fili pressed a kiss to my nose.

"I've been thinking. I want another child. I know you have your hands full with Elli. I want a big family with you but..." I put a finger to his lips.

"I want it also, my love. But tonight. Just hold me close and let's sleep." I said. Fili nodded and pulled me to the bed. We curled up together and fell asleep.

AN: Here's the last chapter. The sequel will be up soon and there will be chapters before I bring the Company in. Thanks for following this story to the end.