AN: So here is the beginning of a series of one shots that go a little more in depth with different characters from Ace Combat 5. The chapters are dates the events take place, and each line, (the big one across the page) represents a change in character. The person who's perspective you are reading from is the bolded name after said line. These are short pieces, feels weird publishing them, like their incomplete, but they aren't meant to be meals. They're more like snacks that you have in between chapters of CotS. I don't know how often updates will be on this, and just a heads up, I might not have these chapters done chronologically. When I have an idea for a one shot, I'll write it, post it, and you can see where it's supposed to go. This first one takes place during Chapter 12 of CotS, Boots On The Ground And in The Air.

-October 31, 2010-

Hans 'Archer' Grimm

"Lieutenant Davenport, have you seen the Captain?"

"What's so hard about Chopper? Everyone else calls me that, why can't you?"

"Sorry sir."

"And then the whole 'sir' thing. You know, Kid might let you get away with that, but we all want you to drop it."

"Sorry si-. Sorry."

"And quit being so apologetic all the time. It makes it harder to make fun of you." I sighed. Lieutenant Davenport may be my wingman, but we were two different sides of a coin when it came to 'hanging out' on the ground. The Captain and his wing mate though...

"Chopper," I began, making the conscious effort to use his call sign, even though it wasn't applicable in this situation. "Have you seen Captain Irving?"

"No," my wing mate responded. His face suddenly got a thoughtful look in it and I began to worry. Usually, any idea form this specific individual had a tendency to be... ill-conceived. "In fact, I haven't seen Kei in a while either..."

"What's that supposed to mean?" I asked him cautiously.

"You've seen how Nagase is always eyeballin' the Captain. That isn't just a 'I'm concerned for your well being,' look she sends him."

"The Captain wouldn't take advantage of Lieutenant Nagase's feelings like that," I told my wing mate. We had this conversation before. Four times, in fact. But it seemed 'Chopper' couldn't understand Captain Irving's self restraint. Or cluelessness. I preferred to think it was the latter, Lieutenant Davenport, the former.

"Tell you what," my wing mate said breaking the silence. "I bet today's the day."

"What day would that be?"

"Nagase tells him. Yeah, Nagase tells him and he finally realizes he feels the same way and they go off and-"

"Okay, let's stop you there and make this a bet," I interrupted. I didn't need to know how detailed Lieutenant Davenport's imagination could go into the highly private lives of others.

"There you go! There's that firmness I like to see!"

"I bet you a twenty and that fruit tin you stole that they aren't even with each other right now."

"How'd you know about the-"

"You seriously though you were discrete about that? 'Hur, I'm Chopper, nice to meet you. Look at my huge arms while I casually take your food, hur.'"

"First of all, my arms aren't huge, they're just above average. Secondly, that lady didn't need any more food, she was well on her way to Perrault sized. Third... you know what?! Screw the damn list! I don't sound like that!" The man said throwing his hands in the air. "Man, maybe you should stay like you were, you're too good at getting to me."

"Do we have a bet?" I asked, my wing mates antics putting a slight teasing tone behind my voice. One of the Lieutenant's large hands came to encapsulate one of mine.

"You're on," he said with a grin. "Now, how do we find out they confessed their affections for one another?"

"Well," I began thinking of a way that would work. "We could just ask. Captain Irving's pretty readable so if he's lying, we would be able to tell pretty easily. It'll just be a matter of finding him."

"Sounds like a plan. But looking for him is going to take forever. I mean, this whole place is almost done already," the Lieutenant said gesturing to the encampment the ground troops were finishing up. I temporarily thought of my brother. He was also a 'ground pounder,' as he called himself when we had the rare opportunity to speak. He was proud of me for making it to Lieutenant, even if it was under special circumstances. I was pulled from my musings when my wing mate spoke up again. "I've got an idea. We do something that will make the Captain come to us."

"As long as it doesn't get anyone in trouble," I told the man.

"Dude, you're like my mom," and with that, 'Chopper' began to walk off towards a group of soldiers.

Kei 'Edge' Nagase

Who goes after an F-4 in an A-10? Who does that? Someone who wants to die, that's who. Someone who doesn't see how important they are, how special they- Important. He's important. Important to the mission. That's the reason I got upset. Because If I- We. If we lost him, it would be hard, if not impossible, to replace him with someone as skilled and good looking- Skilled. Someone as skilled as him.

I sighed. Lying to yourself is hard work. Convincing yourself is near impossible. This isn't me, is it? Before I got assigned to this squadron, before I even came to Heierlark, I was self sufficient. I still am. I don't need someone in my life to make me feel like I have a purpose. I don't need a man to get ahead. I'm not like... that woman... I despise those kinds of people. So why do I feel this way about him? Why now? What makes it worse is that he's so easy to be comfortable with. I mean, I showed him my book! Sure, it had the sensitive stuff removed when I showed him it, but still, he knows it exists!

I paused in my walking as I noticed a more-or-less dry area on the ground. I'm not ready to head back yet, I'm still angry at him, I think. As I sit down and look toward where the sun will set, I begin to get lost in my thoughts. I'm back home with dad. We used to sit and watch the sun set every Sunday until mom called us back inside for some crazy meal she had planed for us that week. Those were the simple times. Thinking about it now, I need to send him another letter soon. The last one I had sent was before operation Whalebird, and that was over a month ago.

Someone began blundering through the tall grass around me, pulling me from my thoughts. I turned and looked around to see Caden walking but stop all the sudden and go all slack jawed. As I followed his gaze, I saw a large deer that had sneaked up on me. As I looked back at the surprised man, I begin to wonder if he's ever seen a deer before. The perfect line comes to my head to get him to break from his stupor.

"You look very contemplative."

Alvin 'Chopper' Davenport

"So it wasn't today,' I told Grimm, trying my best to keep the slight disappointment out of my voice. "That doesn't mean it's not going to happen."

"I never said it would never happen," Grimm called back from within the tent. "I just said that the Captain wouldn't take advantage of Lieutenant Nagase like that."

"But can you really call it 'taking advantage?' I mean, we both know it's what she wants." There was a heavy sigh from with in the tent as Grimm stepped out again.

"Lieutenant Daven- Chopper," Grimm corrected himself before I could get after him. He was getting better. "Why must we discuss the private lives of others when we are together?"

"Because you won't talk about your own!" I answered. Every time I tried to ask anything about Grimm's life, he would change the subject to something else. One time, I had meant to ask him about what his favorite food was growing up and somehow I walked away from that conversation learning about parallel universes and alternate realities. He's an elusive one.

"Did you know that there are some scientist who think that there is another world that is almost exactly like ours in every way except a few key ones? Think about it, another reality where the continents are a different shape, countries are a different name, but the people are just like you and me." I gave the young guy the best unamused scowl I could. Sure, maybe it's a little interesting, but he's still avoiding the subject.

"They've been gone a long time," I said, ignoring the man's attempt at a change of topic. "I wonder if Kei really was mad enough to do something?" Grimm just sighed once again and came fully out of the tent.

"I'm sure they're fine," he said, giving in to talking about the Captain and Nagase. I heard some footsteps approaching our designated area and saw the two we had been speaking about come into view.

"There you two are!"

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