Hello all.

This is a story I started writing a little while ago and recently found it and thought I would share. It is based just after the battle and just before Hermione is to return to Hogwarts to complete her seventh year. She is pulled back into time twenty years to join the likes of Remus, Sirius, James, Peter and Severus in their final year. She tries her hardest to keep her distance from the Marauders as she doesn't wish to cause any damage to the future and prevent the death of old Voldie. But little does she know she is meant to be there and those who met her all those years ago know that.

It's rated M for some future smuty action.

This is a love story between one Remus Lupin and one Hermione Granger. I LOVE hearing feed back and I love when people suggest ideas of what they would like to see or and plot ideas so please feel free to share with me. They will not be falling in love straight away remember Hermione is trying to protect the future. Remus knows there is more to them but also that is only due to the wolfs needs and wants not love.

Enough of my rambling here is the First Chapter. I hope you enjoy it :D

Coming Home

Chapter one - Twenty Years

August 30th 1998 - 9 Months 11 Days.

It was finally coming, the day where Hermione would vanish from right in front of everyone's eyes to be thrown back in time twenty years ago, only to walk the familiar halls of Hogwarts for her final year within another time. It was still unknown to those who were there those years ago as to why she was sent there, but the fact of the matter was they knew she would be going and in precisely two days.

"We should tell her, warn her,"

"Lupin, you know we can't. If she knows then there is no guarantee she will behave as she is intended. Knowing that kind of information could only harm what is to happen. That is why we are staying out of the way," Severus once again was trying to be the voice of reason for the past five years, from the day Remus had taken up the position of the DADA Professor laying eyes on her once again in her third year, the two of them had been battling since with each other about whether or not they should inform Hermione of her future and the events her presence had on their past.

"It's been twenty years Snape. twenty years since the day she left. twenty years of being in love with a woman who doesn't even know that we were together, who has no recollection of anything," Remus slumped himself down in the chair opposite the Potions Masters desk running his hands tiredly over his face.

"I know Lupin. It's been twenty years for me too. Twenty years without my best friend. Without the woman who made me who I am today. I know what you're feeling. Having to act the way I have towards her for the past seven years since the day she walked in as a first year, keeping all these secrets from her letting her believe that I really was as evil as I had to make out. There was nothing I kept from her when we were friends, nothing at all. So keeping everything from her, all of what I have had to do, has been just as hard for me as it has for you. You have to remember that she doesn't know because she hasn't been there yet, she hasn't met us at school," Snape stated firmly in a small moment of pure honesty and vulnerability.

He knew he was right but right now the aching sensation in his chest that he had been feeling for the past twenty years was becoming more painful than he ever thought possible, there was also the realisation that there would still be another nine months until she would return in the June. Nine more months till she would hopefully return to them both with full recollection of whom they were to her and who she was to them.

"Do you think she will still love me when she returns, considering I am now a thirty eight year old man and not an eighteen year old lad?" Remus closed his eyes dropping his head down towards his lap.

"Yes" Severus began "On her last night before she came to you, I found her in the Library crying her heart out about the fact that she would be leaving you and I behind. She told me that she was scared,"

"Scared?" Remus lifted his head quickly making eye contact with the Potions Master.

"Yes scared. Scared that she would return home, to here so full of love for you to find you happy with someone else or to you having fallen out of love with her" Severus paused for a moment and reached down into one of his desk draws "Of course I told her to stop being so ridiculous and sent her on her way to you, we may not have seen eye to eye most of our years during Hogwarts Lupin, but I knew the night of the ball that there was no one else for you. We all did, your eyes are very deceiving to you. Before she left to come to you though she gave me this," he extended out his hand towards the man before him holding out an old Prefect badge, Remus' brows furrowed slightly at the object before he graciously reached out to take it into his own hands, running his fingers over the old badge he had once worn so proudly.

"She asked me to ask you, that upon the day she returns which we both know is the tenth of June, that you wear it if you still feel the same way. Then when she sees it she'll know and if she doesn't then she'll let you be,"

The werewolf stared down back at the badge resting between his fingers, a bittersweet smile resting upon his lips "Thank you," he managed finally meeting the other pair of eyes in the room.

"Don't thank me, I'm only doing what she asked and we both know I would do anything for her,"

"We both would. How about you? How will you know if she remembers your friendship?" dark eyes meet a sea of blue a slight smirk gracing his lips.

"That is certainly something I am reluctant to share,"

"Really? Well please do," Remus' eyes twinkled with a hint of mischievousness as he noticed the potion master's lack of enthusiasm.

Severus merely shook his head avoiding having to answer the pestering wolf and changed the topic of conversation "Here don't forget these," he said reaching into a desk drawer and pulling out a number of vials handing them over to Remus "There's enough there to last you until the full moon,"

Remus graciously took the vials placing them carefully into his robes pocket "Thank you," began Remus "I realise I have never properly thanked you for providing me with this over the years, I am truly grateful,"

"Once again don't thank me, it is Grangers doing" the werewolf's eyebrows cross in confusion "She is the one who taught me, who made me promise that I would make sure I would provide you with your wolfsbane until she was able to make it for you once again," the werewolf sat there in amazement once more, reminded again within that day just why he loved that witch so damn much.

"Did I ever tell you she's my mate?" Remus said so quietly that the potions master almost didn't catch it.

"Your mate?" his attention was quickly back on to the man in front of him who simply sat in silence confirming with only a slight nod of his head. Becoming impatient waiting for more Snape found himself losing patience "When?" more silence "Lupin. When? When did you know?" he asked his irritation becoming apparent.

He had heard before of Werewolves finding their mates, but it was also such a rare occurrence that there was very little known about it. In fact so little was known it was often thought of as a simple myth, what information was known stated that 'once mated they are bound together, in body, mind and soul' it seemed to be unwise to try and separate a mated Werewolf, the few books that had any knowledge often stated how they were highly aggressive, protective and dangerous if anything or anyone come in-between the two. The Claimed partner would often be branded with a mark of some sort among their person normally of a bite though not one to cause the transformation. The two of them would be able to feel one another's emotions on some level and long periods apart once mated was thought to be highly risky for both in the couple.

"On the train our final year," he took a deep breath before continuing "It was three days before the moon and my senses were on high alert. The moment I stepped foot on that train I could smell her scent. It was nothing like I've ever experienced and at that moment I had an uncontrollable urge come over me, I had to find her. So I dragged the other three up the length of the train searching much to their confusion until I found her in that compartment with you," he gestured towards the man sitting in front of him in stunned silence "and then James and Sirius opened their traps," Snape snorted.

"I have to admit, she was certainly not impressed with their first impressions," Severus shook his head with a slight smirk as he reminisced that memory "You didn't tell her did you?" his attention turning back to the man in front of his desk.

"No, the thought of having to explain it to her was very daunting. I didn't want to scare her away,"

"You are aware that we are talking about Granger. I very much doubt you would have had to explain, no qualm in thinking that she's more than likely read about it already," the two men smirk knowing that this is more than likely true of the little bookworm.

There was a moment of silence between the two men before Severus curiosity got the better of him once more.

"How did you control yourself?" he began "I know you two were intimate how did you control the wolf from marking her?" the Werewolf at this moment was turning a lovely shade of pink much to the delight of the potion master.

"As much as he and I wanted to we both knew she wouldn't truly be ours then, we knew to wait. The two of us have far more control then you would think,"

The men were interrupted by a soft knock at the door.

"Come in," drawled Snape.

"Professor, you wanted to see me?" the two men watch the Witch from their conversation walk into the room both trying to clear their mind of what they had just been talking about "Remus? What are you doing here?" she asks as she saw her former Professor sitting across from a man who she was most certain he didn't get along with.

"Just picking up these" he says holding up the vial's that Snape had just handed him.

"Of course, full moon in five days isn't it? But I thought Sirius brewed it for you?"

"He does, but he's been a little distracted lately and buggered it up. So Professor Snape here was kind enough to supply with from his back up stash,"

"That was very kind of you Sir," Hermione said turning her attention towards her professor.

"Hardly, considering I do not wish to endanger others so I would hardly keep something of such importance from anyone. Which in fact brings us to where I asked you here, I understand Black has been teaching you how to brew the potion yourself?" asked Snape his voice a low drawl.

"Yes he has professor,"

"Well seeing as he managed to render this month's batch as unusable I would like to offer to teach you myself. You will be returning back to Grimmauld Place during the holidays and after Hogwarts will you not?" Hermione for a moment found herself unable to say anything, the fact that Snape had just offered to teach her one to one on something a little hard to overcome.

"Speak girl," his sharp voice snapping her out of her daydream state.

"Yes I will," she managed.

"Well, then I believe it to be useful to you to learn this potion thoroughly, at least that way Lupin will know that there is at least one pair of capable hands able to brew it correctly and I can use my time on something else instead of playing wolf sitter with backup," Remus simply rolled his eyes at Snape's comment choosing to ignore the insults towards his friend.

"Really? Well Professor, thank you I'm honoured that you would be so kind to want to teach me" said Hermione barely able to contain her excitement.

"Miss Granger, please do not make me change my mind. It is not because I want to, it is because I have to. Now if you would be so kind to leave and return at three for us to get started," Hermione nodded her head profusely before waving a quick goodbye to Remus and leaving the room before Snape did in fact change his mind.

"Must you be so hard on her?" sighed Remus as he watched her leave through the door.

"If I wish to keep this charade up, then yes," Remus nodded with understanding "Now go home to your Witch and get her to calm down before she comes back here and drives me insane with questions," Lupin chuckled softly as he got up from his seat.

"Nine months and eleven day's Snape and then you can go back to that big softy we know you are," he walked out of the office to the sound of a low growl the wolf would have been proud of.

"Two day's mate!" Sirius called out to Remus as he walked back through the Floo "Where you been?"

"I popped over to Hogwarts, needed some of this," he said holding up the vials.

"Oh right, sorry about that again mate. My head is just all over the place,"

"Same," he stated plainly shrugging off his cloak and taking a seat on the sofa feeling his muscles scream as he relaxed, the effects of the full moon already making himself present.

"But like I said, two days," Sirius excitement was apparent it was like watching a small child waiting for Christmas morning.

"You're right two days till she meets us, but nine months and eleven days until she's back,"

"Fine, but just think in those nine months your younger self is going to making a very good impression on the young witch, and I should know you forgot the silencing charms enough," he waggled his eyebrows at the man in front of him who couldn't help his own smugness.

"Still the best witch?" Sirius continued.

"By far," he replied letting out a low growl at the thoughts that ran through his head.

"Calm down there Moony. You can't honestly tell me that after twenty years she is still by far the best?" Sirius's curiosity getting the better of him, the two of them always shared information about their women, there was nothing to hide between the two Marauders however the only one never discussed completely was one Hermione Jean Granger until now.

Fully blaming it on the moon and his pent up frustration and high sex drive Remus was in the mood to share, the fact knowing that his younger self in a matter of months would be touching and tasting that gorgeous witch his mate was enough to make his blood boil with lust. Oh how he couldn't wait for her to return and hoped with every part of him she still wanted him so that he could march her straight upstairs to his room and show her just how much he missed her.

"You have no idea Sirius. I have never felt a witch more amazing than her, the things her tongue can do would make your knees buckle and you whimper like a pup. The way she looks skin all flushed chest heaving is breathtaking, but nothing and I mean nothing is more of a beautiful sight then when she comes undone. The way she draws her bottom lip in with her teeth as she tries to hold back for as long as she can only to fail and gasp in ecstasy, panting whilst her nails cling on and run down your back pulling you as close as she can get you. Or when she's taking full control and rides you for all your worth teasing you until you think you can't take anymore and then riding so hard you think you might just black out from pure pleasure,"

"Damn it Moony" Remus looks up to see his fellow marauder shuffling around in discomfort making him smirk "I've been asking you for twenty years to share, and when you do damn you don't hold back do you? I mean I know I heard it back at school but,"

"What you heard was tame Padfoot," Remus interpreted.

"You telling me that was tame? How the Merlin was that tame? From what we could hear it was anything but," a simple smirk and shrug was all Remus gave "Bloody hell...naughty little witch,"


"Ah and here's my favourite witch,"

"What do you want Sirius?" asked Hermione as she walked on through the room and over towards the floo counting down the minutes excitedly until she joined Professor Snape.

"I'm hurt princess, truly I am. Anyway where are you off too again?"

"Our Hermione here is off to brew with none other than Severus Snape" said the Werewolf.

"Really? Wow. I'm surprised," a look of shock upon his devilishly handsome features.

"And why's that? Pray tell?" the young witch stood by the fireplace arms crossed against her chest firm glare placed on Sirius.

"No Princess I don't mean it like that at all. I'm simply surprised that he is brewing with someone. It's just something he doesn't do, he's never taken on an apprentice and he never does one to one," he began. Hermione looking at him trying her best to hold back her confusion. Did Snape really not brew with anyone? If so why her and why now? Well she did know why but still it did seem strange now that Sirius had said that.

"Surely he brewed with someone when you guys were at school?" She asked.

"Nope, not even Lily. Always on his own. Well until our seventh year, and then he used to brew with an exchange student. Pretty little thing she was,"

"Sirius," came Remus gruff voice warning him to stop.

"Where they...?" began Hermione curiosity getting the better of her.

"Oh Merlin no. They were good friends though, best. I'm almost certain they were closer then Lily and he had been," Sirius chose to ignore the death stares the old Werewolf was giving him, he'd kept his trap shut for twenty years what's a little bit of chit chat going to do?

"What happened to her?"

"She went home, wherever that was and no one has seen her since," he shrugged.

"Anyway enough of that, you best be off before Snape gets grumpy," Remus interrupted.

"What you brewing anyway?"

"Wolfsbane," she replied.

"I thought I was teaching you?" pouted Sirius eyes wide and pup like.

"Yes, but you did bugger it up and it will come in handy if she's up to scratch sooner rather than later if there's a mess up again, Snape's' not going to help out forever we're lucky there were two day's worth of back up till I saw him today," Remus flashed Sirius a knowing glance. He knew that it would be Hermione who would provide him with the potion during their final year, going on to teach Snape how to brew it before she left them which he had only learnt a short while ago. Still he couldn't believe that he hadn't figured out that Hermione had been the one to teach him, he was obviously far too distracted with how much he missed her to figure out what she had done for him before she left. Merlin he loved that witch.

"Fair enough," said Sirius still pouting much to their amusement.

"And on that note I'll see you the two of you later. When you see Harry by the way remind him to pack I will not be doing it for him this year, he made the choice to return with me after the battle so it's up to him to pack," Hermione stated firmly. Both men looked at her with quirked eyebrows heads cocked to the side "Fine you're right I know I'll end up doing it just try to get him to organise his stuff a little," both men took the same position "Argh. Fine I'll just do it when I'm back," and with that she was gone in a swirl of green flames leaving the werewolf and animagus laughing behind.

"You're an idiot Padfoot," Remus said to Sirius his eyes flashing amber in warning once the laughter had died.

"Calm down there Moony,"

The two men sat in silence for a while tension thick in the air. Both allowing their minds to wander back into the past, back to the day they met the fiery brunette who left quite the impression on them. Sirius took a moment to look over at his friend, truly look at him. He could see the worry set on his features, the glisten in his eyes and the rapid changing of his eyes from blue to amber as he tried to control the emotions of the worried wolf trying desperately to calm Moony down over his mate.

He could see what the years away from her was doing to them, though he was still as handsome as ever which was often noted by the number of women who would hopelessly throw themselves in his direction he looked tired and worn. The youthful glow he once had was slowly diminishing the longer both he and the wolf were kept from their mate, his sandy blond hair speckled with more grey than it should be.

"It won't be long," he began drawing the attention of his friend away from the fireplace "He'll have his mate soon, you both will,"

Remus let out a deep sigh "It's all well and good saying that, but we don't know that. I will not force her into something so permanent; she is so young and has her whole life in front of her. She has been through so much and I will not allow a part of my life become her burden,"

"Remus. You will be doing no such thing I was there. I saw the love between you raw and completely devoted to one another she is the Lily to your James," Remus scoffed in amusement.

"Did you honestly just use Lily and James as a metaphor?"

Sirius answered with a smug grin "Yes. Yes I did. But it's true she's already hopeless about you," The Werewolf's eyes shot up meeting his fellow marauders gaze.

"We talking about Hermione's love for Remus?" a pair of hands clamp down on Remus's shoulders from behind breaking the intense staring match that had yet to stop between the marauders.

"Yes we were Harry. Apparently however it seems to be news to dear Remus here," Sirius said stretching out back into his chair raising his arms above his head and behind his neck.

"I find that hard to believe. It's so obvious even I can tell and that's saying something," came the voice of a signature red head from the doorway.

"See Moony, even Ron here can tell. There is nothing to worry about dear friend,"

The two younger men in the room share a look of confusion before turning their gaze back towards the other males in the room both waiting rather patiently for an explanation.

"You'll know in due time boys, in fact in exactly two days," Harry godfather said. They simply nodded with curiosity but said no more knowing full well that the two marauders always kept their word and for whatever reason it was they had to wait. They would. There was obviously a little more too it then they knew and both knew it was wiser to agree then question a werewolves intentions towards their best friend.