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Coming Home - Chapter 44


16th Jan 1978 - 4 Months, 26 Days

If every morning could start as this one had, Remus would be content with the rest of his life.

The room still had that familiar chill to it, the Winter mornings still as bitter as ever, but mixed with the warmth of the witch he was curled around, it was wonderful. Her soft skin flush against his chest, blissful. The curve of her bottom resting wonderfully against his ever so interested groin, something he wasn't remotely embarrassed about in the slightest. His arm wrapped around Hermione tightly, his hand cupping her breast and his thumb brushing lazy circles over her nipple in hopes that the light movements would be enough to stir her from sleep.

The familiar aches for the time of the month were still there, but mixed with the dull aches of the previous night's activities he could ignore them for far more pleasant memories. Remus nuzzled into the side of her neck, inhaling her scent as though he were inhaling a drug to gain a fix, and allowing Moony's instinct to arise a little, ran his teeth lightly over the panes of her neck. The shudder of pure bliss that ran through him at the thought of Hermione from the previous night, back arched and neck bared to him in submission had him painfully hard in moments.

He felt Hermione stir beside him, her back arching as she stretched and pressed her backside deliciously against his straining cock.

"Morning." She murmured whilst parting her legs just enough so that he could slip in-between and enjoy the friction that was created between her wet entrance.

Remus let out a desperate groan "Morning." He said breathlessly into her hair and bit his lower lip when he felt Hermione reach between her legs and guide him in, this time letting out a satisfied noise of her own.

A thrum of contentment ran though his body, lying there connected his with mate in the most intimate way possible, their bodies moulded together as one. Remus pulled back and thrust gently, not knowing fully if it was the position or the connection between them that caused the heightened sensitivity.

Hermione's hand sought out his, linking their fingers together atop her stomach as they moved together seamlessly, Remus taking full joy in the small noises that escaped Hermione's lips, the gasps and moans making it difficult for Remus to control himself. His lips sought out her neck and his tongue ran across her pulse point in an intimate gesture known just to him and Moony. The want to mark her lingering, to claim her, there underneath like a hidden current beneath the calm surf. For now however satisfaction was brought by the worrying of her flesh with his lips and tongue.

Remus guided their linked hands further down Hermione's body to where they connected and enjoyed the way her breath hitched when his fingers began to rub lazy circles over her swollen clit, her own hands encouraging his teasing.

"Fuck." She hissed when he furthered the pressure slightly and encouraged her to arch her into him and create a new pressure on him, one that had him breathless for a moment and his own eyes rolling as she did it again.

"Remus," she said with a pant her body clenching around him and creating a delicious tightness that was nearing on unbearable. He knew he would never tire of hearing her voice breathless with his name as the two of them climbed to peak, falling over the edge holding on to each other as though they didn't dare want to risk letting go.

They lay there basking in the morning light, their bodies flushed and warm with their excursions, their heavenly moment short lived thanks to the wizards outside of the room banging loudly, the same wizards he refused to acknowledge as friends.

"Just ignore them," said Remus, as he littered Hermione's shoulders with kisses, smiling when he could feel her laughter.

"You can ignore them as much as a stampeding Centaur," said Hermione, shifting herself so that she could face him.

"I need new friends," he murmured before leaning in and stealing a kiss and enjoying the way her smile felt under his lips.

"You have to give them credit though, they've only just tried to come in."

"After the pricks they've been, a good job too," said Remus, pulling her closer and trying his best to ignore the loud pounding and obscenities flowing through the door.

"How did you keep them out anyway? We've failed so many times," asked Hermione leaning up on her elbow, the sheets falling away and revealing a sight that began to revise Remus' appetite for the witch.

"Lily. She's brilliant with a charm, not sure what she put on the door, but do know that it was time sensitive, that and a bribe or two. After all James will do anything for that girl," he allowed his eyes to roam over her once more. "You'll get cold like that."

"Cold, in here. You must be joking, it's roasting," said Hermione with a soft laugh.

"I'm not joking, how can you not be cold? I can practically see my breath." That did make Hermione laugh and the sound of her happiness filled him with another warmth entirely.

"You would think that, wolf boy." There were many times previously when a comment of his affliction would ruin Remus mood, but the way Hermione sounded as she said it, as though there were a slight purr to her tone, had him not minding at all.


The sharp and angry tone of the man, had both Remus and Hermione suddenly concerned, and reluctantly release one another, dressing quickly with kisses sneaked in where moments allowed.

When another final bellow and blow to the door was heard, Hermione rushed over to open it, moving out of the way just in time to avoid a fuming Sirius march on through and straight to the bathroom, slamming the door loudly as he did so.

"We have no idea, don't ask," said James with his hand held high as he and Pettigrew followed behind. "So, good night?" he continued with a smirk that should have been banned.

"And on that note," Hermione smirked, pecked Remus on the cheek, and escaped out of the door.

The Castle was bitterly cold as Hermione walked through with a rather bitter looking Severus whose cold exterior seemed to match the Scottish winter perfectly. She grasped at the front of her broken clasp in attempt to keep the cold at bay, though doing nothing in reality.

It was now day two of putting up with the sulky Slytherin and she hadn't dared say anything more to him about his attitude, the repercussions of the last time still very fresh in her mind. All she could tell was that it had obviously had something to do with Sirius, who too had been sulking something considerable.

She eyed him warily as they entered the Defence classroom the vast empty room startling her out of her thought of her friends clear issues. The two of them joined a smiling Killian standing on the further side of the room, her heart swelling with fondness for the kind wizard.

"Will you stop being a miserable git, just because whoever it was you're seeing pissed you off, does not mean you can take it out on all of us." Hermione heard James snap at Sirius as they entered and felt Severus tense beside her. They would be talking about this later.

Remus and Pettigrew followed closely behind, the former sharing a smile only for her over the filling room and her heart skipped a beat as it often did when he was around.

"Hurry up, Hurry up!" shouted Professor McMarkus as he signaled for the last of the class to enter the room, closing the door with a quick flick of the wrist.

"Now, I know it's been a little while since we've had a practical," the class agreed in unison "I know I know, but I am about to make it up to you. Today's lesson, isn't going to be an easy one." The class fell silent.

"Well don't all get excited at once," smiled Professor McMarkus. "I did mention this right back at the very beginning of the school year, of course I was going to bring it up further down the line, after all those of you who do pay attention in this class will know that the Boggart practical was a slight warm up to this topic. Facing your biggest fear is quite a challenge, facing a dementor however is an even greater one." Hermione's heart softened towards Severus a fraction when she felt him press the back of his hand against hers in attempt to comfort her and her obvious memories of that class.

"Now I highly doubt any of you have ever actually experienced a Dementor unless you have been to Azkaban," McMarkus chuckled, "but I'll ask the question any way. Who here has ever seen Dementor?" before Hermione even thought to glance the room, she felt her arm slowly rise. When the silence followed, only then did she realise that she was the only one who had done so.

She was met with a few curious glances and awkwardly lowered her outstretched arm.

"Miss Granger?" began Professor McMarkus, "You haven't been to Azkaban have you?" his lip twitch in that familiar way and Hermione felt herself relaxing and smiling back.

"No, Professor, there was just an incident at my old school," she answered vaguely, and silently enjoyed the classes curious glances.

"A story for another time perhaps," he replied. "Now class, who here is familiar with the spell used to ward off Dementors?"

"Yes, Professor," called out Higgs smugly. "It's called the Patronus charm."

"Well you are, Mr. Higgs. Now I do not expect any of you to get this charm correct first time, a Corporeal Patronus isn't the easiest of things to do. However for your reference Corporal Patronus will often take the form an animal. Some believe that these have something to do with your own personality, other believe it is just a random selection, others out there believe that there is far more to it's form than we know." He paused for a moment at the front of the class.

"Some are large, some are small, but the size of the creature does not affect the strength of the charm. For example, Expecto Patronum." Called Professor McMarkus and the class watched in awe as a large burst of silvery light fled the end of this wand and then settled down into the smallest of creatures.

"As you can see, my own is a Mole. Not large or scary at all," the class couldn't help but chuckle, "though the power of the happy memory you use, the power you put behind the words is what matters- not the size of what is produced."

Professor McMarkus chuckled, "Haven't we all heard that before lad's?" Another burst of laughter filled the room as the little mole scurried off and dispersed.

"I'm not asking for miracles today, but I will give five points to anyone who manages to produces even the smidgen of wisps. More, of course, if you manage something a little larger." And excited chatter occurred amongst the students. "Now I'll show you a few more times and then you're on your own."

Hermione watched just as eagerly as anyone else, or so she thought she had. "You can do this can't you." It wasn't a question.

Hermione looked up at Severus. "I don't know what you're talking about." Severus rolled his eyes and the two took up positions.

The room filled with chattering and incantations as the class eagerly began, a clear sign of competition between the rivaling houses as the two fought to be the first of houses to have someone successfully achieve their goal.

"I have no idea why you are pretending as though you can't do this," said Severus in annoyance, when Hermione waved her wand incorrectly once more so that nothing happened in the slightest.

"So you would like me to win points for my house?" she smiled.

"I would like you to not act as though you are completely incompetent," he snapped waving his wand a little to aggressively and causing a burst of random magic to spark from his wand.

"Fine, Mr Grumpy Pants. Expecto Patronum," called out Hermione, watching with a smile when a silvery mist left the tip of her wand and took form.

"Bloody hell, well done Miss Granger, well done indeed," praised Professor McMarkus as he strolled across the room. "A full corporeal Patronus, well I never. Thirty points to Gryffindor."

For a brief moment Hermione found herself lost for words as she stood there face to face with an unfamiliar from. "Sir, that's not mine," she finally managed to force out.

"Dear girl, of course it is, I saw you produce it," replied Professor McMarkus, his brows drawn in with confusion.

"No, Sir, it can't be. That's not my form," she insisted, all the while never taking her eyes off the much larger animal standing there patiently in front of her, the class all now gathering around to get a better look.

"You've done this before?" asked Professor McMarkus curiously.

"Yes, Sir. And I know that that there, isn't my Patronus."

"And if you don't mind me asking. What was it before?"

"An otter."

"Indeed then, there does seem to be a slight change, though from Otter to Wolf I guess is a rather large one."

"Yeah," replied Hermione, her eyes finally breaking away and meeting Remus's for the first time, his own large and wide in awe.

There were at least seven different shades of red and gold in her canopy. Hermione counted, far more than was surely necessary, but who was she to be criticising the decor that had probably been chosen with great care. There was also at least three types of wood that made up the frame for the four poster bed she was currently laying in debating life.

There was no other way to describe the way she was feeling other than saying she was utterly confused. Of course she had heard about Patronuses changing, heard about the meaning behind it, but for it to happen to her and in her opinion so quickly, was a little bit of a shocker.

To be so unaware of the level of her feelings towards Remus was another shock in its entirety. There were obviously much stronger feelings behind what she was aware of that she didn't quite know what to do with that information, and not knowing was not something she was a fan of. She was completely and utterly besotted with the man, there was no denying that, but the notion that she was possibly in love with him was another thing altogether. Love was such a strong word, and certainly not something that she used lightly.

The nagging voice in the back of her head reminding her that she wouldn't be here forever, that to fall in love and then have to leave not knowing what would be waiting for her when she returned caused a sea of emotion she didn't want to acknowledge. For once Hermione was going to play ignorant. She was going to ignore the large arrows pointing at the obvious and pretend for the time being that they didn't exist.

Her alarm buzzed loudly, letting her know that it was time to go and meet Severus and work on the potion, the mere knowledge of knowing she had to leave the comfort and warmth of her room almost enough to prevent her from going. Then an image of Remus would creep it's way in and the guilt produced by the thought was enough to have her up and out of the door in minutes.

Fiddling with her broken clasp as she walked down the narrow corridor outside of her room, Hermione didn't notice the also oblivious wizard walking towards her. The two collided with one another.

"Sorry, Hermione. Sorry," fretted Pettigrew as he stumbled to get his balance.

"No, it's alright, I was in my own little world trying to fix this silly thing," she muttered towards the clasp.

"Repero not cutting it?" he asked and Hermione looked up from where she had been fussing.

"The fabric can't handle the charm for some reason, already made it worse earlier by doing that." Silence fell over the two of them and Hermione shifted awkwardly whilst Pettigrew stood there frowning,in what Hermione thought was his thinking face.

"Hmmm," he said, confirming Hermione's theory, his pudgy finger coming up and tapping at his chin."Oh wait, wait here," he said suddenly as he rushed into the boy's room with not so much of a run, but more of a waddle.

Hermione wasn't sure how long she should wait, and she wasn't keen to come across as rude despite her dislike for the young lad, but it didn't seem she to had to wait to long when he popped back out a little redder and a little more out of breath.

"Here," he said, trusting his clenched fist at her and turning it over to reveal the silver brooch she had found not so long ago. "This should help, you left it on Remus's night stand," he explained, even though she already knew that.

She looked down at the object, a slight reluctance thrumming away underneath the surface as she looked at it resting in Pettigrew's hand.

"Come on, s'got to be better than being cold," he said, holding his hand out a little closer. When Hermione didn't accept it, he stepped forward and attached it to her cloak. Moving the broken clasp out of the way and gentle pinning her cloak together.

"There you go. Much better," he said with a smile. "You won't be cold, and Remus won't fret about you catching one." His smile was infectious and Hermione couldn't help but smile back.

"Thank you," she said, her hand reaching up and gently touching the brooch, a sense of warmth running over her fingers as she did so.

There were few who could show their anger and annoyance in a single step, but Severus Snape could do it. As he made his way to join Hermione at the library he rejoiced at the way students went out of the way to avoid him far more than usual, clearly the face of thunder he was sporting was doing its job. And just as well, he barely had the tolerance for Hermione today, let alone anyone else getting in his way.

Of course there was only one person to blame for his foul mood, it was always one person, and that same person had just grabbed him tightly around the arm and pulled him into an alcove he hadn't even known existed.

"What do you want?" He snarled, trying to ignore the way the closeness to the other wizard was encouraging his body to react.

"What does it look like?" Replied Black as he closed the distance between them and pressed his body against Severus's.

"I take it you wish to apologize?" He said, his voice still holding that harsh tone.

"The day I apologize to you, will be the day I fall in love with you. And let's face it, both are never going to happen," said Black as his lips found their way to Severus's neck.

"If you think at all that I will bend over for you then you are as thick as I thought you were," snarled Severus whilst he tried to ignore the swelling between his legs.

"You made it perfectly clear the other night," bit back Black, "the bruise on my face that I've had to hide is a nice reminder. But right now I've calmed down, and right now I want to be reminded just how good your mouth looks when it's silenced with my cock." The cold and crass words had Severus hardening fully and leaning in towards Black in search for some friction. It didn't matter how much he wished he could ignore his body's responses, the sensation and the intensity of everything that occurred with Black was at times overwhelming.

"Just so long as you know Black, that I will never bend over like a Bitch for you," said Severus, whilst he let his own mouth worry the panes of the other wizards neck.

"Duly noted," replied Black breathlessly his hands expertly working their way through his trouser buttons and freeing himself from the tight confinements. "But the least you can do for hitting me is see to this."

Severus allowed his hand to drift down, his fingers lightly brushing over the other man's straining erection, his thumbs running over its weeping tip and encouraging a small whimper from the other.

"Say please," whispered Severus against Blacks lips.

"I'm not begging," replied Black sternly.

"I didn't ask you to beg, you idiot. I'm merely asking you to have some manners," Severus wrapped his hand around Black's cock and gave one brisk stroke, his thumb once more rubbing the tip and enticing a wanton moan from Black's mouth.

"Please," gasped Black, his head tilting backwards and thumping against the heavy stone wall. Severus gracefully dropped to his knees, his mouth salivating at the slight in his hand.

"See that wasn't so hard, was it?" he said with a smirk.

"Just shut up and suck," snapped Black and Severus obliged.

"I understand you are rather studious little witch, but I must say that even this is rather late for you to be in here," spoke the soft and familiar voice.

Hermione looked up from her work with a smile. "I was just finishing up actually. There aren't enough hours in the day at the moment," she replied, all too aware that of the slight height in her stress levels and ability to juggle her time around this time of the month, and how little her and Severus actually managed to achieve hat evening.

"Well then let me be a gentleman and walk a lady back," Killian's warm smile had Hermione smiling back instantly.

"You're always a gentleman," replied Hermione whilst she gathered her things, placing them in her bag just so in order to fit it all in.

"I do try." The two walked in comfortable silence, exiting the warmth of the library and tightening their cloaks around themselves when the cold draft of the corridors hit them.

"I must say, that's a rather striking brooch for a school robe." Hermione glanced down at the sliver that Pettigrew had pinned to her, a warmth growing inside the longer she looked at it, a feeling of comfort blanketing her as she admired it.

"Hmm," she agreed, her fingers rising and brushing the cool metal gently.

"A gift, I take it, from Lupin?" Hermione could hear the curiosity clearly, her mouth twitching at the lack of Slytherin subtlety.

"No, actually," she replied with a shrug. "Not sure where it came from, fell out of my trunk when I got back from the Potters'. I'm quite taken with it really," and she was, despite her earlier hesitancy.

There was a silence over them for a moment that felt odd and uncomfortable and very unlike anything she had felt before when the two were together. A heaviness to the air, a weight settling overhead. Hermione's brow creased as her mind fought to figure out what had occured why suddenly the moment felt as ominous as it did. She turned her head slightly to catch a glimpse of Killian, the wizard looking lost in his own thoughts for a moment.

"See something you like, Little Witch?" he asked turning his own gaze to her with a small smile playing at the corner of his mouth. And just like that the air felt lighter. The weight Hermione had been feeling was lifted and it was though the strange awkwardness had never happen.

They continued to walk side by side enjoying meaningless conversation until Hermione notices that they were just at the steps that lead towards her commons room.

"You didn't have to walk me all the -"

"Yes, I did," he interrupted silencing her instantly.

"Hey," came a voice both recognised from behind them, and they both turned to look at a curious Lilly having returned from her Prefect duties.

"Hi," greeted Hermione.

"Evening, Mrs Potter. I have just walked Hermione back from the library, and seeing as I have completed my task I best be off," Killian said instantly, his eye never straying from Lily, who's eyes narrowed at his greeting.

"He always call me that," said Lily as the two of them watched Killian disappear around the corner.

"Well you and James are together, and are rather wrapped up in one another-" began Hermione before Lily interrupted.

"No, he's always done it. From our first year he's only ever called me Mrs. Potter," began Lily Hermione said the common room password and the two entered on through. "I mean at first I just thought it was because it was a new place, new names quite daunting. But no matter how many times I corrected him it's always been Mrs. Potter-"

"Mrs. Potter, well that does have a nice ring to it."

"Bollocks," grumbled Lily and Hermione fought to hide the shock at such language coming from the womans mouth. The image her mind had created of Harry's mother was never one who cursed as much as she did.

"Lily Potter," said James from his lounging position on the floor, surrounded by parchment and cushions, end of his quill tapping his bottom lip. "Might have to make that happen, aye, Evans?" he finished with a wink.

Lily stood there hands firmly on a hips, a stance that Hermione herself had taken many times with both Harry and Ron a smile drifting on to her lips.

"If that is your idea of a proposal, then you know exactly where to shove it."

"You know damn well that when I do ask you that very important question that it will be the most disgustingly romantic thing you have ever seen," James defended.

Lily didn't seem to agree. "Of course it will," she said in a patronising tone. "Anyway, what on earth are you doing working? On your own?"

James looked at his equipment around him with an expression that clearly showed just how disappointed in himself he was. "Well, Pete's off doing whatever it is, Pad's is off doing whoever it is, and that great lump up there is of no use to anyone right now," finished James an arm gesturing aimlessly in the direction of the stairs.

"Remus?" asked Hermione her brow furrowing with concern.

"Nothing to be concerned about, just caught the backend of Peeves' wonderful pranks on his rounds. Not sure exactly what happened but the poor sod was covered head to toe in some strange looking gloop that I certainly didn't want to get to close to," James shuddered as he finished telling the story his lips curled in disgust at the memory.

"Did you not offer to help him?" asked Lily to which James raised an eyebrow.

"You wanted me to help Remus remove his clothes?" he asked, a smirk twitching at the side of his mouth.

"That's not what I-"

"I mean, despite his quirks I don't think that's really his kind of thing-"

"James that's not what I meant and you know it-"

"I don't think I'm his type in all honesty, and Hermione is right here, you shouldn't be suggesting such things in front of his girlfriend. I'm not sure -"

"Oh, will you shut up!?" shouted Lily as she stamped her foot in frustration, which did nothing but cause James to laugh at her expense and Hermione struggle to control her own want to laugh. "You're a right prick at times, you know that?" she snapped a final time as she turned towards the girls staircase, only stopping quickly to turn back and snatch a scrap of parchment and James' quil and scribbling something down.

"Here," said Lily passing it to Hermione.

"What is it?" asked Hermione.

"The charm I used the other day for the boy's room, thought you might like it," Lily's eyes glinted smugly as she caught a glimpse of James eyes widening in disbelief.

"Why would you do that? Why would you make your own boyfriend homeless!" he cried in outrage.

"Should have thought about that beforehand," she retorted and continued to make her way back up to her room without a single look behind her.

"Mrs. Potter, you come back here right now!" called out James, jumping up from his spot to shout up the staircase.

"Night James," said Hermione gleefully, as she quickly ran past him and up the other staircase as fast as she could before the wizard could turn towards her instead, hearing his outraged cries as she slipped in to the boys room and read out the charm as quickly as she could.

"Should I be concerned at the speed you ran in here at?" came Remus voice from the otherside of the room an air of amusement to his tone.

"Running from James. Lily gave me the charm she used the other night," she called out over her shoulder as she quickly checked her handy work.

Remus laughed. "I take it he annoyed her?"

"How did you guess?" she laughed, the sound of which died quickly from her mouth when she turned and caught sight of the view that greeted her.

Remus standing there freshly showered, water droplets clinging to his fringe that hung in his eyes and dripped down his chest. His towel hanging so low on his hips that there was very nearly no point of it being there other than to tease Hermione greatly.

Hermione didn't waste time before making her way across the room with such speed that some would have thought she had appareted the few feet that had separated them, and crashing her lips with his almost making the two of them topple over. Hermione relished in the way his damp skin clung to her clothes, the way his wet hair felt as she carded her fingers through it in an attempt to pull him closer.

"What did I do for a greeting like that?" asked Remus after the two of them parted briefly.

Hermione's eyes raked down his body, drinking in everything she could about the man, her fingers dancing lightly over the scars that littered his body, spending a particular amount of time on the pink flesh of one of his newest additions, her particular favourite.

"You looked like this," she muttered, her fingers running over his skin.

"Clean?" he questioned his face drawn in in confusion.

A breathless laugh left Hermione as she looked up at the man who seemed to have captured her heart so quickly. "You really have no idea do you? No idea how beautiful you really are," Hermione enjoyed the way Remus cheeks tinged red, they way it made him look so vulnerable and innocent when he was nothing but.

She leant forward, her lips making contact with his chest as they began to lay kisses against his drying skin. The sharp gasp that escaped his mouth as her own descended lower spurred her on further, encouraging her tongue to taste him, her teeth to worry his flesh as she continued further down until she reached where flesh met towel.

Hermione looked up at Remus, his eyes blown with lust, his chest heaving and his towel clearly doing little to hide his state of arousal. She didn't think twice as she reached up and tugged lightly on the fabric hiding her goal, allowing it to spring free and bob there in front of her. She didn't give Remus the chance to say anything before her mouth was on him, relishing in the sounds the wizard above her was making. Her mouth working him so thoroughly as her tounge lapped at his slit, enjoying the beads of cum that escaped in his excitement.

Her hands ran up the length of his thighs and round his back cupping his bottom and encouraging him to allow his hips to thrust as they clearly wished to do, enjoying every moment that he didn't protest as she took all she wanted. His legs began to shake at the intensity of the sensation her mouth created and his hands slid into her hair in an attempt to stabilise himself, which earned a purr from Hermione, the vibrations she caused sending him rapidly over the edge and spilling into her mouth before he even had the chance to warn her.

"Fuck," he panted.