Redemptive Opportunities

Chapter 15: home

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As Lee proceeded back into their apartment, Kenny, Katjaa, and Duck happened to be exiting their apartment as well, obviously having been given some kind of signal as well. "Hey, Lee. You heading down too?" Kenny asked.

"That's right." Lee nodded as they got onto their floor. "I'll get the others and meet you down there."

"Will do," Kenny replied, and then turned to follow his wife and son.

First, Lee went to Travis and Ben's apartment, where they had one bedroom with two beds.

"Hey kids, they're serving lunch now." Lee told them. "If you can't find where to go, just hang around outside and I'll show you."

"Sure thing," Travis said. He and Ben stood up and walked outside as they hadn't explored the place yet.

Lee proceeded to do the same for the others until everyone was on their way there. He noticed Chuck walking out of his room he shared with Mark, now wearing some cleaner clothes. "Hey Chuck."

"Howdy," Chuck answered with a light smile. Even he seemed to be happier at this point, but then again, it had probably been a very long time since he had a chance to wear some decent clothes or have a good meal. "You walking down there?"

"Bet there in a minute, just going to get Lilly." Lee replied, but since he was here, he requested a favor. "Mind taking Clementine down there for me? I'll just be a minute."

He had the feeling Lilly would still be in deep grief over her father, but now that they were safe, Lee had to finally do something to comfort her.

He walked over and knocked on her door, where she would be on her own. Footsteps could be heard trudging over to the door until it finally opened. Lilly looked somehow relieved at who it was. "Oh. Hey."

"Hey." Lee greeted with a slight nod. "It's lunch time. You coming down for something to eat? A proper cooked meal for once."

Lilly seemed to think about it for a minute. "Okay," she gave in. "It'll be nice." Here, she managed a very small smile.

Before they left, Lee placed his arm in front of her to prevent Lilly from passing him for them to speak alone. "Lilly, I know you're still in deep mourning of your dad and you have right to be. I know it's hard and the pain never gets better, but you have to remember that we've all lost someone. I lost my family, Clementine lost hers, and the others more than likely lost most of their family too. You may not have your true family again, but just remember that you still have us and we've all been together for three months now. Yeah, we argued, but what matters was that we stuck together no matter what. We're all family now. If your dad is watching over us, he would want you to move on and stay strong to fight no matter what, to find somewhere safe. Now we're somewhere safe."

Lilly looked at the wooden floor, processing Lee's words.

"Thank you, Lee," she finally spoke. "That...that means a lot. It does." She crossed her arms and smiled very lightly, and she actually looked slightly better after the older man's words. Though, it would be a while yet before she fully recovered. "I'll come down with you, I won't keep the others waiting."

Lee nodded and was glad that he finally brought Lilly from the dark path back to the light.

Once they were downstairs, the former motor inn group made their way into one of the cafeteria buildings and was served a variety of meals of their choice. After picking their food, the group sat on the same table with Luke, Nick, Pete, Alvin, Rebecca, Helen, Carlos and Sarah.

"I don't we got the chance to meet you two earlier." Lee greeted Alvin and Pete as he sat beside Clementine. "I'm Lee."

"Hey there, I'm Pete," Pete introduced himself, and he reached over to shake Lee's hand.

"And I'm Alvin." Alvin gave a nod and a smile.

"Good to meet you both." Lee nodded after he shook Alvin's hand.

The rest of the group decided to introduce themselves to their new neighbors and everyone seemed to be getting on just fine. Things are going great so far.

"You mentioned you were a doctor, Carlos?" Katjaa inquired before taking a bite of her noodles.

"I am," Carlos nodded. "I work in the medical facility during the day, four to six days a week. Depending on the schedule."

"That's a good job," Mark praised. "I used to work in the military too, but I was a pilot."

"I dreamed of becoming a pilot when I was younger." Luke admitted while he picked up some red sauce. "But I met Nick and we tried to start our own pawn shop business."

"We were totally shitfaced when we thought of it," Nick nearly grumbled. "Some fuckin' plan. We were flat broke in six months, was fun."

"Swear," Clementine innocently piped up.

"I like her." Helen smiled as she pinched Nick on his ear for swearing in front of children...Again.

"I worked at the university." Lee spoke up while he tried to debate on what to eat first. He decided to go for the eggs.

"Really? What did you teach? If you were a teacher, I mean," Alvin inquired.

"I taught mainly history." Lee answered. "Was quite a good job, I liked it. What about you and Rebecca?"

"I worked a few jobs here and there, but my latest one was a bartender right before all of this happened," Alvin replied. "Bec here was a waitress at a fancy restaurant."

Rebecca shrugged after taking a drink of water. "It was okay, most days at least."

"Sounds like simple jobs." Carley spoke up after taking a bite of her lunch. "I was a reporter for WABE."

"Like, on the news?" Sarah chimed in.

Carley nodded. "Exactly like that."

Jobs were the topic for the next few minutes following. Even Lilly threw a few words in when she was spoken to, and didn't lash out.

"If you don't mind me asking, how did you guys get here?" Lee asked the group of friends and family. "We all came here by train."

"We had just formed our group when Luke saw a flier for this place," Helen explained. "We had a meeting and decided to try and find it. It wasn't like we had anywhere to go in the first place."

"You would've thought that it was just a ploy, but why would someone send fliers all the way out to Carolina if it was?" Pete shrugged. "So, we traveled for some days, and now, here we are."

"Well, we're all safe now and that's what matters." Lee looked on the positive side of this outbreak. "Now we can sleep without having to keep a gun next to our pillow."

"Ain't that the truth," Nick replied.

"You know, Lee, they were thinking about developing a school here," Carlos said. "Perhaps you could talk to someone about becoming a teacher, since you've had experience."

"Really?" Lee brightened slightly and turned his attention towards Clementine. "That would be great and Clementine here mentioned she was hoping for a school here.

"That sounds like a great idea," Katjaa spoke up.

"I don't wanna go to school," Duck pouted, making most of the adults chuckle.

"It'll be good for you, Duck." Lee assured the young boy. "But it's up to your parents, of course."

"It's up to you, Duck." Kenny told his son with a slight grin.

Duck thought about it. "Okay," he finally decided. "You're not mean like my old teacher was."

"Of course not." Lee reassured. He then shifted his attention towards Carlos and Sarah. "Maybe I could teach Sarah too if that's okay with you Carlos."

"It's fine with me," Carlos said. He turned to his daughter. "What do you think, honey?"

Sarah nodded and smiled slightly. "Sure!"

Now with that settled, Lee decided to ask more about Wellington's future plans. "Anything else they got planned to set up?"

"Other than the school, I think chief wants to add in one or two more apartment buildings," Luke replied. "That's if there's enough space, of course."

"And I heard they might be adding in some garages for vehicles." Pete spoke up. "That way they can keep going on supply runs with decent cars."

"That's smart," Mark complimented.

"With the way things are going right now, I'd say this place could run for years," Kenny smiled.

"Amen to that." Lee agreed.

After a long day of getting to adjust life in Wellington, the day was beginning to turn to nighttime and it was time for the group to tuck in for the night. Lee took Clementine to their new room and tucked her into bed.

"Goodnight sweat pea." Lee whispered as he planted a kiss on her forehead.

In a matter of seconds, Clementine was fast asleep but Lee decided to think things over for a while. He sat on his bed and looked out of the window of his apartment, knowing that he did it. He finally found somewhere safe for himself, Clementine and their group and could now keep the promises he failed to keep in the past. Everything was going to be okay, everything was going to be fine now. Wellington was their home now and would be for the rest of their lives.

Lee was grateful for that second chance and he used it wisely to make things right. Never again would he fail to keep promises, never again he would have to kill another walker.

And never again would he lose Clementine.

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The cast:

Dave Fennoy voice of Lee Everett

Melissa Hutchison voice of Clementine

Nicole Vigil voice of Carley

Gavin Hammon voice of Kenny

Cissy Jones voice of Katjaa

Max Kaufman voice of Kenny Jr. "Duck"

Mara Junot voice of Christa

Owen Thomas voice of Omid

Sam Joan voice of Doug

Trevor Hoffmann voice of Ben Paul

Ruby Butterfield voice of Travis

Nikki Rapp voice of Lilly

Terence McGovern voice of Larry

Roger Jackson voice of Charles "Chuck"

Nick Herman voice of Glenn

Kevin Burns voice of David Parker

Scott Porter voice of Luke

Brian Sommer voice of Peter Joseph Randall and Danny St. John

Brian Bremer voice of Nick

Andrew "Kid Beyond" Chaikin voice of Carlos

Louisa Mackintosh voice of Sarah

Shay Moore voice of Rebecca

Dorian Lockett voice of Alvin

Rebecca Schweitzer voice of Edith

Adam Harrington voice of Andrew "Andy" St. John

Jeanie Kelsey voice of Brenda St. John