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Chapter 1: A new beginning?

"What`s the city called again Daddy?" a little girl of six asked from the back seat of the van. She sat in the middle row between a black haired blue eyed and a red haired, brown eyed boy. Two taller boys sat in the row behind, both of them with flaming red hair, one with azure blue eyes and the other with ebony black pools. In the front were her Mommy and Daddy. Mommy was from an island far away called Nippon, or Japan as others called it. Her Daddy came from another island he says it`s an emerald island or Ireland, pixies and faeries roam. He promised they would visit there this year.

Her Daddy laughed.
"Aye, it is called Central City lassie." The girl giggled. Her Daddy talked funny. They used to live in a really big city, but mommy thought it was time to change and Daddy had wanted to branch out in his wood working business, so they packed up and left.

"Is the house we are going to live in going to be big?" the tallest boy from the back row asked.

The mother chuckled, her sons were spiting images of their fathers, personality and looks for most.

"Yes, there is a room for me and Daddy." She said as her husband sent her a smirk, the same one she fell in love with.

"One for Collin and Brandon." the boys in the back seat high fived each other.

"One for Jimmy and Duncan." The two in the middle grinned at each other over their sisters' head.

"And one for our little song bird." She said turning to face the children, and winking at her only daughter, the 5th child, it was obvious she was babied for being the youngest.

Duncan ruffled his baby sisters' hair.

"Ya lucky squirt. You get you own room!"

"Hey!" she said squirming in her seat and trying to slap his hand away.

"Stop that!" she squeaked out laughing as he started to tickle her. Duncan grinned, he liked teasing his only younger sister.

"Never!" He shouted, a victorious smirk on his face almost mirroring the one their father had. He suddenly felt a hand deliver a sharp smack to the back of his head. Stopping what he was doing, he turned around and saw Collin, his oldest brother.

"What was that for?" he asked, mock rubbing his head, as if in pain.

"You needed to stop." He said, but before Duncan could comment, their dad spoke.

"Quiet down wee ones, we`re here." He said as the car slowly skidded to a stop. The kids waited for no one. As soon as the car had stilled, they slammed the doors open and ran out as a pack of wild dogs who had found meat and were racing to get to it first. Last one to climb out of the car was little Aria. Her hair swayed in her high ebony pigtails as she followed.

"Wait for me! I have tiny feet, I can`t run so fast." She said, running after her brothers.

Momoko smiled at the kids from her seat in the van. They were a rowdy bunch. Turning to her husband, she asked as she exited the car:

"How did we end up with five children?"Shamus barked out a laugh and threw his arm across his wife's shoulder once he got out of the car as well.

"Ye wanted a girl." He said kissing her temple as he pulled her close. She looked up to arch an eyebrow at him.

"Really Mister I won`t rest in peace, until I have a son and daughter.'" He was decent enough to have a sheepish expression on his face.

"Mommy? Daddy?" the married couple looked down to see their only daughter looking up ate them.

"Yes sweetie?" Momoko asked her daughter once she bent down so her child's face was at the same level as hers.

"Can we go pick our rooms?" Aria asked, giving the puppy dog eyes, fluttering her eyelashes for better effect.

Shamus laughed, he bent down and picked up his daughter, placing her on his shoulder. His wife stood up with him.

"She got that from you." He said pecking his wife on the lips.

"Who else?" Momoko asked as she followed with a smile on her face.

The boys were quick to find and claim their rooms. Duncan and Jimmy chose the one closest to the tree in the back yard. Collin and Brendon got the room next to them. And Aria got a room overlooking the house across the street. She looked out from the window and saw what looked to be a kid's bed room. It`s walls were covered in posters of rockets and superheroes, and it was very very messy. She was about to look away when a head with a mop of spiky red hair, redder than her Daddies' appeared.

A boy, her age was in front of the window, his emerald green eyes wide. Hers mirrored him until he smiled a bright toothy grin and waved at the. A smile broke out on her face and she waved back at him. After they had waved at each other she heard her mother call her down, the movers were here to bring in the furniture.

She rushed down and in the next several hours the family of seven were busy unloading, carrying and unpacking items from the vans. The kids got to carry some of the lighter boxes. Due to the big number of hand working they finished just as the sun was setting. With the house fully furnished, the boxes thrown out and the family was getting some dinner before heading to bed.

Aria was nodding off. Shamus chuckled and picked up his faye princess.

"I`ll go tuck`er in. Be back in a bit." He said giving a smile to his darling wife. Carefully as to not awaken the slumbering child in his arms he treaded up the stairs and down the hallway with great caution in his step.

Opening the door to her room he couldn't help but chuckle, she was his daughter all right. Her room was of warring shades of white, green, blue and silver, not a single shade of pink in it.

He quietly placed his little son bird in her bed, tucked her in and kissed her on the forehead before getting up and going to the door, leaving the slumbering child with wishes of sweet dreams.

And she did have sweet dreams, she dreamt of that boy she saw in the window that day. They were playing on a swing set. He was swinging next to her and they were laughing as the swing faster and faster until they were sent flying in the air.

They were soaring through the clouds, the boy looping in the air like she saw one doing in a cartoon she saw, it`s name was Peter Pan, she used to watch it with her brothers. She was brought out of her thoughts by the boy who had thrust a hand for her to take him by.

As she did so he swung sideways and they ended up pirouetting upwards like a chill in a cloud and leaving a little double spiral of cloud dust. They flew together holding hands and swirled, dived and twirled in the air as they had their dance. No word spoke, yet so much understood. Soon after, the dance ended they still did not speak. Aria noticed something she hadn`t before when she saw him through the window. He had freckles on his cheeks.

Just as she was about to reach her hand out to brush his cheek when they suddenly started falling down. As the wind whipped her black locks around, she looked to her right where the boy was falling as well; she slowly reached and grabbed his hand. The boy turned to look at her and she gave him a small smile, more to comfort him. He smiled back and their grip became tighter when they saw the ground. Just as they hit the ground Aria jerked awake in her bed. She looked around and saw she was in her room tucked into bed. Her stomach growled as the scent of breakfast filled her nose.

Running down so she could actually get breakfast before her brothers gobbled it all up she came in the kitchen, to discover that she was the first one there.

"Good morning sweet heart, get a plate for yourself." Her mother said as she was making breakfast. American style this time it seemed. Aria got her plate and passed it to her mother who filled it with two fried eggs, lots of bacon and a piece of toast in the shape of a triangle. Aria took her breakfast to the table and set it down. Her mother entered shortly after with a glass of milk and a few other plates for the boys.

Aria was digging in her breakfast when her brothers entered the room. Collin was the first to enter followed by Duncan, Jimmy & Brandon. Duncan greeted her by ruffling her hair; Aria was too immersed in her breakfast to stop it so she settled for a grunt of acknowledgement. The boys dug in as soon as food was on their plates.

"Where`s Dad?" Duncan asked as he was filling up his plate with seconds.

"In the backyard, building a shed. For his tools." Their mother calmly said continuing to sip her tea.

Aria understood what she meant her Daddy was good carpenter. Almost all of their furniture in their home was either made by him or improved. Mommy told her that Daddy had made the crib that her hand her brothers slept in was made by him when Collin was born. The only thing he had changed was the head board that had their names engraved on it. Now they were used as plaques for their rooms.

He also made the twin miniature figurines of a boy and girl dancing. The funny thing was if you placed them apart, they looked unremarkable. But if you placed them close against each other it was clear that they were dancing. It was like a pair who was frozen in time, so much detail. The girl in the picture looked like her mother if only a few slight differences. Her hair had a slight red hue and her eyes were crystalline silver.

But the boy on the other hand was not even colored, he even wasn't specific on anything, not his hair or clothes were colored, they were just blank. The only remembering feature on it was the adoring expression it had. The same one her Dad looked at her mother with when they think her and her brothers aren't looking.

She once asked her Daddy why the boy had no color, he had simply told her that when she is older she will paint it however she wishes. He had a strange expression on his face when he said that so she left it alone, not wanting to disturb him.

Just then the doorbell rang.

"Now who could that be?" Momoko said as she placed her tea cup down.

By now all the boy were done eating and they had left to go help their father and Aria was in the living room looking at the music box they had there, but she followed her mother's example and got up as well.

Momoko opened the door and there in front of her was a red haired woman holding a tray of cookies and behind her legs was a little freckled child. She smiled down at him once he took notice of her he gave her a beaming smile only a six year old can give.

"Ah! It`s the boy across the street!" A shout was heard as she looked down at her feet to see her daughter pointing at the boy who was looking at her with eyes as wide as Arias were. Momoko started apologizing to the woman.

"I`m sorry for that. This is Aria, my daughter. My name is Momoko McNeil." She said bowing deeply, like it was in her culture. The woman smiled, dimples showing when she did.

"It`s a pleasure. I`m Mary West, your neighbor across the street. This is my son Wally." Momoko bent down, placing her palms on her knees so she was face to face with the Children.

"Aria why don`t you introduce Wally to your brothers? And call your father please?"Aria nodded and took Wally`s hand to lead him towards the back yard. Turning towards Mary, Momoko offered.

"Now how about a nice soothing cup of tea?" To which the red haired woman nodded in agreement.

Aria had taken Wally by the hand and had started to lead him to the backyard. There was chatter coming from the dining room where their mothers were, but other than that there was silence. They cloud hear their footsteps echo through the hall as they took step after step. There was silence until Wally broke it.

"Sooo…how old are you?" he asked Aria.

"Just turned six and you?"

"Six and a half. Had my birthday in December."

Conversation was scarce, but they had reached the backyard quickly enough, and when they did they saw an already finished too shed and her father and brothers gathered around the huge oak tree in their larger than the average backyard. A blue print was in Collins hands as he scanned the drawing of the construction with careful eyes.

"Hey Daddy!" Aria said waving as her father got up from measuring a plank on the ground. He rustled her hair but then took notice of the boy next to her, he could have been his son from his look that had similarities but if you looked closer you`d notice differences. The boy's hair was a darker shade than his and his sons and his eyes were a true deep emerald green. Green as the fields of his homeland shamus liked this kid already.

Wally on the other hand was terrified. This man in front of him was giant. He almost whimpered when the man reached a hand towards him. He squeezed his eyes shut but opened them in shock when he felt the man rustle his hair. Looking up he saw the giant man was grinning down at him.

"And who is this, little song bird?" the man asked with a funny accent.

"Daddy, this is Wally, he lives across the street. Wally this is my Dad." Aria said motioning with her hands.

"And these are my brothers. Collin, Brandon, Jimmy and Duncan. From oldest to youngest in that order." She said pointing at each brother as she introduced them.

"Daddy, Mommy told me to tell you that you need to go to the living room."

Shamus let out a laugh and entered the house, leaving the kids at the base of the tree. Aria approached her brothers with Wally following her. Aria peaked at the drawing of a housed. It was proportionate and well balanced. Collin must have drawn it.

"What are you building?" Wally asked looking over Arias shoulder. Duncan grinned at him.

"A tree house. Dad promised us we would get one when we move to this city and this guy here us perfect." He finished, patting the tree as he spoke.

The tree itself was fairly huge red oak. Its leaves were a healthy red shade. It was taller than the house. And branched out beautifully.

"But we can't decide what to put, since we want too many things." Jimmy said frowning as he looked up at the tree.

"What do you want for the tree house to have?" Wally asked. Collin started naming the features they wanted.

"Fire pit, tire swing, safety net over a section, pulley system, lookout spot, rooms for each of us, mini kitchen, living room or den, stairs, bird houses and mosquito nets. And another higher lookout for Aria with cushioned floor.

Wally took the pencil that was lying on the ground; he drew the tree around the back of the paper sheet. He drew a round room and started explaining.

"Instead of a square kind the Living room can be round up in the crown and the pi can be in the center of it. There can be windows so you have a 360 look range.

Then he drew rooms branching out yet connected to each other with bridges and railing on the inside.

"These can be rooms you sleep in, connected inside and out. Outside by bridges and inside by the railing. The platform can be on where the living room/ kitchen are and can stretch out for your pulley system and firemen pole. The stairs can wrap around the tree trunk so to save. The lookout can be accessed through stairs atop the living room and Arias looks out can be through a few other stairs and platforms." Wally finished leaving Aria and her brothers speechless.

They shared a look between themselves which Wally did not, Collin took the pencil from the young bys boys grasp.

"There is one mistake." He said as he erased a part of the drawing.

"You forgot your room. "He grinned at Wally. The young boy gave him a grin so big he couldn`t feel his cheeks.

"And I think you should add something you want." He passed the pencil to Wally.

The boy had a thinking expression on his face before it seemed to come up. He started to draw.

"A monkey zip line. From this side of the platform to there."He said.

The boys erupted at his choice and together the kids started to give suggestions where the rest of the stuff will be.

An hour later they finished, so Aria stood up and started to talk to the boys.

"Well men, our mission is done so I say we celebrate. With mochi!" she said cheering at the end. The boys erupted in agreement, except for Wally who didn't know what they meant.

"What`s mocha?" he asked, making Aria and her brothers freeze and look at him in bewilderment. Suddenly Aria snapped her fingers towards her brothers.

"Collin go get them." The eldest ran as if lives depended on him.

"Jimmy, Brandon." She simply said and both boys nodded and each stood on Wally's side. Collin was back with a big bowl and Aria reached out her hand where he passed her a round some kind of dumpling that was a pale pink color. Approaching him, she placed the dumpling in Wally`s hand and simply said.

"Try it. Then she turned around as she and her brothers grabbed on and started eating.

Wally was at a battle, his doubt of how it would taste versus his love for food. The later winning, he closed his eyes and took a big bite. His eyes widened at the explosion of flavors and he looked at the rest of the treat in his hand. He quickly gobbled up the rest and reached for a second when he was offered the bowl.

"So what do ya think?" Duncan asked licking his fingers as the last of the sweetness was on them.

"Soo good." Wally said with a full mouth, his cheeks stuffed like a chipmunk. Aria smirked.

"Wait until you try ramen." She said making Wally look up.

A few hours later Wally West came back home with a bowl full of mocha. His mother opened the door she smiled once she saw him with a bright grin on his face.

"How did it go honey? Did you have fun?" she asked already knowing the answer.

"Great! I love playing with them." He said stuffing another mochi in his mouth. Mary chuckled.

"Well I'm glad. I heard their daughter Aria is going to the same school as you. I`m glad you got along with her."

Wally paused. He remembered that dream where they were flying.

"Yeah." He smiled." I`m glad too." He said as he ate another sweet.