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Chapter 11 Tokyo dreams!

Wally was a teenage boy, and like every hormone driven teenage boy he liked girls. And at this very moment every teenage boy's dream was happening to him.

Except for the smaller kids that were there, and that most of those kids were clinging to his feet. And let's not forget about Aria who was standing a little away from him, looking at her best friend with unamused eyes and crossed arms.

"If you don't mind." She spoke, making all the girls and kids quiet down.

"I need to show my friend Wally to his room." At that as if they were scolded the kids and girls stepped away looking sheepishly ashamed. Even the ones older than her.

A chuckle was heard before an elderly woman approached with a smile on her face.

"Nice to see you again, Naomi."

She had a wonderful smile, one who made you feel warm once you saw it. Turning her attention to the boy beside her the elderly woman greeted him.

"And this must be your friend that decided to accompany you. It is a pleasure to meet you West-kun. Thank you for taking care of my granddaughter." She told him in English, as she gave a shallow bow, due to her old age. Wally imitated her, only his bow was much deeper.

"Thank you for having me in such a short notice. I apologize for the inconvenience." He spoke in a perfectly fluent Japanese. He polished off his language skills on the plane, after having finished two books and a boatload of audio drills.

Judging by the looks of surprise on Aria, her cousins and grandmother, before an even larger smile broke out on her face before she spoke back to him in her native tongue.

"You are quite fluent, West-kun." At that Wally only chuckled.

"Not at all I`m afraid. I am only proficient at speaking, while I still am quite a novice in writing and need a lot more work."

"Well I do hope you enjoy your stay and perhaps coax Aria to visit more often."
" Have a nice day Baa-chan." Aria said to her grandmother, and started leading Wally inside the huge house. Seeing his awed look she smiled at him.

"I have a big family. So far 3/4 of them live here."

finally they stopped in front of a room where a couple of bunk beds were situated.

" Usually, my brothers sleep in this room. But since they're not here you, get to stay here."

Even though the sun was just setting, both teens let out a yawn due to the time difference of their flights.

"Get some sleep, it's going to be hectic in the morning." She told him, whilst heading to her own room.

And hectic it was. Wally awoke to clattering sounds and everyone was talking and rushing everywhere. Some carried vases of flowers, some shouted instructions, others are running around and helping everywhere they could. A couple of middle-aged women for him and approached the red-haired teen.
" Ah West-kun! Would you mind helping out?" He barely had time to process what was being said to him, before a list was thrusted in his hand .He stumbled a bit from the unexpected object, almost dropping it in the process.

" Excellent! This is the list of preparations that need to be finished." Was all Wally was told before they left him alone.

Seeing as no one was near, the teenage speedster had nothing better to do but check the list.

Sweep the Shrine`s sakura grounds.

Stock chairs and tables, six chairs per table.

Hang decorations according to instructions.

Distribute plates, glasses,cutlery and table ornaments.

Place flower decorations.

A photo of how the decorations were supposed to look along with how many of each were needed was found at the bottom of said list. Wally felt his eyes widen at the number displayed on that single piece off paper.

"I have to move how many!?" He shouted to no one in particular, though only one boy, about twelve years of age heard him.

" Looks like Aunt Maka targeted you this year. She usually makes someone do this every year." The kid murmured as he looked at the list in the teens hands.

" Why?" Wally asked, making me twelve year old shrug.

" At first it was because she was lazy, but nowadays it's said she does this because she has a betting pool of how long it would take the person she has assigned and when would they quit."

" Why when?" The speedster questioned again.

" Usually, no one in the last five years had finished that list by themselves. If you ask for help, you lose. So you better start if you want to be quick." The kid finished before leaving, not noticing smirk on the redheads face.

"Oh, I'll be quick alright." He said under his breath, eyeing the list.

As break time rolled around the Kurosaki clan had sat down to take a breather from the preparations they were thank you. Women started to flock around one person in particular. Kurosaki wanted to know who was unfortunate enough to be given that impossible task to set the tables under the sakura trees.

"So, who is it this time Maka?" Giggled Yuri

"That kid that came with Naomi. Wari I think his name was."She said, mispronouncing his name.
None of them were none the wiser that they had an extra pair of ears listening to them.

"She gave Wally that task?!"Aria's face was filled with vexation.

" And how long do you think he'll last before quitting?" Ayumi asked.

"What makes you sure he will quit?" A voice came behind them and they turned to see Shiori, Aria`s grandmother standing there, which was stranger than had never taken interest in Maka's game.

"Have You seen her skinny he is question mark I think I might just break my record but how long or in other words short it took them to quit .

Just then they saw Wally was sweating and out of breath. Maka smirked.

" What is it West-kun? Are you tired?Would you like to take a break or have someone up you?" She asked, unable to keep the mocking tone from her voice.

Aria though saw annoyance flicker through his green eyes before he gave her it new most fake smile on the planet.

"No, I actually came to tell you that I finished the chores that were on the list."

Maka`s smug expression morphed into disbelief.
" What?"She stuttered out.

" I finished the chores." Wally repeated in a slightly slower tempo, the mischievous smile that had taking over his face was completely genuine.

Wanting to see to believe Maka all but ran towards the sakura field, most of clan following her and Shiori and her niece or trailing after, the younger one with a smirk she shared with Wally. Aria`s grandmother had a smile on her face as well, but no-one noticed that little detail.

Once they arrived to the clearing and by then Maka was just standing there gaping like a fish. And it was understandable why. In front of them the tables were set up. Tablecloths, plates, cutlery and glasses. Light strips of fabric were hung between the trees and paper lanterns my placed ready to illuminate the field.

"B….. but how?" Maka stuttered out, not taking her eyes of the setting.

Clapping was heard as Shiori stepped forward.

" Wonderful West-san, your arrangement is quite refreshing. I'm sure this reunion will be one to remember."

Wally beamed at that, and all was right until Shiori spoke again.

"Well, since you finished earlier you have some time to rest before we begin to prepare ourselves for the festival."And with that she turned and walked away.

A second later kids of all ages were crowding Wally and congratulating him.

"Ne, let's have a training evaluation for West-nii-san!" A girl that looked around nine shouted. Cheers of agreements sounded before the kids marched off, from age four to eighteen all going.

They walked to the fields a bit away from the town, town kids joining them.

"You know it's December yet the sakura trees are blossoming?"The confused redhead sounded off as they continued to walk in a certain direction. A girl around ten years of age begin to tell a tale.

"It`s the Legend of Ishimori. Supposedly there was a goddess who fell in love with a man, and since she was Immortal she knew she couldn't be with him so she decided to simply befriend the man and stay as friends. But as time passed, she started to fall more and more in love with him until the thought of not being with him was too painful for her to bear. So one day after confessing her love to him and her true nature, she poured all of her life energy into the land but left just enough to have so she could spend one lifetime with him.

When she confessed to him she said that without his love her life would be aimless. So in honour of their love,the mountains here got the name Ishimori which means 'aimlessness'.For after her confession, when she pulled her divine power into the land her sense of aimlessness went away. The name stuck the village when people populated this area was it named Ishimori to the Heavenly energy the flora and fauna flourished and continue to blossom, even in winter. And as the former goddess passed away, in time changed everything but the name remained." The girl finished.

Wally barely managed to repress a snort at the cheesy fairy tale, instead he asked again.

"And this training evaluation? Not going to get hurt am I?"

Aria looked at him, and the corner of her mouth turned upwards.

"No, they`ll just bruise you. If you're quick enough to escape."She answered, before her female cousins pulled her away. Wally stood there watching in the direction she left until he heard someone speak.

" All right outsider, let's see what you got."

Turning around he saw the ever rare Kurosaki male members. Unlike the situation in Ireland here the male to female ratio was 1 to 2.

In the next hour they tested Wally in speed ( piece of cake), reflexes( easy peasy), agility(are you kidding). Needless to say they were impressed.

"You have proven to be quite worthy of protecting Naomi. We place her in your care."The eldest of the Kurosaki said giving him a short bow.

" Thanks." Wally spoke, returning the bow. Suddenly one of the youngest kids hollered.

" Naomi-nee-chan`s about to sing!"

And as if pandemonium broke out, the boys started running towards another direction.

"Why are we running?" Wally asked, only for the eldest cousin to answer him.

"There are rare occasions and when we get to hear Naomi-chan sing. So we try our here as much as we can." And they had out between bushes of tall grass.

As soon as they did Aria send I love you of the other older girls walked by, followed by the youngest.

"Now the trick to the Kurosaki style is to be gentle, but at the same time you have to be tough." One of the older cousins spoke, placing her palms together then making the right one a fist and hitting it against the open left palm.

" How can you be tough and gentle?"A small girl asked, making the other cousin smile.

" Naomi is usually the best in explaining it."

Aria smiled before squatting down to the girls level and started to sing.

" Earth, sky.

Day, night.

Sound and silence.

Dark and light.

One alone is not enough,

you need both together.

Winter, summer, moon and sun."

She did distanced away from the girls and performed an aerial flip,catching a bo staff.

"Lesson number one."

All the little girls grabbed sticks and lined up before Aria and her cousins began to demonstrate punches and kicks with the staffs.

" Like a rock, ha, ha.

You must be hard, ha, ha.

Like an Oak, mah

You must stand firm."

Making a slicing motion with her staff through the air, she looked at the little girls.

" Cut quick, like my blade.

Think fast, ha ha. Unafraid."

The girls started copying her and the other older cousins, and the elder began to correct the stances or groups of the younger ones. You could see the sheer awe in the younger ones eyes as they began to echo the song.

"Like a rock, ha, ha.

I must be hard, ha, ha.

Like an oak, mah

I must stand firm.

Cut quick, like my blade.

Think fast, ha,ha. Unafraid."

One of the younger girls struck a pose with the bo staff.

"Okay Naomi, I'm ready!"As Aria approached her.

" you're still out of balance."She pushed the girl who was so stiff she toppled over.

"You're only halfway there." She discarded her bo staff and started to flow through a kata.

" Like a cloud, you are soft.

Like bamboo, you bend in the wind.

Creeping slow, you're at peace because you know.

It's okay to be afraid"

Once again like last time, the girls started to copy after the older ones. Some were in meditative positions, some were working through steps all of the kata and others or simply moving gently with a wave like movements.

" Like a cloud, I am soft.

Like bamboo, I bend in the wind.

Creeping slow, I'm at peace because I know.

It's okay to be afraid."

Finally the older girls started jumping in line from one rock to another as they practiced parts of the kata. She sang whilst the girls chimed.

" One, alone is not enough (One, alone is not enough)

We need both together (We need both together)

Winter, Summer, Moon and Sun (Winter, Summer, Moon and Sun)

A girl slipped from the rocks and fell in the water making all girls burst out laughing together.

Lesson Number One"

Here the girls divided into two groups,one practicing the first half being tough with bo staffs whilst the other group was practicing the being gentle half by going through the kata.

"Like a cloud (Like a Rock, huh huh)

You are soft (I must be hard huh huh)

Like bamboo (Like an oak, mah)

You'll bend in the wind (I must be stand firm, huh huh)

Creeping slow (Cut quick (whoosh), like my blade)

You're at peace because you know (Think fast, huh huh)"

All the girls moved forming three circles each going in an opposite direction from the one next to it, with Aria in the middle.

You have began

Finally all the girls began to sing in two voices as the continued with their acrobatic tricks.

Lesson Number One (Lesson Number One)

Lesson Number One (Lesson Number One)

Lesson Number One (Lesson Number One)

And it all finished with the girls posing at the end of the song.

Suddenly a gong was heard which meant they had to get going to the house to get ready. Looking at her tousled raven locks, Aria groaned. Her grandmother was going to chew her out good. As the girls approached the house Shiori watched her granddaughter with an amused expression. The young girl in question had dirt stains on her face and clothes, and her air resembled a bird's nest.

"I`m on time right?" Aria said,only for her grandmother to approach her and pull out a straw stalk from her hair. She opened her mouth and.

"This is what you give me to work with?"

She sang as she circled her grandchild.

"Well, honey, I've seen worse

We're going to turn this sow's ear."

She pushed Aria behind a changing screen and then pushed her in a tub filled with soapy.

"Into a silk purse."

Aria emerged from the water and hivered as the temperature was far from warm.

"It's….freezing!" She held herself whilst shivering.

"It would have been warmer if you were on time." Her cousin Kumiko told her.

"Fo...for what?!" Aria asked, but her grandma continued to sing.

"We'll have you washed and dried."

A floral smelling liquid was poured over her head, as her grandmother massaged it into her scalp.

"Primped and polished till you glow with pride."

Another bucket of water poured over her head.

"Trust my recipe for instant bride."

"A what?!"Aria asked.

"You'll bring honor to us al."

Her two cousins Aiko and Eiko took her after she finished her bath a placed her to sit as they combed and pulled at her hair to style it.

"Wait and see,when we're through"

Aiko sand as she brushed a lock for the hundredth time.

"Boys will gladly go to war for you."

Eiko sang as she affectionately patted her cheek.
"Why?" Aria asked, but her cousins continued to sing.

"With good fortune."

Aiko, as she placed an ornate comb in Aria's hair.

"And a great hairdo."

Eiko, as she showed a mirror and stroked her hair.

"You'll bring honor to us all."

They sang together as they handed her a mirror to see her hairstyle before they pushed her out of the room in the summer kimono.

"A girl can bring her family, great honor in one way"

She passed by her Grandpa Neji who was frowning at a board game game he was playing against her uncle Kamaji.

"By striking a good match, and this could be the day."

Aria took a game piece and placed it so now Uncle Komaji was losing. Her grandpa smiled at her and patted her hair gently, while murmuring 'good girl'.

Next she was in the dressing room where Aika,Eiko and Shiori helped her into her kimono.

"Men want girls with good taste"

"Why?"Aria asked, yet no one answered.

Calm, obedient, who work fast-paced

With good breeding and a tiny waist

Aria gasped since they tightened the obi making her breath leave her lungs.

You'll bring honor to us all

They continued to sing as her triplet cousins Yuki, Yuri and Yumi took over. They were in charge of her make up.

"When we're through, you can't fail"
Yuki sang first with Yumi repeating her line after her and Yumi being last.

" Like a lotus blossom, soft and pale"
Small amounts of powder were padded on her face, just enough to accentuate her ivory skin.

"How could any fellow say "No Sale"

You'll bring honor to us all"
As the final touch ups were done Eiko spoke up.

"There - you're ready" But her grandmother denied.

"Not yet"

"Beads of jade for beauty

You must proudly show it"
She sang as she placed a necklace on Aria's neck.

"Now add a cricket just for luck"
She place a handkerchief with a picture of a cricket in her obi.

"And even you can't blow it"
That was finished by a tap on the hip by her grandmother and as the others looked at Aria expectantly she sighed before starting to sing.

"Ancestors,hear my plea

Help me not to make a fool of me

And to not uproot my family tree

Keep my father standing tall

She got in line as all around her family members were singing. She thought she spied a familliar head of red hair and sprinted to catch up.

Scarier than the undertaker

We are meeting our matchmaker

Destiny, guard our girls

And our future as it fast unfurls

Please look kindly on these cultured pearls

Each a perfect porcelain doll
Following after that red hair Aria heard every single familly member young and old sing.

Please bring honor to us

Please bring honor to us

Please bring honor to us

Please bring honor to us

Please bring honor to us all

As she kept walking she couldn't help but wonder why did her family insist to do this every time she visited. Okay it was fun when she was a kid, but come on! She` starting to regret the day she showed the movie Mulan to her cousin back then.


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