In Spite of a pig



Wendy was just reporting in for her morning shift when she noticed dipper and Mabel up to something. "Hey, what are you guys up to?" Dipper and Mabel were currently fiddling with some sort of weird plant.

Without looking at her, Dipper replied: I'm setting up for my next "guide to the Unexplained" video's...but I forgot how to work this plant so it doesn't spontaneously combust when being filmed...or when it's not being held close to something warm. Explained dipper.

Wendy winched. "Yikes, that sucks." Dipper nodded. "Yeah...Hey listen I may not remember how to stabilize it...but I do remember It's clearly explained on page 175 of my journal. Could you please bring it down here and read it to me? I'd do it, but me and Mabel literally have our hands full here."

Wendy nodded. "Sure, anything for you guys." She said as she went upstairs. Dipper frowned. Why do I feel like I've forgotten something important? Then the plant started to quiver violently again so he put it out of his mind to focus on that...


After a couple minutes the plant calmed down. Suddenly, he heard Wendy come down the stairs. He turned around to greet her- Then was shocked to see her looking enraged! Why is she- Then dipper remembered! Page 174 was were he talked about the events at the fair!

Dipper paled. "Wendy, I'm sorr- Wendy held out her hand to stop him mid-ramble. "Relax, dipper. I'm not mad at you. You were just being a good older sibling. That I can understand and even respect. She glared at Mabel. You on the other hand-" "What did I do!?" Shouted a confused Mabel.

"Uh, aside from the obvious "I got a black eye because of a pig"? I'm pretty sure you abused dippers trust!" Now it was Dipper's turn to look confused. "Wha- Wendy, what are you talking about?! Wendy took a deep breath.

Dipper, think about it: How could Mabel have stayed and banged her head in one spot for a month? Without ever sleeping, eating, or drinking? No person can stay alive that long like that!" Dipper instinctively jumped up to defend Mabel...but then what she said was actually processed by his mind.

"S-she couldn't." Realized a horrified Dipper. A now deathly pale Dipper turned to Mabel. "Mabel...what's going on here?" Mabel chuckled nervously. "Uh...funny story about that"...


And so Mabel explained how after dipper went ahead a day with the time-tape measure; she got the idea to go there only when dipper would be there. Make herself look worse then she actually was. listen for when dipper would go next. And then repeat.

Mabel flinched under dipper's horrified look of betrayal and Wendy's glare of disgust. "But hey, come on guys! It all worked out! Said Mabel desperately. Waddles didn't get eaten and pacifica got injured by a chicken! That's good!...right?"

A now very depressed Dipper stood up..."I need to be alone" said dipper flatly. He then walked away. Mabel turned to Wendy. "Come on Wendy it-" "Don't." Said Wendy darkly. And after giving one more hateful glance, she walked away.

Mabel sighed miserably...and then realized she was now the only one left to keep the plant from blowing up. Oh, crude...



AN: I know it says "in-progress" but really I just don't like boxing myself into a corner. For now this is more of a one-shot that I might continue one day...but probably won't.

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